10 Problems that Might Impact Your Next Military Move

Moving can be a huge change in any family’s life. A ‘Personal Change of Station’ (PCS) move can be extremely impactful for everyone in the family. There are many hidden costs associated with military moving that no one discusses about but everyone faces at some stage. Below you will find 10 problems that can influence your next military move:

  • Children Suffer

Military moves have a negative impact on the mental health of the children. One recent study suggests that frequent moves can be very difficult for kids as it adversely effects their social skills and their feelings on vital relationships at an early age. Especially, if your child is having to move every 1-2 years, it make for very difficult transitions. Not only do they have to readjust their routine, but will also be needed to make new friends and companions, and just as they’re getting settled in it might be time to move again. Make sure to prepare your kids before the move so that they can mentally prepare and take less time to get adjusted to new location and environment.

  • Damaged Goods are Unavoidable

No matter how well you pack or transport your belongings from one destination to the other, frequent moving can cause damage to it. The best way to avoid this hassle is to hire professional movers and packers that can safely shift your valuables from one place to another without causing any damage. Also, make sure to invest in the correct packing material to secure your belongings from any possible breakage or damage.

  • Furniture Issues

Not every home is built the same, where your furniture seamlessly fit in your old home has no guarantee of fitting well in your new home. Try to invest in adjustable furniture, that’s not only easy to carry, but is also light enough to transport. Make sure to buy nominal furniture so you can conveniently replace anything if a problem occurs.

  • Traffic Problems

Whether you’re making a long-distance or short-distance move, heavy traffic can literally make your PCS move an absolute nightmare. The moving truck is late, and you may have to delay your move for a day or two, due to the unavailability of another vehicle. These types of problems can ruin your plans and make your military move truly cumbersome. In addition to that, if there is an accident on the road, you will have to wait till the road gets clear and the usual traffic flow is restored, which is not ideal when you’re itching for everything to get back to normal.

  • Disorganization

Disorganization and lack of planning is certainly one of the biggest problems when it comes to a move of such magnitude. Unlike a regular move, which you can start planning for 8 to 9 months in advance, you don’t get enough time to prepare and plan in a military move. You get an order, then you pack and move. This is where your management skills come into play. From purchasing your furniture to basic home accessories, you must keep yourself ready to immediately move your household without much hassle for yourself or your family.

  • Change in Routine

Even if you are an ardent traveler, planning and executing a house move on frequent basis is a tiring job. Not only you have to make new friends, but also required to adjust with your new routine.

  • Weather

It wouldn’t be difficult to make a move from one cold place to another chilling location. Similarly, if your current location has same weather as the place you’re about to move, you can continue your daily activities without worrying about weather. However, if you have been ordered to move from a warm place to a frigid cold destination, you might need to take some time to readjust yourself, and your wardrobe, to the change in weather.

  • Paperwork Issues

There is no denying the fact that you won’t have to struggle much when it comes to official transfers. However, getting a hard copy of all the documentation before your move can be intimidating. Your medical records, children’s school data and other important paperwork must be arranged before moving time, so that you don’t panic on the final moving day.

  • Unseen Sights

Generally, you don’t get an opportunity to visit your new station before moving, so you basically have to do all your research online, to understand the neighborhood, schools and any relaxation spots. This can obviously create problems in terms of things not being as they seem online. However, its too late to change anything when you have already moved.

  • You Think that Orders Won’t Change

When the authorities asks you to move to another location and also issue orders, it definitely looks definite. But, the fact is, even an order to move to Iceland can be revised and cancelled.

While military moving may seem like a headache to many, it also opens doors of opportunity for you and your career. Take a clue from this post to meticulously deal with all the hurdles that could make your upcoming military move troublesome.

Melissa Thompson
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