Zionist Spy ‘CAIR’ Pretends to Be Pro-America in DC

Ibrahim Hooper for CAIR (Council on American Islamic Relations), speaking on behalf “an estimated 500 Libyan-Americans in the greater Washington, D.C., area:”

Community activists will also outline ongoing efforts to create a military no-fly zone and naval exclusion area that would protect civilian protesters seeking the removal of Libya’s dictatorial regime.

It is indeed imperative, according to CAIR, “to lobby Congress to support a no-fly zone covering that North African nation.”

I would urge those concerned to learn from the Israeli experience. We have all became accustomed to the buzz-words “Siege” and “Blockade” which immediately invoke the image of the Freedom Flotilla and the Turkish Mavi Marmara carrying terrorists, mercenaries and expired, unwanted and unusable “humanitarian aid” to the Gazans.

For the Council on American-Islamic Relations to promote a siege and blockade of a sovereign Arab country is dangerous and the United States should be very wary when Arabs (even those calling themselves “Arab-Americans”) call for action against an Arab nation.

What is so dangerous in this situation?

America’s Zionist advance force, the occupier of Muslim lands, has already done exactly that, instituting a no-fly zone and naval exclusion area around a tiny piece of land called Gaza. Gaza is an area of 360 square kilometers (approximately twice the size of Washington, DC). Libya is almost 1.8m sq km, almost five thousand times the size of Gaza.

Thus, while the Small Devil exercises the might of Goliath against the powerless victims (the “Palestinians”), CAIR is calling the Large Devil, SATAN HIMSELF, to do the same over Libya. Is anyone surprised that Col. Muammar Gaddafi says that foreign, Western elements are stirring trouble in his Arab nation?

In Gaza the blockade and siege were instituted in an attempt to prevent vessels full of missiles from off loading their wares, along with Iranian explosive, biological warfare and military experts to Gaza, and from having vessels used as weapons against critical infrastructure in Israel.

Sounds logical, but supposedly the Zionist Colonialists turned it into a means of making Gaza a Ghetto, thirsting the poor Palestinians, preventing passage and mostly not allowing the International Red Cross even a visit to a single kidnapped soldier named Gilad Shalit. All along, weaponry, suitcases with millions in cash and commodities of all types (from gasoline to cement) passed from the Sinai Peninsula to Gaza without any interruption, creating a multi-billion-dollar flourishing industry.

If only the Israelis had relaxed the blockade and siege, then people could travel freely, students could go abroad to study, and all these corrupt officials, primarily on the Israeli side, would have ceased to exist, bringing peace and tranquility to this region. At least that was the theory espoused.

Imagine that now CAIR is calling for Israel’s main benefactor and protector, no other than Satan in disguise, headed by a former Muslim-turned Christian, to do the same against a major Arab country. Have they completely lost their mind? Next they will call on the United Nations to bombard Iran because it is endangering World Peace?!? Can you imagine?

It is not only an issue of the dangers posed by American Colonialism-Imperialism attempting to conquer more land, enslave more people, steal more oil and diamonds, chemicals and other metals that may be found inside Mother Earth. It has to do with honor of the Arab World standing on its two feet against the brutality, insults, arrogance and expansionism of the USA.

Evidently, during the last two months, the world has witnessed a reshaping of the Middle East, an earthquake of a magnitude never before experienced, a tsunami threatening the entire world. CAIR is likely nothing other than a Zionist-Mossad spy in DC, pretending to be pro-America, pro-West, concerned about Freedoms and Democracy. Their real intentions: Conquer more lands, expand the influence, take over Libya and later all neighboring countries.

CAIR a Zionist Agent at work in Washington, DC.

Imagine the Arab world waking up-sooner rather than later-to the realization that someone was orchestrating these “benign” uprisings, the “youth revolts,” the demonstrations in Tahrir Square and elsewhere.

Imagine these were all American assets instigating and orchestrating, carrying out their evil intentions under the guise of “doing good.” It is not beyond one’s imagination, for it has long been a strategy used by the evil Zionists. They even created a (well documented) special unit in their Zionist Occupation Military to carry out such a mission, designed to murder as many harmless Arabs, so many faceless victims.

What will happen then? The wrath of the Arab world, over a billion Muslims, will turn against the real SATAN, the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. Then we will discover the real face of CAIR, CIA assets masquerading as those concerned for the wellbeing of the Muslims around the world.

CAIR must be revealed for what it really is. They “care” not for the Libyans. They definitely do not care about the Egyptians or Tunisians, or Yemenites or Saudis. [Actually, they care about the Saudis who sponsor their activities by funneling hundreds of millions of dollars every year to everything-Wahabism in America.]

The Great Islamic Nation will soon be revealed. Then the Zionists and their cohorts, Saudi Arabia and the Fatah (Palestinian Authority), America and CAIR, will all be exposed and receive their due punishment. They must disappear, for the earth must be clean again, ridded of vermin, pigs and apes and all other malfeasance.

Just think of the audacity: the Council on American-Islamic Relations calling on the Zionist-Agent Americans to place a naval and air blockade against a sovereign Arab nation. The thought, the Chutzpa, the nerve. Time to teach them all a lesson they will never forget!

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