Widespread Irregularites Marred Nicaraguan Elections

Today, the United States of America says the recent Nicaraguan municipal elections are marred with irregularities and lacked transparency.

In her remarks at Washington DC, US Department Spokesperson Victoria Nuland says the November 4 elections are marred with widespread complaints about the partisan manner in which Nicaragua’s Supreme Electoral Council managed the process in the run-up to and on Election Day to the advantage of the ruling party.

“Irregularities observed on election day included citizens being denied the right to vote, a failure to respect the secrecy of citizens’ votes, and reported cases of voters being allowed to vote multiple times.” -Ms. Nuland

US Marines with the captured flag of Augusto Cesar Sandino, Nicaragua, 1932.

She adds that the disturbing practices have marred multiple recent Nicaraguan elections.

The United States urges the Government of Nicaragua to implement the recommendations the European Union and Organization of American States electoral observation missions made following the controversial 2011 national elections.

In addition, Nicaragua is encouraged to uphold its commitment to representative democracy under the OAS Charter and the Inter-American Democratic Charter.

Reports say majority of total votes cast were for the ruling Sandinista National Liberation Front. The party was reportedly accused of voter fraud in the 2008 municipal elections.

US has supported Nicaragua in the consolidation of the democratic process in Nicaragua with the 1990 election. U.S. assistance to Nicaragua include strengthening democratic institutions and combating transborder crimes.

The United States has provided over $1.2 billion in assistance to Nicaragua since 1990.

Mina Fabulous
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