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As Mr. Donovan manipulated recent history, Jason Furman, head White House economic adviser, presented a panglossian economic outlook.
107 minutes ago
Dwight L. Schwab Jr. Shows that Loretta Lynch is too close to Hillary Clinton to be seen to be acting impartially in any investigation of Hillary's e-mails.
48 hours ago
King Nazir Muhammad says crime pays for black men, and he proves it by showing the benefits for black me who want a vacation on the taxpayer's dime.
49 hours ago
Philip Evans wonders if Florida Governor Rick Scott will stand up on the Open Carry and Campus Carry bills before the Senate to cover the physical safety of his citizens.
4 days ago
If Open Carry and Campus Carry are watered down with hostile amendments, those responsible for their demise must not say they support the Second Amendment.
14:58 Feb 5, 2016
Santorum disappointed in Monday's Iowa caucuses. His evangelical beliefs were mdrowned out by Texas Sen. Ted Cruz who outspent his opponent ten-fold.
14:35 Feb 5, 2016
Could King Nazir Muhammad, founder of The Religion of Power and radical thinker, take the place of Tom Cruise as Scientology's biggest drawcard?
17:14 Feb 2, 2016
Denying any political interference in the process, The White House confirmed The State Department is now witholding 40 emails from Hillary Clinton's server.
20:46 Feb 1, 2016
Memory is the tutor of humanity, but the problem with memory is it forgets to read the minutes of the last meeting. And not remembering those minutes is kills a second time.
01:27 Feb 1, 2016
Randy Foreman gives the readout of the non-readout from The White House, after Bernie Sanders met Closed Press with Barack Obama and Joe Biden this week.
16:24 Jan 31, 2016
Clarence Walker looks at the reliability of polls, as we get close to the Iowa caucuses, and front-runners hope the polls are right and those behind hope they are not.
07:21 Jan 31, 2016
The economy of Russia, the world's second largest supplier of crude oil after Saudi Arabia, is not doing well, and experts say Putin has 18 months to fix it.
03:32 Jan 31, 2016
The Democratic presidential candidate appears to be hurt by the Karl Rove Super Pac Crossroads negative political ad about her taking money from Wall Street.
04:13 Jan 29, 2016
When the enemies of Israel shout occupation, you can tell them it is a propagandized lie, orchestrated to achieve the destruction of the State of Israel.
14:19 Jan 27, 2016
It can be very costly traveling to a holiday destination. However, with the right know-how you can travel on a low budget and still go places you have only dreamed about.
03:17 Jan 26, 2016
Mike Bloomberg for president rests on the scenario of Donald Trump or Ted Cruz versus Bernie Sanders. If Hillary beats Sanders, she is mainstream enough that Mike would have no chance.
18:55 Jan 24, 2016
In February 2015, U.S. District Judge Andrew S. Hanen stopped Obama's amnesty executive order taking effect, now the Supreme court will test the arguments.
13:10 Jan 23, 2016
There is a health insurance enforcement task force that can cut off coverage for those insured without legitimate reasons for enrolling outside the deadline.
22:58 Jan 22, 2016
The pompous paper tigers claiming to be stewards of Pakistan's destiny, should lease their lawless territory to the Mother Queen, because none are capable of governing it.
00:12 Jan 22, 2016
Individuals groups, states or organizations have no right to bomb holy places be it for political, ideological, religious or for mafia purposes and profits because they are protected by international law
03:29 Jan 21, 2016

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