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Soldiers' Angels, Patriot Guard Riders

Soldiers' Angels and Patriot Guard Riders are two amazing volunteer organizations that support the troops. As of March 2008, Soldiers' Angels has 180,000 members and Patriot Guard Riders has 130,000. Both organizations work well together although they have different goals. NewsBlaze supports what both organizations do. In many of the stories listed below, NewsBlaze took video footage of Both organizations being interviewed by radio show host, Bob Calvert.

Soldiers Angels and Patriot Guard

Welcome Home, SPC Jessica Ransom. SPC Jessica Ransom, an MP who has been stationed in Afghanistan, came home to Sacramento yesterday for two weeks R&R.
14:40 Jul 20, 2010
While in Afghanistan last month, I spoke to SPC Forester from Eastern Kentucky and SPC Harris from North Carolina. SPC Forester served as a Police Officer for six years before he enlisted in the Army...
18:11 Jul 15, 2010
I had the opportunity to film from inside a helicopter with Lt Col Michael Forsyth, Commander of the 2-77 with 4BCT 4ID, as we flew from one Forward Operating Base to the next, in Afghanistan.
07:34 Jul 11, 2010
After almost a year of preparation, and with the support of many people and companies, Talking With Heroes was able to go on our mission to Afghanistan.
15:38 Jun 28, 2010
Bob Calvert, the host of the Talking With Heroes Radio Show had lunch with Afghan soldiers and Fort Carson's 4BCT 4ID in Jalalabad, Afghanistan at FOB Hughie.
09:11 Jun 16, 2010
The story of Mary, a family member of a Marine who has suffered illness as a result of exposure to contamination at Camp Lejeune.
17:04 Apr 6, 2010
Military to Medicine, Inova Health System's not-for-profit program that provides healthcare training, career opportunities to military spouses and others in the extended military family, is to provide 100-150 scholarships to military spouses
13:09 Mar 24, 2010
Most people would be happy to stay as far away from Afghanistan as possible.
06:48 Mar 24, 2010
The story of Mexican/American Heroes who gave the ultimate sacrifice in WWII and Korea, unusual as they all came from the same street which is now named for their wonderful deeds as Heroes.
16:07 Jan 22, 2010
Updated information regarding the Camp Lejeune water contamination. Highlights the ways in which the U.S. Marine Corps has misled and withheld information from their marines regarding this tragedy.
08:49 Oct 22, 2009
According to the Environmental Protection Agency's National Priorities List, Camp Lejeune is one of the most hazardous sites in the country.
10:43 Oct 1, 2009
The Camp Lejeune-based 24th Marine Expeditionary Unit is currently conducting their Realistic Urban Training Exercise in communities of northern Kentucky and southern Indiana.
10:55 Sep 30, 2009
Along with his 19 season career in Major League Baseball, Rick, a former Marine, is also known for his 1976 rescue of an American Flag from two protesters attempting to burn the flag on the field during a baseball game at Dodger Stadium.
06:22 Sep 15, 2009
During World War II Northern Ireland hosted many US soldiers. The first to arrive were mainly from the Southern states of America, especially Virginia, Georgia and Carolina.
05:01 Sep 15, 2009
This week, I read a very moving story. Made my eyes water. Please take a few minutes to read Ashley Halsey's story about Marine Captain Matthew Freeman, a masterful work about a hero who served his country, and gave his life for freedom.
17:09 Sep 7, 2009
Two Senior Drill Instructors, SDI Michael Nichols and SDI Rodney Carson will be at the 10th Annual Basic Training 'Mather Mud Run' event in Sacramento, California.
17:09 Sep 4, 2009
You would think that in modern times, especially in Britain that homeless people would be a thing of the past, but sadly this is not the case.
05:37 Aug 31, 2009
'I have all kinds of family in the military, especially the Navy' says ENGLISH. 'In fact, my sister Katie just got engaged to a great Navy guy herself, so we're very excited about this show-it's personal for us.'
05:49 Jun 25, 2009
A lifelong athlete, Lopez had a debilitating stroke nearly costing the Vietnam-era Air Force veteran his life, leaving him partially paralyzed and unable to speak.
16:39 Jun 3, 2009
The non-profit organization is the brainchild of Russ Phillip, Jr., whose family and friends are currently serving in the military. 'We are definitely interested in recognizing all of our fallen heroes.
16:40 May 6, 2009

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About Talking With Heroes, a tribute to Bob Calvert's Talking With Heroes radio show. Bob has interviewed and promoted Soldiers Angels, Marine Parents United and dozens of troop support organizations. Bob Calvert is unwavering in his unselfish promotion and support of others.

Soldiers Angels is volunteer organization that supports Soldiers serving far from home and their families. Soldiers Angels need our support.

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