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They believe it is not geared with God as the source of correct principles. So they promote abortion, same sex marriage, homosexuality, and limits the rights of freedom with a heavy hand.
19:26 Sep 4, 2014
I have listened to people say in our free society, whatever they do with their lives, if it's bad it hurts only them, so why should people care what they do. This basic fact exists, no one can do anything good or bad that doesn't affect others
13:47 Aug 27, 2014
If there was no law then their must not be agency for man to choose. We would either be worse than animals or we would live in a world of fear because without agency we would live by a tyrant's rule.
08:27 Aug 22, 2014
Everything in this universe functions under law and remains secure until its time expires and like man it moves elsewhere. Most laws in any government or in a kingdom are based upon the laws set forth with and under Gods laws.
13:24 Aug 15, 2014
When we realize some are more intelligent than others and are born into better conditions is when we override the standards of Freedom and declare socialism is the answer to survival.
10:21 Aug 5, 2014
The Mormons believe the Family is the basic unit of any society. A family is defined as a man and a woman in holy matrimony bringing children into the world and raising them to be God fearing and civil loving people.
10:18 Jul 21, 2014
Why do we call them immigrants they are illegal aliens. The word immigrant is one who intends to be here for a short time and returns home again.
12:52 Jul 11, 2014
Man's challenge on the pathway of life, is to overcome its obstacles and endure its sometimes painful, demanding, and often, austere conditions and endure.
17:04 Jun 29, 2014
Life plays with our minds. When we go through tough times it seems the worst experience we have or will ever endure.
18:48 Jun 17, 2014
Robert D. Ashford writes a few words about a good friend whose life has ended, but remains in the memories of his family and friends.
15:25 Jun 10, 2014
This question I hope makes one think; what honor do the people have, that allows their leaders to lead in a manner that allows them to bring disgrace upon this nation?
07:43 Jun 6, 2014
I have a different view point about what kind of man We ought to be. I mean everything I write or I wouldn't write it. I love life and am grateful for the blessing God has given me but I can improve and I know every man can also improve.
11:48 May 19, 2014
Schools are afraid to tell the government NO to certain curricula pushed by politicians or the Department of Education, because government holds the money.
20:40 May 13, 2014
When Robert D. Ashford last read the Constitution, it guaranteed freedom of speech,and he went to read his copy again before writing this article.
10:01 May 1, 2014
We are born and then what? We seem to have lost our purpose for life and why we are here on this planet called earth. We are not here to develop easy ways to get drunk, or to enjoy drugs so we can escape our trials and tribulations.
17:57 Apr 27, 2014
If we condone their actions retribution will come from on high, of which it has already begun, we (every soul) good or bad will pay the price to some degree. It will come by storms, winds, rains, hail, snow, earth quakes, famine, and fire but it w
13:24 Apr 20, 2014
The Bible is a Book that tells of the dealings of God with his children on earth. Not every story of his dealing is contained in the Bible and much was with held for various reasons.
11:33 Apr 16, 2014
I have come to the realization that no government can or will be able to give man (people) the necessary information to help them be satisfied with life.
05:29 Apr 10, 2014
The Book of Enoch was written by the Prophet Enoch and contains much of his life and of the events of early religious history even of Adams journeys..
08:34 Mar 30, 2014
Little children are too precious to be raised in a home full of anger, pain, and fighting or by a single parent. We will make mistakes in life and do dumb things that hinder our growth. When we know we are wrong be smart enough to admit it and c
05:12 Mar 13, 2014

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