The Sacrifice of Israel

“And they came to the place which God had told him of; and Abraham built the altar there, and laid the wood in order, and bound Isaac his son, and laid him on the altar, upon the wood.”* Genesis XXII:9

“And Abraham stretched forth his hand, and took the knife to slay his son.” * Genesis XXII:10

And God tried Abraham and told him to take his son, his only one, whom he loved, Isaac, to sacrifice him as an offering. Today, like in the times of Abraham, the Jews are called to make a sacrifice of the thing they hold dearest to their hearts and minds, that which defines their whole and complete being.

The Jews are called to sacrifice their State, Israel, on the altar of the “Two State Solution” as an offering to the Palestinians who want nothing but their destruction.

Before I am stoned for blasphemy, I ask for your indulgence. If I do not make my case clearly, then proceed, title me as you like, avoid my future writings, omit me from within your midst, make me an outcast. But if what I say finds an ear, I urge you to reassess, for the only way for us to survive would be to change course, to return to the paradigm in which there is no Palestinian narrative.

We, the Jewish people throughout the Diaspora, once had a dream. We craved to have our own State of Israel. We wanted to see the Temple that was twice destroyed rebuilt in our lifetime. The return to the country of our forefathers was part of our very being. Every holiday we ask to be blessed “for next year, in Jerusalem.” Every prayer we say, we face toward Jerusalem. Even in our deaths, we are buried facing Jerusalem.

This vision of rebirth had materialized in our lifetime, that of our parents and grandparents. In 1948, we once again had a state in the Land of Israel. Some say that our enemies, who were set at destroying us, understood after the 1948, 1956, 1967 and 1973 wars they could not defeat us militarily. They chose another path by which to achieve the same result.

It was Arafat who turned from a terrorist to a “Statesman.” He did not really change at all, remaining the terrorist to his very death. Yet he crafted a new narrative, and did not hide what he was doing. He created a notion of a state, that of a Palestine that belonged not to the Jews but to Amalek. He admitted his people had no roots in the Land of Israel, and hated everything that smelled or breathed a Jew, but this creation would serve his purpose.

Arafat, cleverly and skillfully borrowed Israel’s narrative and made it his own. With his famous, twisted smile, he grabbed and made unholy everything he touched. Arafat managed to change our mindset. He talked in his broken English in one manner to the Western World, but he told the truth in Arabic to his constituents and followers.

The world knew but preferred to listen to the melody, so sweet of fake honey. Logic, reason and history played no part, no one was looking for accuracy, so entangled we became in the web of lies and deceit. If it were only the world, but Israel, too, fell into the trap.

The narrative of an ancient people, with a history and suffering, who were singled out by the nations of the world and earmarked to suffer for their Sin of Crucifixion, and doomed to be outsiders in whatever community they resided, assumed a new inhabitant. Here too, Christianity will play a role, although as the persecuted minority in Muslim lands.

In the leading role was Arafat’s new creation of the Palestinian People craving for statehood with national aspirations to return to “their” holy land. Even the Jewish “Right of Return” was used – it is the right of every Palestinian refugee (notice how the name now assumed capitalization) to go back to his and her land, to the homes they were forced to leave behind. An industry developed, manufacturing keys to homes that never were. Ten of thousands of employees in a huge bureaucracy are employed and waste billions to perpetuate the myth of eternal refugees.

At some stage Jerusalem, the very essence and craving of every Jew, was stolen from the Jewish People. Does anyone care those in charge of the Holy Places in Islam never visited Jerusalem, not even once? Does it really make a difference if Jerusalem is not mentioned in the Holy Book of the Muslims-not even once?

A savage would tear open the chest cavity of a wounded captive and with his bear hands pull out the trembling heart, waving it for his comrades and followers to see. The hands will be dripping of blood, and the person would be roaring with joy. Arafat did exactly that with the very heart of Jewish existence, taking ownership of a new-ancient capital called Jerusalem.

If the description of tearing a body is not to the liking of Western ears, mind not. It is customary in the Middle East. In fact, these were the Muslim Palestinians who used to torture Christian Lebanese (and some times victims of their own religion) in the following manner: They would tie each limb of a person they suspected of treason or wanted to use as a lesson to a different horse or a different vehicle, pointing in four directions, to be torn off to the cheers of the crowd in the square. They then let the body that was left without four limbs lie there, bleeding to death, as a warning.

The Western media was sheltered from the scenes that were unsuitable for the delicate taste of Western audiences. This trick has worked well. On Tuesday, September 11th, 2001, the footage showing the Palestinians celebrating in the streets soon disappeared, the reporters and stations threatened. It simply did not fit the narrative of peace-loving (American-hating) people.

A year earlier, on October 12, 2000, two reservists soldiers were lynched in Ramallah. To the cheers and chants of the crowd, the men were beaten almost to death then thrown to the ground floor where the beating continued. Those doing the beating savagely waved bloodied hands in victory and cheered. The whole lynching was broadcast live to the world.

Mr. Riccardo Cristiano, the representative of the Italian state television that broadcasted the celebratory lynch, had to quickly withdraw the footage. He declared in a letter “he had acted according to the Palestinian Authority’s working rules for journalists.” His letter implied that he would never again film events liable to cast a negative light on the PA.

More recently, footage of Israeli elite commando unit who were lynched as they boarded the Mavi Marmara, a Turkish “humanitarian” mission to end the blockade on Gaza, was damaging to Turkey. Several pictures had to be doctored to remove knives from the hands of the “peace activists” holding them. A cast of doubt was placed over the footage so as to confuse the perpetrators and the victims.

The Palestinian Teflon Cover manages to protect it from any wrongdoing and deflect any criticism. Nothing sticks to it. Inside though, the Palestinian narrative is made of magical crazy glue. It holds so strong that the narrative became an inseparable part of our very own thinking.

There is a new buzzword by the pro-Israel crowd: Israel is being delegitimized. “We must change our thinking paradigm. We must first resolve the Palestinian issue,” experts tell us.

Imagine how strong is the hold on us. So strong in fact, that even in the face of an indisputable act of terror against the Jewish State, we cannot separate ourselves from the narrative. It is not “our right to exist and defend our selves.” It is also not the brutality and savagery of those who intended to inflict harm at any cost. Rather, “we must reach a solution as soon as possible.” Then, all our troubles will go away, gone with a flicker of a magic wand.

Imagine a home-invasion robbery. The robbers rape your daughter in front of your very eyes and butcher your son. Luckily a neighbor was suspicious and called the police. The police arrived in time to save your wife and you. Following the rescue, you were evacuated to a nearby hospital. The Media, though, blames you for all that happened and a new witch-hunt ensues, one in which the robbers are glorified as saints and your wife and you as the barbaric savages.

Alas, our enemies do not want peace. They want to destroy us. This is not the story of Abraham, willing to sacrifice his only son to God. Here our enemies who want our destruction managed to hypnotize us so skillfully that we bring our very essence, our heart which is still pumping blood, ensuring oxygen supply to the brain and to all the body parts, to be offered on the Altar of Evil to the Moon god.

There is nothing good in the Palestinian proposals. For those who doubt, take a few moments to read the Hamas Charter, look at any map of any Palestinian organization – Fatah, Hamas, and the plethora of other terrorist organizations – or open any textbook, view any TV series, listen to songs over the radio or the internet or visit the main squares or the school playgrounds.

The “Palestinians” are breathing and breeding hatred toward the Jews. There is only one solution, the Final Solution, and that is to exterminate the Jews wherever and everywhere they are.

So how is it that we, of our own doings, bring Israel to the Altar?

We are responsible for our actions. Despite the fact that we are hypnotized, we will not escape the results of our own doing. Arafat, the terrorist whose mantra was to kidnap the innocent in order to inflict fear and terror, who had no value to human life, managed the most successful hijacking in modern history.

A whole people as one now talk about Palestine, the Palestinian Capital of Jerusalem and their dream to return to their fatherland that must be rid of Jews.

Let there be no mistake, as we walk Israel to the Alter of Evil, we are not doing God’s work; we are perverting it. We are about to sacrifice God our Lord on this altar.

A change of narrative is needed – we must return to our own Holy Book, the Bible. Isaac lived a hundred and eighty years, and he died and was gathered to his people, old and full of days. In Genesis XXXI:27 we are told Isaac lived in “Mamre, Kiryat HaArba which is Hebron.” Hebron according to the Palestinian narrative is part of Occupied-Occupied lands by the brutal Zionists. But note: It is the same Hebron in our Judea and Samaria where our forefathers lived. These cannot be two sides of the same coin.

May Israel continue to thrive, strong and everlasting. May this period in our lives be remembered for all times as the test we overcame and in which we prevailed. May we know not to sacrifice all that is dear to us on a false Alter of Evil.

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