US Lauds Brazil’s Incredible Rise From Military Government to Democracy

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton today met Brazilian Foreign Minister Antonio de Aguiar Patriota. Ms. Clinton commended Brazil’s incredible rise from an illegitimate military government to a thriving, prosperous democracy.

“And as I think both of our teams from the U.S. and the Brazilian side know, our countries have walked a long, difficult road together. We’ve worked hard to build societies that respect the rights of minorities that believe in free and fair elections, human rights, the rule of law, social inclusion; and the entire hemisphere.”-Ms. Clinton

Ms. Clinton said the United States look to Brazil as a model for what is possible, not just throughout the hemisphere but also in the global context.

According to Ms. Clinton, US and Brazil work as partners as the western hemisphere’s two largest democracies and its two largest economies. She stressed that both countries had discussed a full range of bilateral and multilateral issues.

“Our Global Partnership Dialogue, which our two presidents endorsed during President Obama’s very successful visit to Brazil, provides a framework to bring together many existing dialogues and initiatives and adding new ones that are responsive to the needs and aspirations of us both. And we have seen progress already.”-Ms. Clinton

Ms. Clinton underscored that both countries are addressing challenging issues through their Economic Partnership Dialogue issues for collaboration like energy, food security, development assistance in third countries.

Ms. Clinton commended Brazil as the global donor to many of the important funds and efforts for curbing poverty, hunger, and suffering.

According to Ms. Clinton, both countries are collaboarting on biofuels. She shared that the launch of their initiative on aviation biofuels in Brazil in March was a significant step.

“As we expand our relationships, we’re focused particularly on our people-to-people exchanges and commitments. We know that President Rousseff’s wonderful commitment to lifting up the educational attainment of the Brazilian youth is one that we’re strongly in support of, and increasing the number of students and educators who go back and forth between our two countries is one of our highest priorities.”-Ms. Clinton

Ms. Clinton stated that both countries are looking on every front for work as partners and strengthen their great commitment to their cooperative relationship.

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