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New Jersey

The exciting, ground breaking catch wrestling style continues to turn heads and is a big hit in Mixed Martial Arts circles
16:09 Aug 31, 2014
There is a Scientific Wrestling Renaissance. Scientific Wrestling is sometimes referred to as the Great Granddaddy of Cage Fighting, Pro-Wrestling, and Olympic Freestyle Wrestling.
22:48 Aug 22, 2014
Trump is ready to sue two casinos in Atlantic City, New Jersey, due to the accusation that they damage the Trump brand by having fallen into 'an utter state of disrepair.'
12:14 Aug 13, 2014
Investigative reporter Clarence Walker says our criminal justice system hinges on the honesty of law enforcement officers. When officers lie to obtain a conviction, they shatter people's lives.
05:06 Apr 10, 2014
Many in Washington are amazed at this rapid response to the New Jersey governor's problems while other federal scandals such as 'Fast and Furious,' Solyndra and the IRS mess lay dormant.
14:28 Jan 16, 2014
With these new statistics, it's highly doubtful the GOP-dominated House will pass legislation that could form the basis for a final deal with the Democratic-controlled Senate before the 2014 midterm elections.
04:10 Sep 25, 2013
Award-winning visual artist Guadulesa is teaching teenagers how to utilize the arts to promote public health with an emphasis on tobacco control issues, as discussed in this exclusive story for News Blaze.
13:55 Jul 12, 2013
Secretary Kerry says he was privileged to spend more than 20 years as Frank's colleague in the Senate.
12:36 Jun 4, 2013
Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and 'Your-Name-Goes-Here.' Who will the world embrace next? One thing is for certain, there's a very strong chance it's one of these social decision making apps: Thumb, Se
20:15 May 10, 2013
Dowgin and McKenna's friendship developed when the two formed a partnership where McKenna began strength training a lot of the 117th's Soldiers on his own time for free.
13:22 Jan 20, 2013
Rocket Men is about two middle-aged men who decide to build a rocket and travel into space, from Sam's childhood love of the stars, and his dream of becoming an astronaut
06:18 Dec 25, 2012
After talking to organizations on the front lines of the recovery attempt, the Weinberg Foundation is awarding several distinct grants to a number of diverse organizations operating directly with hurricane victims.
13:46 Nov 26, 2012
On a crisp, cool, autumn night, the Society Cafe presented a unique evening of musical bliss. Moving, poetic, lyrical Cat Stevens-like Freddie Stevenson played songs for the heart.
17:44 Oct 21, 2012
Patients who underwent liposuction and a tummy tuck in NJ said they would undergo the surgery again and 99 percent said they would recommend it to others.
21:26 Aug 4, 2012
Dark Horse may be too dark for its own good, when lightening up might have been a better way to go. As Abe's elaborately murky fantasies begin to take over
16:26 May 26, 2012
Hoboken International Film Festival will premiere 'Blue Collar Boys,' the first feature from Mark Nistico's Silent Sea Productions.
03:35 May 20, 2012
Tracy Reiner, daughter of Penny Marshall from Laverne and Shirley, is interviewed here concerning her life as an actress and producer.
13:21 Mar 10, 2012
One passenger reports being bitten by bedbugs while on a flight from Atlanta to New York City.
09:27 Dec 14, 2011
New Jersey Medicinal Marijuana Law Faces Many Obstacles. It seems most Pt alive today who allegedly need medical marijuana won't live long enough to legally smoke it.
11:29 Dec 10, 2011
Authorities arrested a New Jersey bus driver for being drunk with 25 kids on board. Blow before you go -ignition interlock devices and vehicle disabling switches are needed. Add a GPS to it as well.
06:30 Dec 9, 2011

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