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Joel Block, Business Writer

Often dubbed a "Growth Architect" by his clients, Joel Block advises companies on explosive growth strategies by driving revenue and sales. Well known in the capital markets, Joel is a successful entrepreneur, speaker, advisor and faculty member of the iLearningGlobal community. To bring Joel into your company, visit http://www.joelblock.com or http://www.growth-logic.com.

Do You See What I am Talking About?
The applications for this are enormous; possibilities include improvements or enhancements to any company's customer service. But there are also tremendous opportunities to improve sales and marketing opportunities.
13:57 Jan 27, 2011 PST
Do You Want To Join Us At The Consumer Electronics Show In Las Vegas?
Next week, I'm going to the Consumer Electronics Show with my son. He and I are both avid electronics buffs, and we are anxious to see all of the new gadgets that are on their way out for the year 2010 and beyond.
06:09 Dec 31, 2009 PST
Could Your Business Use A Few Good Volunteers?
Do you dream of winning the business lottery? If so, I might have found the jackpot that you have been looking for. I hope that you can benefit tremendously from this windfall program which is a real sign of the times.
12:26 Dec 28, 2009 PST
Does A New World Need a New Way?
The world has gotten sufficiently complicated, where many of the rules that have been written in the past need to be broken or disregarded so that we can move forward and break through the log jam.
13:54 Dec 14, 2009 PST
Growth Minute - Couldn't Everybody Use A Buddy?
It's clear and obvious when you walk out of the film that there is a social responsibility that each of us has, that most of us have been ducking for years.
06:39 Dec 8, 2009 PST
Is Social Networking Making Us Less Social?
I love social networking. Facebook, LinkedIn, and all of the different tools that are out there to help us connect and re-connect are great.
09:31 Nov 30, 2009 PST
If the Economy is Down, Why is the Stock Market Surging?
Many of us in the world of finance are staring at the financial pages day after day wondering how is it possible that unemployment is off the chart, yet the stock market is surging.
10:40 Nov 24, 2009 PST
Christmas: Will it Be Merry This Year?
For the first time in the history of marketing, there may actually be some truth in advertising. This year, when retailers advertise, 'get it while we have it', that might actually be true.
07:44 Nov 20, 2009 PST
Where is the Bottom?
The best way to make money is to find real estate or businesses that have some form of distress that we as owner/operators can come in and correct.
14:41 Nov 13, 2009 PST
Does Customer Service Get Any Better Than This?
A couple years ago, I leased a new car for my oldest daughter when she turned 16. She drove the car for a couple years, went off to college, and at then we gave the car to my son when he turned 16.
08:03 Nov 3, 2009 PST
Can An Electronic Tool Change Everything?
From time to time, I like to deviate from my typical business rants and tackle some technologies and gadgets that I stumble upon which help entrepreneurs to be incredibly more efficient and more productive.
10:44 Oct 22, 2009 PST
The Real Estate Market: How to Claim Your Piece of The American Dream
There probably isn't any question asked of me more often then if now is a good time to buy real estate. It's my opinion that everyone in the investment community knows that there are more distressed assets for sale now than in recent memory.
10:45 Oct 16, 2009 PST
Sensitivity to Words
Being a salesman at heart, I am very sensitive to the words that people say - and the body language that they say it with - so that I can figure out what people really mean.
16:38 Sep 29, 2009 PST
Using a Formula to Focus on Owner Distress and Building Distress
In order to move the money in from the sidelines, you have to show the investors that you have a business plan that's not dependent on market timing - because the smart money knows that no one can predict the bottom of the market.
05:33 Sep 20, 2009 PST
How Bad is The Economy? Can It Get Worse?
I never liked to be the bearer of bad tidings, but I can tell you with near certainty that everything that the media is telling us is nearly opposite from the truth.
09:19 Sep 12, 2009 PST
Is The Home Stretch of Your Year Bringing the Finish Line Closer?
Every year about Labor Day weekend, I am reminded how the business world operates a lot like a horse race. If you have ever been to the race track, you'll know that the horses jet out of the gate with incredible speed.
08:49 Sep 8, 2009 PST
The Mathematics of Your Credit Score
The way that our credit scores are actually calculated is 'top secret.' No one seems to know exactly how they are calculated - and that means that no one can actually take decisive action to improve one's score.
11:21 Aug 28, 2009 PST
Serious Networking is a Serious Responsibility
During the course of a year, I host or moderate more than 50 substantial networking functions. These are highly social but intensely business-oriented functions where millions and millions of dollars worth of business gets done.
09:46 Aug 21, 2009 PST
What a Sophisticated Conference
What a great conference! I feel so proud of the program that we put together and of the audience that we assembled. These were true professionals who were able to take advantage of the material that we presented.
14:49 Jul 31, 2009 PST
$35,000 For Your Business?
The banks got billions of TARP dollars over the past 9 months. And now, the Small Business Administration has announced that TARP dollars will start flowing through to small businesses...
11:59 Jun 24, 2009 PST
If You Are Too Big To Fail Are You Too Big To Be In Business?
We've all gotten used to the logic put out by some of the brilliant marketing people in Corporate America that their companies are too big to fail.
11:16 Jun 22, 2009 PST
Looking at My Birthday as a 'Re-Birth Day'
I normally don't get terribly philosophical, but today is one of those days that I'm thinking about my life and my business in a new way.
16:47 Jun 5, 2009 PST
Can You Win the Game With Perfect Pitching?
It is said that in baseball pitching is 75 to 90 percent of the game. Pitching is defensive, but you cannot win a baseball game with 90 percent excellence in pitching.
09:22 Jun 1, 2009 PST
Do You Want Google to Find You?
Sometimes, if my colleagues produce articles that are excellent, I will run those articles inside of my blog or inside of my columns.
11:16 May 29, 2009 PST
If the Bad Economy is a Rainbow, then where is the Pot of Gold?
Is There a Silver Lining to this Bad Economy? So many people who I know are whining and moaning about the effects of the bad economy on their business.
16:02 May 26, 2009 PST
Why is Now the Time to Work Together?
My theme - especially in these difficult times - is that we have to help each other. That means if you network with other people, now is the time to be looking out for their welfare.
11:42 May 11, 2009 PST
Taking on the Motion Picture Industry for a Good Cause
April Showers was shot and cut based on the MPAA's stated standards for a PG-13 rating and does not contain sex, cursing or on-screen graphic violence. The MPAA stated that the film is rated R for 'some disturbing violent content.'
14:20 Apr 8, 2009 PST
How Can We Use TARP to Create The Financial Recovery?
Following a recent heated discussion about the economy and our recovery, my friend and colleague Mark Pearl agreed to put his thoughts in writing for my readers to consider.
05:38 Mar 18, 2009 PST
When Will the Real Estate Market Hit Bottom?
Imagine sitting around a conference table with world class experts in economics, finance, credit, bonds and the markets. That discussion happened last week and it was recapped by my good friend Jeffrey F. Sax.
05:54 Mar 17, 2009 PST
Why Is Now The Best Time To Raise Pools Of Cash?
In the history of the United States and quite possibly in the history of the world, a transfer of wealth may never occur as substantial as the one that's in front of us right now.
09:36 Mar 16, 2009 PST
What's the Problem with Having a Sugar Daddy?
It's a little harder at first, but I promise that if you follow this advice it will make your life significantly better for years into the future.
15:51 Mar 6, 2009 PST
10 Tips for Minority Shareholders
We often kick around concepts that affect the entrepreneurial community and below, I want to share another piece of work that Steve produced as a result of a recent conversation that we had.
10:05 Feb 26, 2009 PST
How Can We Avoid the Traps in Managing Customer Credit? (Part 2 of 2)
Joint-check agreements. These agreements are useful for companies that don't qualify for high credit limits but happen to have a big order from a respectable customer.
07:55 Feb 24, 2009 PST
Do You Want a Little Friendly Advice?
This particular company was very interesting. They were in the business of prepaid credit cards or gift cards that could be used at malls and other shopping environments.
08:40 Feb 23, 2009 PST
What Business Lesson Comes from a Hot Dog Stand Operation?
Within half an hour, he parked his car in front of his plant. Pausing momentarily, he reluctantly stepped out of the car and began the short walk to his office.
06:29 Feb 17, 2009 PST
Isn't it Just Economics 101
My kids have been asking what exactly is going on with the economy and what exactly happened that made the situation so bad, so fast.
09:51 Feb 16, 2009 PST
Value: Is That Where the Bang for Your Buck Comes From?
At the end of the day, how much money you make is always about how much value you deliver to the person who has engaged your services.
10:52 Feb 13, 2009 PST
Where are the Loopholes in Corporate Liability Limitations?
Shareholder immunity, even if not pierced, is somewhat a misnomer because any shareholder who acts in an additional role opens himself to liability for actions in that other role.
07:22 Feb 12, 2009 PST
How Can We Avoid the Traps in Managing Customer Credit? (Part 1 of 2 Parts)
It is always tempting to sell to a customer who promises to pay promptly. Unfortunately, even so- called 'good' customers delay payment-and some default-on trade credit.
07:02 Feb 10, 2009 PST
Is It Ever Worth Taking A Short Cut?
Earlier today, some crazy guy flew by me on a Los Angeles freeway. First, he was in the far left lane. He cut in between everybody, moving himself to the far right lane.
06:17 Feb 9, 2009 PST
Would You Try to Sell a Blue Car to Someone Who Wants a Yellow Boat?
These weren't 'wannabe' filmmakers. These were sophisticated people - people who had advanced degrees. One was a CPA who prepared the private placement memorandum for his production company so that they could produce their latest film.
07:01 Feb 6, 2009 PST
Business Advice on LLCs and Securities Law - A Word to the Wise?
We often kick around concepts that affect the entrepreneurial community and below, I want to share another piece of work that Steve produced as a result of a recent conversation that we had.
07:07 Feb 5, 2009 PST
Secret Weapons to Boost Sales and Improve Collections
Credit is a specialized area. Make sure that experts are helping you to gather the correct information. There are many 'tricks of the trade'...
10:00 Feb 4, 2009 PST
Don't Your Business Meetings Deserve Your 'A Game'?
The judge gave us very strict rules about not talking to one another and not discussing the case. No one became friends, and although we exchanged niceties, I never noticed that anyone violated those rules.
07:23 Feb 3, 2009 PST
What are the Boundaries for a Successful Competitor?
Steven A. O'Rourke is a business lawyer that other attorneys go to when they want to debate the law. But he is also a guy that entrepreneurs and business owners should go to when...
07:24 Jan 29, 2009 PST
What are the Red Flags that Point toTroubled Accounts Receivable?
Eric is a rock star when it comes to networking. He has a lot to offer and I would like to bring it to my readers over the next several weeks...
14:46 Jan 28, 2009 PST
Are Business Decisions Our Most Important Responsibility?
I spend a lot of time in my own little bubble, thinking about my own little world, worried about my own little problems. Unfortunately, we don't always step outside of our bubbles to consider really serious problems.
12:30 Jan 28, 2009 PST
Do We Need Business Advice on being More 'Eco'nomical?
Brilliant lighting architect, savvy deal maker and environmentally conscious citizen, my client and friend, Gerald Olesker, and I regularly talk about how we can work with companies to be more environmentally aware
10:51 Jan 28, 2009 PST
Why Won't You Just Give Me the Money?
They make their pitches with great enthusiasm. They have projects. They have talent. They have attachments. And they may even have some credits to their name.
07:31 Jan 21, 2009 PST
What is the Key to Collecting Business Revenue?
Eric Shaw has a motto: If you give good credit, collections will follow. Shaw, president of New York Credit Inc. in Marina del Rey, California helps big and small businesses manage their credit and collections problems.
12:03 Jan 20, 2009 PST
How Do You Get Suppliers To Provide Start Up Capital For Your Venture?
One of the best questions that people ask me came to me again this morning from someone who is connected to me on LinkedIn.
12:57 Jan 19, 2009 PST
Do You Want To See My Company's Business Plan?
In the spirit of motivating you to create a great plan for your company, I would like to share the first chapter of our company's plan with you.
15:33 Jan 16, 2009 PST
The Rest of the 10 Critical Mistakes That Real Estate Syndicators Make
The syndicator raises too little money: As a fiduciary, the syndicator has to be certain to properly capitalize the transaction.
08:25 Jan 15, 2009 PST
10 Critical Mistakes That Real Estate Syndicators Make - Part 1 of 2
Tax structures are ineffective: Ever since the Tax Reform Act of 1986, real estate syndication has been much less about tax and much more about economic gain.
05:48 Jan 14, 2009 PST
Can CDFI Funds Provide a Reasonable Business Structure in this Economy?
My colleague Bruce Dobb of www.concernedcapital.org is a recognized expert in community redevelopment financing.
09:29 Jan 5, 2009 PST
Is There Any Business Credibility Left After the Crisis of 2008?
The business world left many dazed and confused after a wild ride filled with economic turmoil and criminal wrongdoing. Is it possible to trust the people on Wall Street, in Washington DC or regulators after this train wreck?
07:00 Dec 29, 2008 PST
Is the New Entrepreneur Training a Course in Values?
Get used to it and start living within your means. It'll be a good exercise and it'll be fun for grandma and grandpa to say 'we told you so'.
10:46 Dec 24, 2008 PST
Is the Credit Crisis Costing Your Business Revenue?
I've been a customer of Chevron for 15 years and have had a corporate account with them for that many years. My account is in good standing.
04:30 Dec 19, 2008 PST
Where Does My Information Come From?
Readers of this column frequently write in and ask where my information and insights come from. I review a lot of news articles and a lot of information.
16:49 Dec 17, 2008 PST
Put a Mayo Jar on Your Thanksgiving Dinner Table
When the class began, wordlessly, he picked up a very large and empty mayonnaise jar and proceeded to fill it with golf balls. He then asked the students if the jar was full.
09:57 Nov 26, 2008 PST
The Secret to Making the 2009 Economy Work for You
My goal is to help entrepreneurs to make this happen. And to this end, we have a wide variety of programs designed to help entrepreneurs in every way.
07:30 Nov 24, 2008 PST
Opportunity and Initiative
Every once in a while, you see somebody spot an opportunity and take the initiative to address it in a way that is different from everybody else.
06:50 Nov 20, 2008 PST
The Ripple Effect
After you read the Coface update, take a guess as to where the next big crash will be. How about the commercial real estate market?
09:54 Nov 7, 2008 PST
A Program to Show Independent Filmmakers How to Raise The Money
As a reader one of my columns, I want you to know before the rest of the marketplace that we are launching a program to show independent filmmakers how to raise the money they need.
04:25 Nov 6, 2008 PST
Thirsty Horses
One of the main problems that I notice in business owners is that they generally don't understand the difference between sales and marketing.
06:36 Nov 3, 2008 PST
Joel G Block Selected to Join Most Elite Business Success Faculty Ever Assembled
There are over 1 million mentors, coaches, consultants and professional business advisors assisting companies large and small across the United States and around the world.
10:16 Oct 31, 2008 PST
Business Matchmaking
The generally agreed upon definition of distressed assets is 'loans, mortgages or other types of financial assets that are nonperforming for a variety of reasons.'
09:12 Oct 29, 2008 PST
New Positioning for a New Economy
I wrote about the opportunity that will come to entrepreneurs from (what was several months ago) the upcoming financial problems about to grip the country.
14:14 Oct 27, 2008 PST
Raising Capital From Friends And Family: Use of Funds
One of the most important questions that any investor wants to know is 'what will you use this money for?' You have to be able to demonstrate that you have a serious business purpose for using the money.
06:49 Oct 24, 2008 PST
Raising Capital From Friends And Family (Part 2 of 3)
Profits and Payback The primary reason that an investor puts money into a business is so that they get that money back, plus more.
07:13 Oct 22, 2008 PST
Raising Capital From Friends And Family
It's critical that you plan your business concept before you speak to anyone about asking them for money. That doesn't mean you have to create an investment grade business plan complete with financial statements...
09:29 Oct 20, 2008 PST
An Investment Banker's Dream
Imagine being an investment banker who is given the full force of credit of the federal government, along with $700 billion to spend aggressively with a mandate to go out and buy assets at will.
08:56 Oct 17, 2008 PST
The Secret Credit Default Swaps That Crashed Wall Street
I have wanted to share this information for some time now, but it's so complex and it's so esoteric, that the mainstream media has shied away from the topic.
02:43 Oct 15, 2008 PST
Angel Investors Modeled on Horse Racing Gamblers
Always remember that bankers, lenders, shareholders, and investors of all kinds have many different choices. And you have to make yours be the one that they want to put the money on.
12:27 Oct 6, 2008 PST
Speak Softly, But ...
So, as you are working hard every day to build your company, or as you're building your career, speak softly, be nice, and carry a big stick while you're trying to bring success to your organization.
10:19 Oct 3, 2008 PST
A Home Run Out Of The Park: Lumineers
The right question about a problem can turn it into more money than one can ever dream of when you answer it correctly.
08:03 Sep 29, 2008 PST
Case Study: The Amazing Success of the Thinset Tile Lock Company, Part 2
Make sure that you are asking the right questions so you get the right answers. You only get once chance at the golden ring, so make the most of it.
07:53 Sep 26, 2008 PST
Case Study: Thinset Tile Lock Company - Part 1 of 2
It is after watching the process that the genius occurs. One of the tile guys asks the million dollar question: 'Isn't there a better way to do this?
19:48 Sep 24, 2008 PST
The 90 Second Rule
My experience is that people who 'over-talk' tend to do so because they're nervous and they feel a need to fill up the air with noise.
10:39 Sep 19, 2008 PST
The Value of a Blog
Rely on modern techniques and the principles of marketing. Throw out the old books. A lot of what you learned in college doesn't apply anymore. You have to use the Internet.
12:01 Sep 16, 2008 PST
Conduit to the Money: My Friend, Jerry Knotts
The money people are very hard to find. It is a closed business, and most everything in this business happens by referral.
16:48 Sep 12, 2008 PST
The Picture of Perseverance
Perseverance takes many forms, but every once in a while somebody perseveres with such precision that the word needs to be revisited and shared with those who are trying to reach a goal.
07:51 Sep 2, 2008 PST
Desperation and Dumbness
Take somebody like me with you when you go into a critical meeting. Don't let your desperation drive you to do dumb things. It's really critical that you get yourself on the right track.
05:43 Sep 1, 2008 PST
Vacuum of Leadership
As they say, 'plan your work and work your plan.' Otherwise, you'll have brilliant people who are moving in so many directions that nothing important actually gets accomplished.
15:42 Aug 25, 2008 PST
Meet My Friend Mike Podolny
That roughly means that you put cash into a deal, the cash generates some amount of return to you, and that is the return on investment that you receive.
12:36 Aug 19, 2008 PST
Big vs. Small
Big companies and small companies do not get along. Big companies are worried about covering their backsides, and small companies take aggressive risks as they have relatively little to lose.
06:20 Aug 11, 2008 PST
Bear Stearns Got Caught Holding The Bag Full of Potatoes
In this economy, where the mortgage debacle is taking down some of the biggest financial institutions that exist in the country, it's all related to the concept of the hot potato.
10:04 Aug 8, 2008 PST
I Don't Get It!
There's a very good chance that people who follow trends and follow technologies and platforms are seeing something powerful in the technology and that is why they recommend that you get involved too.
07:27 Aug 6, 2008 PST
Leave The World Better Than You Find It...
The world is complicated enough and our relationships already strained. Work hard to repair these situations and one of the most important things that we can do is clean up after ourselves.
06:40 Aug 1, 2008 PST
The Entrepreneurial Roller Coaster
Get help from someone you trust. Get help so you and your company cross the finish line, because the entrepreneur game is a great game. But make sure you turn the game and your chips into real wealth.
09:30 Jul 29, 2008 PST
Money is about Priorities
Everybody gets to spend their own money in exactly the way that they want to, so you have to tie yourself into their priorities.
10:11 Jul 28, 2008 PST
Are You Ready For Business?
Make sure when you talk to people, that you're well prepared and that you know your stuff. You owe that to them and yourself because if you are not well prepared, your close rate will be disappointingly low.
10:24 Jul 18, 2008 PST
Experts Open Up 'Syndicating Real Estate' Teleseminar
Joel Block shares his experience syndicating real estate and how to avoid the pitfalls that could cost you your business.
09:05 Jul 9, 2008 PST
Market To The Soft Spot
Make sure you know who you're selling to. Find the person who is going to have the greatest influence over the person that controls the purse strings.
15:08 Jul 7, 2008 PST
Why Lock Down LinkedIn?
I would be embarrassed to be in a senior management position at a company that used policies of secrecy and protectionism to retain employees.
06:23 Jun 30, 2008 PST
Creating Great Content is King
Focus on being in touch with people on a regular basis. Be aware of providing them value in a variety of different ways.
04:26 Jun 28, 2008 PST
Recession Repression: How is The Economy?
It's important to get into a strong cash position. Since cash is tight and we are in a more difficult economy, the people who have cash are going to win the game.
09:37 Jun 23, 2008 PST
Tread Lightly in the Money Business
Money is one of the most expensive components of any business, and being able to save money on your money is absolutely imperative. Don't pay for risk in capital that's any higher than it should be.
06:06 Jun 21, 2008 PST
Show Me the Money: How to Find the Money to Fund Your Film
Hollywood insiders spill the beans on getting a film funded and then making enough money to pay it back.
10:37 Jun 19, 2008 PST
The Most Dangerous Word in The English Language is Very Scary
I frequently hear people use the most dangerous word in the English language. It is really scary in a little phrase.
07:38 Jun 16, 2008 PST
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