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Kentucky Republican Mitch McConnell is to head to the US Senate for a sixth time, after trouncing his Democratic opponent, Allison Lundergan Grimes.
19:39 Nov 4, 2014
Heart of a Champion: Story of When Bad Blood Flows From Old Wounds
13:23 Aug 15, 2014
Michael Markman reviews Sleeper Agent's new Album, About Last Night. It also includes their next upcoming tour date...
13:25 Apr 20, 2014
Only five areas in the country will be receiving the designation of Promise Zone [Slush Fund]. What the White House didn't say is 'Promise Zones' are relegated to just five areas of the country.
18:30 Jan 15, 2014
Producer and Talent manager Bruce Edwin of Starpower Management gives free advice here to an aspiring actor on what to do when he first arrives to Hollywood.
14:21 Jan 11, 2014
The Obama administration said, 'it wouldn't release any data on how many people enrolled Tuesday for the embattled healthcare reform program,' but early indications show it consisted of crickets and sage brush.
05:00 Oct 4, 2013
Authors Selah Janel and S.H. Roddey announce their new book has been newly released as an eBook. It comes out in paperback next!
06:27 Aug 3, 2013
The Hollywood Sentinel discusses renowned acting coach Coral Rose, of Screen Actors Academy.
19:12 Jun 13, 2013
Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and 'Your-Name-Goes-Here.' Who will the world embrace next? One thing is for certain, there's a very strong chance it's one of these social decision making apps: Thumb, Se
20:15 May 10, 2013
Movie Mogul Shawn A. Sequeira of SAS Movies Gets Iron Man Tribute, as told in this story here by The Hollywood Sentinel.
17:05 Dec 15, 2012
Christian movie studio owner Shawn A. Sequeira battled the major studios for turf- now, he is doing things his own way- in Kentucky.
12:22 Oct 18, 2012
Friday's tornado outbreak included more tornadoes in one day than typically occur over the entire month of March in the United States.
09:14 Mar 5, 2012
Heavy Rain Traps Kentucky Miners 'Over 4 inches of rain hit Middlesboro, KY overnight...'
13:51 Jun 20, 2011
Humana, based in Louisville, Ky., is one of the largest U.S. health insurers and second largest provider of privately run Medicare health plans. It has the highest exposure to Medicare among the major national managed care businesses.
05:31 Oct 4, 2010
Not everybody fits in with today's Washington D. C. tax-and-spend policy, and aren't we glad.
10:14 Mar 2, 2010
However, the real story here isn't the fact that Bunning is blocking the bill because he doesn't want the cost to add to our deficit. Bunning, the lone purveyor of obstruction to this bill, reportedly complained that the big bad Democrats ambush
09:19 Feb 26, 2010
Iraqi Army Soldiers help assemble a wheelchair during a combined humanitarian mission, in the town of Salman Pak, Iraq, 25 miles southeast of Baghdad, with US Paratroopers
14:42 Oct 17, 2009
The Camp Lejeune-based 24th Marine Expeditionary Unit is currently conducting their Realistic Urban Training Exercise in communities of northern Kentucky and southern Indiana.
10:55 Sep 30, 2009
Marines from the Camp Lejeune-based 24th Marine Expeditionary Unit will be using pre-designated landing zones in civilian areas throughout southern Indiana and northern Kentucky from Sept. 24 - Sept. 29.
06:58 Sep 19, 2009
It is quite obvious; Pitino ignored his own good word when the married, father of five had a little tryst with Karen Cunagin Sypher in a restaurant.
14:11 Aug 15, 2009

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