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The Bible is a Book that tells of the dealings of God with his children on earth. Not every story of his dealing is contained in the Bible and much was with held for various reasons.
45 hours ago
I have come to the realization that no government can or will be able to give man (people) the necessary information to help them be satisfied with life.
05:29 Apr 10, 2014
The Book of Enoch was written by the Prophet Enoch and contains much of his life and of the events of early religious history even of Adams journeys..
08:34 Mar 30, 2014
Little children are too precious to be raised in a home full of anger, pain, and fighting or by a single parent. We will make mistakes in life and do dumb things that hinder our growth. When we know we are wrong be smart enough to admit it and c
05:12 Mar 13, 2014
John F. Kennedy told America, 'Ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country.' In reality he was saying a nation that requires no sacrifice from its people is a nation doomed for eventual failure.
11:12 Mar 8, 2014
Dwight points out Al Gore's new vocation as a super environmental salesman, adept at siphoning money out of the wallets of the global warming faithful.
12:43 Mar 3, 2014
The government called it a trust Fund. Our Elected Legislators saw this bundle of money in the peoples system and the temptation was too great, and they allowed this money be used to support their causes.
15:13 Mar 2, 2014
A theory is defined as a plausible or acceptable explanation, a judgment or opinion about any given subject, meaning it is not absolute truth.
11:49 Feb 12, 2014
How can we re-generate the love of God and country, if we have lost sight of why we are free? Only in a free society can Christianity flourish and grow. People flock to this nation not just to make money but to receive, or gain freedom
11:57 Jan 20, 2014
Who is in God's Hall of Fame? It is unfortunate that Television polarization of heroes and villains and makes it clear even to the youngest of fans how to be good heroes or bad ones....
11:52 Jan 14, 2014
Model and Talent Manager Bruce Edwin of Starpower Management reports here on The Top 10 Hottest New Faces of Our Time in the world of modeling in this story from The Hollywood Sentinel, featuring the first girl in the countdown.
03:30 Jan 10, 2014
Men must be free individually or collectively to make their own choices, no matter how bad, because this is the law of Liberty.
09:50 Jan 8, 2014
Ryan Ferguson, convicted of second-degree murder and first-degree robbery in 2005 for the death of Tribune sports editor Kent Heitholt, has been granted a writ of habeas corpus because the state violated federal law by withholding material
19:35 Nov 5, 2013
The laws of God are irrevocable and we cannot nor will we receive his blessings when we break his commandments and ignore His will.
06:14 Oct 20, 2013
There is no outward sign of true courtesy that does not rest upon a moral foundationů---Norman Vincent Peale
17:31 Oct 14, 2013
Political correctness is dominating in our society and freedom of speech is under attack. People are being condemned for a remark made years before there was political correctness.
18:34 Oct 7, 2013
In our society we have lost the vision of the farmer's simple equation 'if it looks like a duck, it if walks like a duck, if it quacks like a duck, it must be a duck.' If it looks like a liberal, walks like a liberal, if it talks like a liberal
18:13 Sep 19, 2013
Any man who thinks he can be happy and prosperous by letting the American Government take care of him better take a closer look at the American Indian.
16:58 Sep 11, 2013
Kent Heitholt is bashed to death in a red pond of blood beside his car in a parking lot. At 2:26 a.m., he is found less than sixty feet from the door, victim of an apparent blunt-impact head injury.
20:17 Sep 4, 2013
Ryan's life whittles down to what transpired during eighteen minutes in the early morning hours the day after Halloween in 2001. Since 2004, he has been robbed of his life and family by the criminal justice system.
05:39 Aug 30, 2013

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