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1 .Loretta Lynch Pressured to Recuse Herself From Hillary Email Scandal - 54
2 .Actress Alysia Rogers Reveals Why She Left Hollywood for Good - 49
3 .Censorship in America - 27
4 .Mandatory Military Service Works in Israel - 21
5 .An Abandoned Luncheonette Inspires a Sequence of Sonnets - 17
6 .Why California's Waiting Period to Purchase a Firearm Will Be Upheld - 14
7 .Assad - ISIS Collusion: The Human Monster and His Satanic Band - 16
8 .2016 Predictions by World Renowned Medium and Psychic Lindy Baker - 11
9 .Telecom Operators Getting Excited for 4G Launch In India - 12
10.Every Black Male Should Become A Criminal - 17
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Bruce Edwin, Hollywood Sentinel Editor

Bruce Edwin is a writer, the editor of The Hollywood Sentinel, and President of Starpower Management, the celebrity focused model and talent firm. Contact Bruce at

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2016 Predictions by World Renowned Medium and Psychic Lindy Baker
World renowned medium and psychic Lindy Baker is interviewed here by The Hollywood Sentinel, discussing psychic power, the spirit world, life after death, areas of concern in 2016, and much more.
16:23 Feb 9, 2016 PST
Award Winning Director Jessica Gallant Personifies Excellence in Filmmaking
Award winning director and cinematographer Jessica Gallant defies gender roles, as a successful Hollywood veteran.
20:16 Jan 10, 2016 PST
World Renowned Psychic and Medium Lindy Baker Shares Tales of the Afterlife
World renowned psychic, medium and Life Skills Coach, Lindy Baker offers a chapter of her book on the afterlife.
11:36 Jan 7, 2016 PST
Using Remote Viewing to Get What You Want
Remote viewing expert Stacey Tallitsch in an exclusive interview with the Hollywood Sentinel. How the practice used by Russia and US works, and can be used by you to get what you want.
23:38 Nov 20, 2015 PST
Jaclyn Kalkhurst Interviews Client Fighting Cancer With Reiki Healing
Reiki Master Jaclyn Kalkhurst interviews one of her clients battling cancer using Holy Fire Reiki techniques, which helped increase her quality of life.
13:29 Nov 11, 2015 PST
Psychic and Medium to The Stars Reportedly Predicted 9-11
Lindy Baker has provided private, confidential clairvoyant psychic phone readings for clients world wide for over twenty five years. This article details more.
14:28 Nov 10, 2015 PST
Starpower Management Secures First Wave of Funding
Bruce Edwin's Starpower Management raises 1.2 million dollars for first feature film, and the first star is attached.
15:31 Sep 7, 2015 PST
L.A. Matchmaker Elite Connections Brings Love Connection to Germany
The Premier Los Angeles Matchmaking Company Elite Connections has an international reach and recently had great success on the German TV show Dream Woman.
05:46 Sep 4, 2015 PST
Golden Globe Winner and Cast of Women get Spotlight in Hit Sci Fi Comedy
The delightful Sci-Fi Comedy 'Visitor From Planet Omicron,' starring Golden Globe Winner Sally Kirkland, and featuring Moira Cue, now world wide on DVD and VOD.
06:26 Sep 2, 2015 PST
Khrish Trading Brings Caribbean Style to Hollywood
Rishi of Khrish Trading Brings Caribbean style of Netherlands' Curacao to downtown LA fashion district. Exclusive interview with the fashion designer and import/export entrepreneur.
03:17 Aug 29, 2015 PST
Remote Viewing Class Teaches U.S. Government's Psychic Spy Techniques
The Psychic Spy Program used by the American Government is now revealed here by an expert, who will teach you too how to become adept in Remote Viewing.
07:16 Aug 28, 2015 PST
Sexy 'Dancing With the Stars' Celeb Teaches VIP's in Hollywood
Katia Vaz, as seen on the hit show Dancing With the Stars, opens up the doors of her private dance school in Hollywood to very special VIPs.
16:25 Aug 26, 2015 PST
Reiki Master Jaclyn Kalkhurst Reveals Hidden Truths About Reiki
Reiki Master Jaclyn Kalkhurst opens up to reveal never before discussed facts concerning Reiki and energy healing, in this exclusive interview with The Hollywood Sentinel.
16:28 Jul 12, 2015 PST
Meet The Simpsons Star Nancy Cartwright!
The voice of Bart Simpson, star Nancy Cartwright hosts a very special VIP party today Saturday, May 30th, 2015. This story tells more, including how to attend.
17:01 May 30, 2015 PST
Reiki Master Jaclyn Kalkhurst Teaches Truths About Reiki
Reiki Master Jaclyn Kalkhurst shares her wisdom in this second part to the exclusive interview with her for The Hollywood Sentinel.
07:24 May 20, 2015 PST
Pacific Ballet Remembers Armenian Genocide - Soars with Talent
The Pacific Ballet is reviewed here by The Hollywood Sentinel, as well as a discussion of the Armenian Genocide.
04:12 May 9, 2015 PST
Smoke N Burn, Featuring Al Gore Daughter Sarah Gore, Signs with Starpower
Starpower Management Signs Smoke N Burn, Featuring Daughter of Former Vice President Al Gore and Tipper Gore, Laine Maiani, and Patrick Maiani, and Rick Maiani.
04:24 May 4, 2015 PST
An Exclusive Interview with Reiki Master Jaclyn Kalkhurst
An exclusive interview with Reiki Master Jaclyn Kalkhurst is brought to readers here from Bruce Edwin of The Hollywood Sentinel.
05:28 May 3, 2015 PST
Tracy Reiner, other Stars from A League of Their Own Visit Chicago
Tracy Reiner and other stars from the hit film A League of Their Own visits Chicago to salute the film, 23 years later, at the much loved Hollywood Show.
15:48 May 2, 2015 PST
What is Reiki and How Can You Benefit From It? A Reiki Master Explains
Reiki Master Jaclyn Kalkhurst explains what Reiki is, its oral traditions, how some history was lost, some saved, and how it can benefit the body and mind.
05:53 May 1, 2015 PST
Starpower Management Signs Santa Barbara Guitar Great Rick Maiani
Starpower Management LLC is pleased to announce that they have signed Santa Barbara Guitar Star Rick Maiani in all areas.
17:08 Apr 26, 2015 PST
Leading Restaurant Owner Quits to Become Massage Therapist to The Stars
Los Angeles Restaurant Owner Valeria Maldonado Quits Food Industry to Become Massage Therapist to the Stars, as detailed in this story.
22:10 Apr 24, 2015 PST
Jaclyn Kalkhurst Brings Reiki to the Mainstream in Downtown LA
World master in the ancient healing technique of Reiki, Jaclyn Kalkhurst provides life changing experiences for clients in Los Angeles.
05:00 Mar 6, 2015 PST
Dance Champion Katia Vaz Makes Dreams Come True with Dance School
Dance Champion Katia Vaz, as seen on Dancing With the Stars, opens a new school to teach the craft in Los Angeles. Samba Champion for 9 consecutive years.
11:42 Feb 19, 2015 PST
Stars Come Out for the Fit Expo Los Angeles
Stars come out for the Fit Expo, Los Angeles, held this week and weekend at L.A. Convention Center. This story explains more.
18:06 Feb 6, 2015 PST
Elite Connections Offers Free Dating for Single Parents
Elite Connections a professional matchmaking agency has teamed up with Kerri Zane, single Lifestyle and dating expert, to pair 15 single fathers and mothers for a fun date night out on National Singles Awareness Day, February 15, 2015
12:07 Jan 29, 2015 PST
Homeless Kids Get Helping Hand from Celebrity Firm Elite Connections
Homeless Children Get a Helping Hand from Matchmaking Stars Elite Connections, as detailed in this story.
16:32 Nov 12, 2014 PST
Elite Connections Celebrates Twenty Years in Matchmaking
Celebrity matchmaking company Elite Connections celebrates its 20th year in business this month. This story details more.
12:57 Nov 7, 2014 PST
Theosophy Becoming Hollywood's Fast Growing Religion
Madame Blavatsky and Theosophy are discussed here in this insightful article about the legendary religion.
00:20 Nov 2, 2014 PST
Award Winning Artist and Author Anne Fewell Discusses The Creative Process
Anne Fewell, award winning artist, sculpture, and author, discusses here the creation of art, among more.
15:00 Oct 31, 2014 PST
World Famous Author Deepak Chopra Gives Voice to New Film 'Duality'
Deepak Chopra Narrated Short 'Duality' Explores Cosmic Consciousness and Birth and Death themes. Producers of the film short are now developing a feature film adaptation.
12:46 Oct 31, 2014 PST
Remembering the Stars: Robin Williams and More
The Hollywood Sentinel pays tribute here to stars that have passed on in 2013 and 2014, among more.
05:59 Oct 31, 2014 PST
The Chicago Actors Studio - Home to Legends of the Stage and Screen
The Chicago Actors Studio; which has turned out many stars, is discussed here by The Hollywood Sentinel.
08:40 Oct 29, 2014 PST
Ellen Alexande​r Named Hollywood's Sexiest New Rising Star​
Russian model and actress Ellen Alexander has been named on many lists as Hollywood's Sexiest new Rising Star. This is an exclusive interview with the actress and fashion model who is taking the entertainment industry by storm.
02:30 Oct 29, 2014 PST
Hollywood Sentinel New Issue Out with Tribute to Robin Williams, Joan Rivers
New issue of The Hollywood Sentinel features a tribute to Robin Williams, Joan Rivers, Lauren Bacall, coverage of the Moira Cue Art Show at Bruce Lurie Gallery, Andy Warhol's Shadows show at MOCA, How to Succeed in Hollywood
15:20 Oct 22, 2014 PST
Health and Diet Expert Dr. J Helps Hollywood With All Natural Methods
Health and Diet Expert Dr. J Helps Hollywood With All Natural Methods, instead of often times deadly pharmaceutical drugs that have killed many stars.
05:25 Oct 1, 2014 PST
Israeli Author Ruti Yudovich Shocks Middle East- Falls in Love with Arab Man
Israeli author Ruti Yudovich discusses what it is like to grow up as a little girl in Israel, and grow up to fall in love with an Arab man.
18:52 Aug 25, 2014 PST
Celebrity Matchmaker Sherri Murphy Discusses OkCupid Controversy
Ok Cupid, in hot water for tricking users, is discussed here by Sherri Murphy of Celebrity Matchmaking company Murphy International in this story.
18:08 Aug 14, 2014 PST
World Expert in Chiropractic Care- Dr. Richard Bernard Returns to Hollywood
World homeopathic healing artist, chiropractor to the stars Dr. Richard Bernard is back in Hollywood from world travels to treat those from all walks of life. This story tells more.
06:39 Jul 24, 2014 PST
Living Dot Com Movie Brings Millionaire Bloggers To Hollywood - Makes Waves
The film Living Dot Com Premiered in Hollywood recently, about the new wave of internet millionaires, and the movie and party still has Hollywood talking.
04:37 Jul 18, 2014 PST
Art Star Legend Bruce Lurie Gallery Hosts Moira Cue Show
Art Star Legend Bruce Lurie Gallery hosts a highly anticipated, rare showing of work by award winning multi-media artist Moira Cue this Saturday, July 19th, 2014 in Los Angeles. This story explains more.
01:13 Jul 18, 2014 PST
Camellia Steele: Young Artist on the Rise
Pretty young artist Camellia Steele is someone to pay attention to, as her art is getting more and more deserved attention. This story explains more.
14:01 Jul 8, 2014 PST
FCI-The Fashion School Leads West Coast Fashion Capitol of the World-Los Angeles
Fashion Careers International (FCI) The Fashion School is at the heart of L.A. Fashion Week, and at the forefront of West Coast fashion. This story explains more.
06:23 Jun 12, 2014 PST
Camellia Steele Breaks Into L.A. Art Scene, and She is Only 15
Teen artist Camellia Steele has broken in to the hugely competitive art world in Los Angeles, and talks here about it with The Hollywood Sentinel.
07:25 Jun 3, 2014 PST
Swan Day Spa Attracts VIP's in Pasadena with New Grand Opening
The upscale new Swan Day Spa in Pasadena is rumored to be attracting stars that secretly live in the area.
09:37 May 23, 2014 PST
Official Sundance Film Festival 'Screening Services Group' Hired by the A-List
The official screening group of international Sundance Film Festival, talks here with The Hollywood Sentinel about what they do.
12:03 May 20, 2014 PST
Sigi & Pam; Award Winning Conejo Valley Real Estate Agents Prove #1
Award winning Conejo Valley Real Estate Experts Sigi and Pam, with Prudential's Fine homes International, who have broken many sales records, are discussed in this story here about their work and the upscale area of Southern California
16:34 May 18, 2014 PST
Subormal Magazine's Hollywood Entertainment Calendar
Subnormal magazine reports here on the latest happenings for entertainment in Los Angeles.
14:12 May 9, 2014 PST
Nancy Cartwright - Voice of Bart Simpson Invites Public to Party to Help Kids
The star of The Simpsons, Nancy Cartwright (voice of Bart Simpson) hosts a VIP part this month in Hollywood for her charitable foundation. This story reveals more.
15:43 May 7, 2014 PST
How to Close the Deal in Hollywood and Get What You Want
Producer and talent manager Bruce Edwin reveals here how to close the deal in Hollywood, and get what you want.
16:20 May 5, 2014 PST
Top 10 Hottest Models - New Faces; Kate Upton
Bruce Edwin is giving here the countdown of the Top 10 Hottest Models (new faces) of our time.
04:56 May 5, 2014 PST
How to Succeed in Hollywood and Close The Deal
Talent manager Bruce Edwin provides here valuable advice on how to close the deal in Hollywood.
15:36 May 4, 2014 PST
Carnuwax Owner Reportedly In Secret Talks to Buy Clippers from Donald Sterling
The owner of Carnuwax is reportedly contacting Donald T. Sterling to make an offer to buy The Clippers. This story explains more.
14:58 May 3, 2014 PST
Top 10 Best Directors of All Time: Alan Parker Reigns Supreme
Bruce Edwin of The Hollywood Sentinel gives his list here of the Top 10 Best Directors of all time, with this one in the countdown.
07:10 Apr 26, 2014 PST
Using The Law of Attraction to Succeed in Hollywood
Producer Bruce Edwin of The Hollywood Sentinel discusses here how to use the law of attraction and positive thinking to succeed in Hollywood and in life.
05:09 Apr 25, 2014 PST
Hollywood Shaken by Child Abuse Claims
Producer and Hollywood Sentinel publisher Bruce Edwin reports here on the child abuse claims rocking Hollywood made by Michael Egan III.
15:45 Apr 24, 2014 PST
Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Goes Punk
The Hollywood Sentinel reviews here the punk film screenings that took place this month at the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences.
15:35 Apr 24, 2014 PST
Go For Change to Be Successful
The Hollywood Sentinel reports here on how change is essential to success in life in this article by Bruce Edwin.
16:23 Apr 21, 2014 PST
Hollywood Sentinel April 2014 Issue Feature: The Academy Goes Punk Rock
The Hollywood Sentinel reports that its exciting new April issue has now been released, with a story called The Academy Goes Punk Rock
11:34 Apr 16, 2014 PST
Starpower Management Signs Draven Midnight and The Undead Hearts
Draven Midnight of the Undead Hearts has been signed by Starpower Management, as reported in this story here by The Hollywood Sentinel.
09:07 Mar 26, 2014 PST
Caryl M. Christian Levy Solo Exhibition at Fine Arts Building Proved Magical
Award winning fine artist Caryl M. Christian Levy hosted an outstanding solo exhibition show Thursday night at the historic Fine Arts Building in downtown Los Angeles. This story is a highlight of that V.I.P. event.
07:36 Mar 15, 2014 PST
United Lodge of Theosophists Invite L.A. Guests to Discuss 'Does God Exist?'
The United Lodge of Theosophists in Los Angeles Invite the public to attend their lodge and discuss; does God exist, and if so, who is God?
16:56 Mar 14, 2014 PST
United Lodge of Theosophists Opens Doors to One and All in LA
The United Lodge of Theosophists Los Angeles reports here on who they are and what they are about in this story.
05:11 Mar 13, 2014 PST
Caryl M. Christian Levy Praises New MOCA Director Phillipe Vergne
MOCA names Phillipe Vergne as new Museum Director, reports the Hollywood Sentinel.
16:46 Mar 9, 2014 PST
Caryl M. Christian Levy Pleased with New MOCA Director Philippe Vergne
Fine artists Caryl M. Christian Levy returns from Venice to host Fine Arts Building Solo Show, as detailed in this story for News Blaze.
11:13 Mar 8, 2014 PST
Caryl M. Christian Levy and Francesco Vezzoli Bring Spirit of Italy to L.A. Art
The Hollywood Sentinel reports here the latest art news, from Caryl M. Christian Levy's solo show, to new purchases by MOCA, and more.
06:15 Mar 8, 2014 PST
Historic Landmark Fine Arts Building to Host Fine Artist Caryl M. Christian Levy
Historic Cultural Landmark Fine Arts Building to Host Fine Artist Caryl M. Christian Levy
18:28 Mar 2, 2014 PST
Remembering The Everly Brothers
Phil Everly of The Everly Brothers is remembered here in this tribute by music veteran Bruce Edwin of subnormal magazine and The Hollywood Sentinel.
09:06 Feb 25, 2014 PST
The Worlds Top 10 Best Directors of Motion Picture
Bruce Edwin of The Hollywood Sentinel discusses here The Top 10 Best Directors of all time.
12:56 Feb 24, 2014 PST
Get to Know the Foot Doctor to The Stars Dr. Harounian, DPM
The Foot Doctor to the Stars, Dr. Harounian, is discussed here in this article about the doctor and his background.
14:56 Feb 21, 2014 PST
How to Get Along With Others By Saying You're Sorry and Mean It
Jathan Janove is an author, trainer, executive coach and Director of Employee Engagement Solutions of Ogletree Deakins. In this story for the Hollywood Sentinel, he teaches the most effective way to apologize, and thus- get along with others.
18:25 Feb 20, 2014 PST
Cara Delevingne- Top 10 Hottest New Face of Fashion
The Top 10 Hottest New Faces of Fashion or counted down here in this article by model and talent manager Bruce Edwin of Starpower Management.
13:40 Feb 19, 2014 PST
Up Close and Personal With Jim Cue: A Lifetime of Storytelling
Screenwriter Jim Cue gives an exclusive interview here with The Hollywood Sentinel for News Blaze.
18:32 Feb 18, 2014 PST
L.A. Should Follow Utah's Lead to Solve Homeless Problem
Moira Cue of The Hollywood Sentinel reports here on how Utah is solving the homeless problem, and how Los Angeles should do the same.
17:53 Feb 17, 2014 PST
New Issue of The Hollywood Sentinel Features Golden Globes, Oscars, Art and More
The new issue of The Hollywood Sentinel is now out, featuring the Oscars, The Golden Globes, and The L.A. Art Show among more, as detailed here in this story.
16:28 Feb 17, 2014 PST
Golden Globes 2014 Drinking Games and Sexiest Stars
The Hollywood Sentinel reports here the sexiest dressed ladies on the red carpet for the 2014 Golden Globes awards, and discusses the awards shows promotion of alcohol use among more.
14:48 Feb 17, 2014 PST
Los Angeles Art Show- Behind the Scenes
Bruce Edwin of The Hollywood Sentinel reports here on the 2014 L.A. Art Show.
06:35 Feb 16, 2014 PST
Valentines Day Message From Love Expert; Avoid 3rd Base on The First Date
Sherri Murphy, CEO of celebrity matchmaker firm Elite Connections, shares here tips on what to do and not do to be successful on a first date.
09:15 Feb 14, 2014 PST
Guadulesa Rivera Demanding Respect for Artists
The Hollywood Sentinel conducts here an exclusive video interview with award winning artist Guadulesa Rivera, discussing her philosophy as an artist, and the problems facing artists today and how to overcome them, among more.
16:20 Feb 8, 2014 PST
Guadulesa Rivera: Exclusive Interview with the Cherokee Indian Fine Artist
Guadulesa Rivera gives here an exclusive interview to The Hollywood Sentinel concerning how she began as an artist, and advice to aspiring artists among more.
04:04 Feb 5, 2014 PST
Caryl M. Christian Levy: Solving The Problem of the Contemporary Artist
The nature of feminism in her Caryl M. Christian Levy's artwork, as well as the problem of the contemporary artist is discussed here by the award winning fine artist and public artist, in this educational exclusive interview and video with the educ
06:01 Feb 4, 2014 PST
An Exclusive Interview with Artist Caryl M. Christian Levy
Art educator and award winning fine artist and public artist Caryl M. Christian Levy gives a rare glimpse into her views as an artist in this informative exclusive interview by The Hollywood Sentinel, part 2.
18:32 Jan 31, 2014 PST
The Foundation of an American Artist: Caryl M. Christian Levy
Award winning artist Caryl M. Christian Levy discusses here how she got started in part one of this exclusive interview with The Hollywood Sentinel.
16:44 Jan 31, 2014 PST
MOCA Appoints Phillipe Vergne New Museum Director
MOCA Apoints Phillipe Vergne New Museum Director reports The Hollywood Sentinel, as discussed in this story.
15:10 Jan 23, 2014 PST
Guadulesa Rivera Hosts Reception to Celebrate New Art Book
Guadlesa Rivera hosts an exclusive art reception in celebration of her upcoming book, Matrix 5; Tones of Resonance.
08:52 Jan 18, 2014 PST
Caryl M. Christian Levy to Host L.A. Art Show After Party
Artist Caryl M. Christian Levy celebrates the L.A. Art Show with a VIP After Party on Saturday, January 18th, following the event.
11:49 Jan 13, 2014 PST
What to Do When You Land in Hollywood as An Actor
Producer and Talent manager Bruce Edwin of Starpower Management gives free advice here to an aspiring actor on what to do when he first arrives to Hollywood.
14:21 Jan 11, 2014 PST
Hollywood's Hottest Live Entertainment in 2014
The Hollywood Sentinel reports here on the hottest live music entertainment in Los Angeles, California starting in January of 2014.
08:19 Jan 11, 2014 PST
Guadulesa Rivera Celebrates L.A. Art Show with Solo Exhibition for Patrons
The L.A. Art Show is celebrated this week with an exciting pre-show by award winning artist Guadulesa Rivera.
03:37 Jan 11, 2014 PST
Fashion's Top 10 Hottest New Faces - Karlie Kloss
Model and Talent Manager Bruce Edwin of Starpower Management reports here on The Top 10 Hottest New Faces of Our Time in the world of modeling in this story from The Hollywood Sentinel, featuring the first girl in the countdown.
03:30 Jan 10, 2014 PST
Academy Museum of Motion Pictures - Ready For Its Close-Up
The Hollywood Sentinel discusses here the upcoming new Museum of Motion Picture, founded and created by the Academy of Motion Picture, Arts, and Sciences; creator of The Academy Awards Oscar presentation.
08:26 Jan 9, 2014 PST
An Exploration of Modern Art In Los Angeles
Bruce Edwin of The Hollywood Sentinel reports here on the Los Angeles Art Scene in California, how to navigate it, and where to go.
18:59 Jan 6, 2014 PST
Living With Passion and Following the Golden Rule
Bruce Edwin of The Hollywood Sentinel discusses here philosophy, our responsibility as human beings to ourselves and the world in 2014 and beyond.
12:59 Jan 5, 2014 PST
How to Succeed in the Music Industry
Talent manager and producer Bruce Edwin of Starpower Management gives free advice to musicians and singers here on how to succeed in the music business, from The Hollywood Sentinel.
02:47 Jan 3, 2014 PST
2014 Golden Globes Nominations
The Hollywood Sentinel discusses here the nominations for The 2014 Golden Globes.
00:15 Jan 3, 2014 PST
Talent Manager Bruce Edwin Answers Questions by Andy Warhol
Multi-media artist and producer Bruce Edwin answers questions by famed artist Andy Warhol.
16:39 Jan 1, 2014 PST
Visual Effects Master Dan Santoni Raises the Bar in World of Photography
Hollywood's visual effects master Dan Santoni raises the bar in the world of photography, reports Bruce Edwin of The Hollywood Sentinel in this story concerning the image makers creative genius.
12:26 Jan 1, 2014 PST
Moira Cue Releases New Music Video for Top 10 Saddest Song in the World
Singer songwriter Moira Cue releases new music video for her haunting new single, Make you Happy, produced by Ralph Rieckermann, directed by Billy Boatman
23:55 Dec 31, 2013 PST
The Hollywood Sentinel 2014 Special Issue Now Out Featuring Golden Globes
The Hollywood Sentinel's 2014 new year issue is now out, featuring 12 Years A Slave, The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, The Golden Globes, L.A. Art, and much more, as detained in this article.
21:17 Dec 26, 2013 PST
Massive Mayan Exhibition Debuts at L.A. Jewelry and Antique Show in 2014
The Hollywood Sentinel; with a scholarly report by Agnes Gomes-Koizumi, explores here the upcoming 2014 art show, 'Treasures of the Maya Spirit,' in Los Angeles, California.
19:59 Dec 21, 2013 PST
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