Is Brazil a Rising Power in The 21st Century?

Brazil is not just a rising power, but a diverse, vibrant, and democratic rising power. Brazil is an essential player in a world in which shared global challenges are met with more resilient twenty-first century partnerships.

On his visit to Rio de Janiero in Brazil, Deputy Secretary William J. Burns today said said Brazil matters enormously in the world of the twenty-first century.

“For Brazil is a society that has not just embraced democracy, but draws on and celebrates its diversity as a source of strength, a tool for overcoming inequality and expanding opportunity.” – Mr. Burns

Brazil’s economy has brought millions out of poverty and into the middle class while creating world-class innovators and companies.

“Brazil is a success story and an example that can inspire solutions elsewhere.” – Mr. Burns

Brazil officially became the sixth-largest global economy just recently.

Mr. Burns ays Brazil’s success is a testament to unique and enduring strengths which are the shared commitment of some remarkable Brazilian presidents to inclusive growth, a commitment that is deeper than ever under President Rousseff today.

Brazil has young and dynamic population, with nearly two thirds under age 29.

“Innovative social policies that have spread opportunity. And above all, the tens of millions of Brazilians who have seized those opportunities to bring themselves out of poverty.”-Mr. Burns

Mr. Burns commends Brazil’s centrality to twenty-first century energy markets – a boon to energy security, stability, and sustainability.

Energy experts say pre-salt oil deposits in Brazil could make Brazil “the powerhouse of Latin American oil” and a major exporter to the United States.

Mr. Burns cites Brazil also recognizes that twenty-first century prosperity must be built on the knowledge, creativity, and innovation of its people.

He stresses Brazil’s achievements hold long-term significance not just for Brazilians, but also for the United States and the rest of the world.

He says as Brazil’s remarkable growth continues, it offers new possibilities for the U.S.-Brazil partnership – through trade, through investment in both directions.

“We are committed to sharing U.S. expertise and investment as Brazilian companies take the lead, ready to partner with Brazil to build a world-class energy sector.”-Mr. Burns

In Brazil, Mr. Burns pledged that the United States is Brazil’s natural partner as it work to drive twenty-first century innovation by building ties between their people, their companies, their universities, and their governments.

Mr. Burns underlines that from the earliest days of the Obama Administration, building deeper and more comprehensive partnerships with emerging powers like Brazil has been a very high priority for the United States.

Both countries presidents last year finalized agreements on open skies, on trade and economic cooperation, and on space cooperation.

Mr. Burns states that the United States look to Brazil for leadership in developing clean-energy technologies.

Both countries have the deepest biofuels cooperation in the world.

Both countries are working together on biofuels for aviation, and developing the biofuels capacities of Honduras, El Salvador, Senegal, and Guatemala.

Mr. Burns notes that Brazil pioneered using alternative energy sources in vehicles, and has one of the cleanest energy supplies in the world, with 45 percent from renewables.

“By embracing clean energy, Brazil is building its prosperity to last.”-Mr. Burns

He emphasizes nations like the United States and Brazil do not simply compete.

“We make things together, we innovate together, we advance together.” -Mr. Burns

He further says the succeaa of the United States will depend on embracing complementarities with innovative, dynamic partners. And Brazil can and should be at the top of that list.

Mina Fabulous
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