The Mad Hatter Is In The White House

I Want My White Hat Back

As an American, I grew up believing we were the good guys. Looking back into our history, we fought the wars of the righteous, we helped people who were oppressed and we fought to free the world from despots and evil dictators.

That no longer seems to be the case and I am seriously wondering when all that changed.

Do I have to go out and dig up John Wayne to do battle with evil?

Our warriors are being dispatched into retirement by our Commander-in-Chief faster than you can say “Jiminy Cricket” and it seems there is nobody up to the challenge now.

After seeing what has been going on over the past few years, nobody can assume that America is on the right side of history, because now it seems we are on the wrong side, and in many cases, we can’t even find the sides at all. So we sit on our hands and do nothing.

There is a famous saying by Edmund Burke that people love to quote and it goes like this: “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing” … you have probably heard it many times.

We saw recent ceasefire talks between Israel and Hamas that were held and brokered in Egypt, since our own Secretary of State botched the previous talks. How did John Kerry get that job?

The really sad thing is that Kerry wasn’t even invited to participate, or even watch, this time.

Wow! Can you believe that? America was not even part of the solution!

Does that mean America is now part of the problem?

When America does something wrong … and America isn’t perfect … its size and power exacerbate its foibles.

Wear The Hat Show Some Leadership
If you wear the Hat, at least, please try to show some leadership

In the past six years, we have watched, as step-by-step, the United States of America has turned its back on allies, ignored murder and genocide in numerous countries (think Sudan etc) and practically enabled the most evil Empire on earth to move quickly towards obtaining nuclear weapons capability.

I have been thinking that I must now be living in a parallel universe.

Am I dreaming or is this really happening?

Sadly, it really is is happening – things that didn’t seem possible before are now not only happening, but we are watching them happen in real-time, in slow motion, as though we have no control over them at all.

Iraq The Mess

After fighting a war in Iraq, in which we crippled ourselves with rules of engagement, we finally surged to a winning position. Then we shuffled the deckchairs and left Iraq to the devices of terrorists and Islamic extremists. There was no plan in place to protect what American servicemen and women fought and died to protect.

And just a few years ago, we all thought Saddam Hussein was a jerk!

Hell In The Desert

Syria has murdered close to 200,000 of its own people. Pakistan has taken billions in payoff money and thrown the US under the bus. Africa has even more wars going on and more health problems than ever before. Asia has seen so little of us they’ve forgotten who we are.

The United Nations, the organization that is supposed to be the voice of reason, where nations come together to talk, to do good, to calmly work out problems and help each other, is a total disaster and a joke in the world. The greatest despots run the UN Human Rights Commission while blithely destroying their own people and opponents. Strangely, America continues to host this corrupt, out-of-control, money-sucking behemoth and we support its pathetic sideshow to the tune of more than two billion dollars each year.

Americans are murdered, kidnapped, falsely imprisoned and no one says a peep.

Our politicians say our borders are secure, the protective fence is complete, the Border Patrol has everything under control, and they are aided by Homeland Security. But all of that is a lie. Our borders are wide open to anyone who feels like strolling over, at a time we have more enemies who seek our destruction than Colorado has pot plants.

What kind of sick dream am I caught up in? Stop the world, I want to get off!

Putin Is Laughing It Up

The happiest man on planet earth right now is Vladimir Putin, because it is free day for him. And America’s so-called leaders and the braintrusts at The State Department think they can stop Mother Russia with a slap on the wrist and a good dose of outrage?

Jews and Christians are being murdered all over the world, and to show how much he cares about that, our President hops on a plane so he can inhale clam chowder at Martha’s Vineyard and schmooze with a few celebrities.

When he isn’t flying, eating or schmoozing, he’s off playing golf or hoops. Its a tough job!

My hard drive disk is full, and now I don’t have enough room on my computer to list all the horrors going on in this world.

What the hell happened to America’s white hat? Did we give it away? Did it get painted black? Is it lost in space?

I am sure everyone in the civilized world would like to return to the recent past, when our biggest problem was Cuba harboring nukes. Back then a US president could pick up the phone to press Russia to back down, and it would work.

These days, nobody is answering the phone at the other end, and when we ignore the craziness going on things only get worse.

There have always been bad people around. We are not the only generation with problems. Hitler did not just burst on the scene to grab his 15-minutes of fame. He was voluntarily elected by the German people.

That is the scary thing about elections. Sometimes people elect a great man, sometimes a dunce or a milksop, and sometimes, a resident evil. It means that sometimes, people elect their own destroyer. It is a bit like a massive StayPuff Marshmallow man marching across the planet, crushing everything in his path. Right now he is squashing churches and synagogues in his wake.

The Palestinian people voted for Hamas, which they knew was a terrorist organization. Nobody forced them to do it, they did it freely, through a fair election, as far as we can tell. They had the choice of a more moderate government, but they made their choice, and it was Hamas. Now that choice has come back to bite them, and they and their supporters around the world are blaming everyone else for their foolish choice.

Location Of Israel

Many Jewish people probably wish Israel was located somewhere less dangerous, like Miami Beach? Maybe, but none of us gets to choose where our history will lead us.

I see people who condemn and ostracize Israel, and yet I would bet just about anything that these same anti-Semites are using medicines or technology to save and enhance their lives, that came from the Israel they are railing against.

If it all weren’t so tragic, it would be comical.

France used to be relatively stable, but in the past year alone, over 1,000 French Jews fled that country, to save their lives, and more are leaving daily. All the countries in Europe are more anti-Semitic now than Deutschland was before World War II. In Germany, we can see people marching in the streets, holding signs that say “Gas the Jews.”

It definitely wasn’t the good old days the last time we saw that.

As similar as it seems, this time it is different, even though the Pope sits in his ivory tower at the Vatican, ignoring the plight of Christians around the world. Not only is he the King of the Church, he is also the Cleopatra of Popes, the king of denial. He and his handlers have finally noticed there is a problem going on, and his predecessor did too. Maybe the Vatican and the Catholic church around the world should listen to the news to hear what is really going on.

In this debacle, Jews are not the only ones being threatened and murdered, Christians and other religious groups are, too.

The Holy Wars are running hot, as mankind marches back into the dark ages at warp speed.

I think there is a kind of oxymoron in that statement. Men have envisaged, designed and built the Hadron Collider, and are working on exploring time travel, but at the same time, primitive savage beasts are working hard to take over the world. How can these two things be happening in the same world, within the same era?

Where is the enlightened United States of America? where are the intellectuals, the people who supposedly care about the planet, who supposedly care about other people, who care about tolerance and peace? Why are the only marches on Washington organized by conservatives who see the people’s rights being trampled and the nation’s credibility and leadership being destroyed? Why are our Senators not rising up in unison against the war targeting the Judeo-Christian world? Can we no longer trust our elected representatives to stand up for what is right?

I am thoroughly shocked that there are people in this country who sympathize with evil, terrorism and terrorists because the terrorists are currently against the same thing they are – Israel.

Some Hollywood Elites have no concept of the fact that if the terrorists do manage to destroy Israel and its people, they are next on the hit list, because the terrorists do not see them as friends, rather as useful idiots who can weaken their enemy. These elites speak as though they are on some kind of righteous crusade to save humanity from the evil zionists.

What a joke.

Years ago Mel Gibson made racist and anti-Semitic remarks while drunk. He was ostracized and condemned. In Hollywood today, anti-Semitism is both very chic and acceptable, especially by self-hating Jews.

The definition of “normal” is “conforming to a standard, usual, typical or expected.” I don’t think we know what normal is anymore. I don’t know if normal still exists, but there seems to be a lot of abnormal.

The people of the world must choose sides. If they do not, they may be on their own if the abnormals win and come after them.

When decent people watch, as Christians and Yazidis are forced to escape to a mountaintop in Iraq, like a replay of Masada, and innocent children stand with guns keeping watch, we must recognize that something very serious is going on.

The United States of America used to be a leader and a problem solver. Now it is an impotent observer, an occasional band-aid fixer, but only when forced into action.

Now that our government has admitted that a bunch of savages caught us off guard, what does that say about our CIA and our all seeing, all listening, all analyzing NSA? Is our government hopelessly, terminally useless? Are the government, the CIA, the NSA and all our other important institutions being run by kindergarteners who are making it all up on the fly? It seems so!

Where are The Expendables when we need them?

Dropping food on a mountaintop after the bad guys have chased people out and killed and raped some of them is a humanitarian thing to do, but where were we when those people needed us? Sending in a few jets in after the terrorists have already taken root is a joke, but not a funny one.

I only hope that the American Eagle, who I understand is old and pretty worn out by now, can fly again.

Without him soaring over the world and fighting evil, good people will have nowhere left to run.

Norma Zager is a Jewish woman who lives in the USA.

In the series “Postcards from Israel,” Ari Bussel and Norma Zager invite readers throughout the world to join them as they present reports from Israel as seen by two sets of eyes: Bussel’s on the ground, Zager’s counterpoint from home.

Israel and the United States are interrelated – the two countries we hold dearest to our hearts – and so is this “point – counterpoint” presentation that has, since 2008, become part of our lives.