War of Biblical Proportions

If we lived in a different era, a long pole would have been erected, my body hanging there, or a large pile of wood I am tied to set on fire – my body burned alive at the stake. But in the second decade of this Post-Enlightenment 21st Century, everything seems permissible. The less sense the pronunciations make, the more widely repeated and accepted they become.

Let us view some of the claims we hear repeatedly.

Tolerance? Acceptance? Reason? Logic? Expect none, as we will not find any.

If the Holocaust never happened, and the systematic attempt to exterminate the Jewish people is not truth, one must wonder how can Israel be accused of Nazi-like behavior toward the Palestinians?

Other than an inherent contradiction, how can one explain that still today there are survivors with numbers tattooed on their left arms? Worry not: Time will take care of this nuisance irritation.

Add to that sufficient documentation by the Nazis themselves, and one is left with a question – why would they so meticulously document things that never happened? Were they, too, masters of deception, and if so, what was the purpose?

If the Bible is just a later-era (circa 16th Century) creation, and there were no “Jews” in the Land of Israel, then the Christians blaming the Jews for the murder of Jesus Christ is not justified – the anger should be directed at the local inhabitants of Canaan, the Canaanites (or today’s “Palestinians,” the “indigenous” inhabitants of the land).

Further, let us accept for the sake of this discussion, that the Jews have no claim on Jerusalem, that the walls of Solomon’s Temple are just Roman fortifications and the lineage of Jewish Kings never ruled the Land of Israel. Then Colonialist Zionism, a modern-era invention of the past century and a half, goes much deeper into the fabric of history than was previously thought – all a figment of the Imperialist Zionists used to justify stealing a land not theirs.

While Jerusalem is never mentioned even once in the Quran, in the Old Testament Jews were lamenting some imaginative traumatic events-the so-called destruction of the First and Second Temples-praying each year “For Next Year in Jerusalem,” building all their synagogues to face East-toward Zion Jerusalem-and even constructing all Jewish cemeteries around the world in the same manner. This is done so that at the time of the awakening of the dead, when the Messiah comes, all will rise toward Jerusalem. Interesting indeed how much time a people dedicate to a place they have no part in or have never lived.

We discover how deep and wide the evil reach of the Jews-Colonialists-Zionists; their presence but a scheme to steal from the Muslims. Not only have they imagined the Holocaust; they also have conjured up a Bible to support these absurd claims. They must be an incredibly creative people.

Is the Bible an historical account of events that actually took place, or was it created for some specific reason? The Muslim Palestinians see nothing wrong with over-analyzing the Jewish Bible, dissecting it to the very being of the God of the Hebrews, and coming up with obscure, outrageous and revolting conclusions, all supporting their claim: The Jewish People have nothing to do with the Land of Israel.

If it were not so outrageous, one would laugh at a small pitfall: To discredit the Bible means nothing short of blasphemy against the very foundation of Islam, for Abraham was not only Isaac’s father, he was also Ishmael’s father.

Imagine if one were attempting to do the same with the Quran, not for geo-political reasons, but for a much more tame purpose, such as academic research. We would not have to imagine hangings, stonings, beheadings, torture and burnings at the stake: All still take place in real time in today’s world. We may even be subjected to them, if the Islamists who are focused on deconstructing the Judeo-Christian basis were to turn their attention to us.

At the same time, Muslims feel compelled to exercise exactly what they threaten against-blasphemy. All is permissible when it comes to Muslims, particularly those of the Palestinian persuasion.

Each week the Jewish people read a portion from the Torah (Pentateuch, the first five books of the Bible). It is a cycle that takes exactly one year to accomplish, at the end of which it starts again.

The Torah was written to be cyclical, never-ending: The very first letter in it is “B” (“At the beginning God created the skies and the land”…) and the very last letter is “L” (“And for all the strong hand and for all the great sight that Moses performed in front of all Israel”), and as we finish Deuteronomy and immediately recommence Genesis, we have formed “HEART” (“LB” or in Hebrew “lev”). There are many of these amazing incidents in the Torah.

This is the time of year we read the story of Exodus, the defining moment in Jewish life. God’s amazing deliverance of the Israelites from Egyptian slavery to freedom in His land, bequeathed for all time, remains from Egyptian time to the present with the same magnitude, undiminished.

One may debate who the “Palestinians” really are, their claim to the Land of Israel and how they are tied to those “stories,” when they did not even exist (save in their own minds and recent narrative) even thirty years ago. Every Jewish person, as far removed from religion and from observance, knows God’s ten plagues bestowed on the Egyptians, the Israelites wondering in the desert for forty years and their subsequent entry into the Promised Land.

A Jewish person does not look for “evidence” that the Biblical narrative fits reality, although one needs not look far to find an abundance of archeological evidence to support the stories presented in the Bible.

This clearly poses a problem, as the attempt is to strip the Jewish people from any connection to their land. What is one to do in order to achieve this goal?

First, to every extent possible, destroy evidence. The Muslim Waqf did just that when they removed unceremoniously hundreds of truckloads of artifacts from the Temple Mount. Israel stood silent as the Muslims raped the historical remains and dumped the shivering body of treasures by the thousands in a ravine.

This was not sufficient, so now a systematic attempt has been created to malign the Biblical narrative. The work of Israeli and other “scholars” is presented as evidence to separate the “Zionists” from the “Land of Israel,” “Jews” from “Israelites.” Jewish history is being carefully rewritten to coincide with the Muslim agenda.

Allow me to return to Exodus, the attempt of Moses to have Pharaoh release his people, and Pharaoh’s steadfast refusal despite the plagues brought on all the people of Egypt. At the end of the tenth plague, the Israelites remained unhurt, but the Egyptians could bear it no more. Pharaoh allowed the Israelites to leave, to go worship their God, and then engaged in a pursuit of the “escaping slaves.”

The former slaves, separated by a column of fire and a column of cloud from the Egyptian army, the mightiest military of the time, reached the Red Sea. They do not know how to swim, so they stand and know not what to do. They complain to Moses for having brought them out of slavery to die one of two brutal deaths – drown or be killed by the Egyptian army. “Are there not enough graves in Egypt,” they ask, “that you (Moses) brought us out to die in the desert?”


Moses lifts his cane and parts the sea in two. The Israelites march along the dry soil bed in the middle, while two walls of raging water tower on their right and their left.

In their wake are the Egyptians, all of the horses of Pharaoh, their chariots and riders, the totality of Egyptian cavalries. As the day is about to break, Moses at the command of God tilts his cane and the water covers all of the Egyptian cavalries, not one remains.

Not only did a tremendous number of slaves escape from Egypt, but a Pharaoh also drowned along with his people, thus he could not be mummified and united with the chain of Pharaohs. Continuity had been broken and the Egyptians were forced to deal with these major blows.

For the Israelites, this story is the pivotal cornerstone of both the Bible and their very being, as it is retold and told again and again throughout the year, each year, to the end of time. Ask every Jewish boy or girl, and they will recount the story, whether they are brought up in an Orthodox home or completely secular.

The very same story is backed by recordings at the Valley of Kings in Egypt, depicting the parting of the sea, the dead soldiers and deliberating the issue of the missing body of the Pharaoh.

Does historical evidence really matter? It would not add to the conviction of every Jewish person, since it is inherent in one’s DNA. It would not matter to Israel modern deniers, led by the Muslim Palestinians and other anti-Semites motivated by hatred and the false vision of control and glory.

Nothing that one would say could sway them from the path of lies and deceit they follow. Except that the evidence is there, in plain view, and will remain so unless destroyed-as the Muslims so carelessly often do. In the meantime, it supports those stories, the history of the Israelis from antiquity to modernity.

We live in an era of a clash of civilizations: Those stuck in a sixth century course of events, whose only wish is to establish the global Islamic caliphate, battle against the People of the Book-Jews and Christians who believe in God the Almighty. The latter have survived over the millennia and will be dissuaded from their belief neither by lies nor by deceit.

The attempt to overthrow the Bible and replace it with a new narrative is not only sacrilegious; it is a declaration of war, one of Biblical proportions.

In the series “Postcards from Israel,” Ari Bussel and Norma Zager invite readers throughout the world to join them as they present reports from Israel as seen by two sets of eyes: Bussel’s on the ground, Zager’s counter-point from home. Israel and the United States are inter-related – the two countries we hold dearest to our hearts – and so is this “point – counter-point” presentation that has, since 2008, become part of our lives.