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The Americans in Wartime Museum chairman, Allan Cors is opening the museum's collection of rare wartime vehicles to the general public.
20:47 Oct 4, 2014
The Luck 'o the Irish hit Calvin and Zatera Spencer this March, who collected on lottery winnings three times in just one month.
19:27 Apr 1, 2014
Too bad government leaders can't run the government on conservative attitude, borrowed quips and twisted quotes from famous dead guys.
16:50 Oct 24, 2013
Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and 'Your-Name-Goes-Here.' Who will the world embrace next? One thing is for certain, there's a very strong chance it's one of these social decision making apps: Thumb, Se
20:15 May 10, 2013
The domestic disaster relief team of Operation Blessing International reports it is preparing for relief efforts as Hurricane Sandy sets its course on the East Coast.
13:42 Oct 26, 2012
Well, let's try anyway to get Kathleen Haley's fragmentary case out there, so maybe some local news reporters will dig a little deeper into the (heretofore) hazy circumstances of her disappearance.
14:24 Sep 12, 2012
Actor Lee Burns, who has starred opposite Lindsay Lohan, and many other stars, signs with Starpower Management LLC this week in all areas, and is bringing hope back to Hollywood with a moral message.
07:00 Jul 8, 2012
Multi-media artist Moira Cue is reviewing every Pulitzer Prize winning novel ever written. Here is her review of 'The Known World' by Edward P. Jones.
16:01 May 26, 2012
Consider that $236,000 would pay for: Six full-time teachers at $38,012 a year;2,950 days of substitute teachers at $80 a day; 143,030 lunches for elementary pupils at $1.65 per meal;
08:51 Dec 10, 2011
Podcast about zombie survival hosted by Alfredo Torres, written by fan and friend of the show, Mr.J
10:34 Nov 15, 2011
'[...My new comic book] '41' is about a team of mercenaries hired to find a researcher/scientist. The setting is 41 years after an apocalyptic event', says Bob Frantz, 96x radio personality and creator/writer of '41'.
06:05 Mar 30, 2011
What has all of this accomplished? More students graduating, attending college and graduating college. What all of this has done is made our graduating rates look great, but are the kids really learning if they can never fail?
17:34 Nov 16, 2010
The following is a showcase excerpt from the newly released book, 'Amphigory Almanac' available on and B&
16:43 Jul 21, 2010
I think it's fair to assume that George Huguely was in an intoxicated blackout condition on the night of Sunday, May 2, 2010. He had been drinking constantly the entire day.
07:32 May 12, 2010
Shock, horror and disbelief are unworthy words to express an outpouring of grief and denial at a shaken University of Virginia community.
07:08 May 5, 2010
Military to Medicine, Inova Health System's not-for-profit program that provides healthcare training, career opportunities to military spouses and others in the extended military family, is to provide 100-150 scholarships to military spouses
13:09 Mar 24, 2010
The search is over for the missing Metallica fan who mysteriously disappeared last October.
13:50 Jan 29, 2010
During World War II Northern Ireland hosted many US soldiers. The first to arrive were mainly from the Southern states of America, especially Virginia, Georgia and Carolina.
05:01 Sep 15, 2009
What a timely read with all the interest going on in Iran. The CIA and President are trying to find out information on how and where these individuals are getting the materials and chemicals they are buying in large quantities.
05:35 Sep 6, 2009
I have read and reviewed many books on child abuse and neglect and not until I read this book can I say the detail, the emotion and descriptions were right up there with Dave Peltzer.
14:56 Sep 5, 2009

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