The Impending War

I can feel the war with my fingertips. Quite how bad will it be I do not know; only time will tell. The approaching day of reckoning is upon us; the build-up is almost complete. Following, there will be peace that will last many generations. To achieve such peace however, a fatal blow must be dealt.

The players will align themselves; preliminary moves have already begun. Iran, Russia and China may be one block, although this may change in time. Israel, the USA and Europe will inevitably be the other, although not as much a coalition of willing participants. The hatred toward the West is simply too large, too engrained in modern culture and psyche.

Possibly I am completely wrong-not about the inevitability of war looming over the very near horizon, but about these shifting alliances. Ultimately, it matters not. As the volcano erupts with Israel at its center, ashes will spew the world over. From the Straits of Hormuz, civilization as we know it will be dealt a blow that would bring us to a grinding halt, at a time our economies are not as stable: from Greece, awaiting the bailout it demands, to one in five unemployed in Spain, and the USA with one in ten unemployed.

Why even think about war in the Spring of 2010, on the eve of President Ajmadinejad’s visit to New York? Is anyone planning to blow up his plane as a declaration of war on the Islamic Republic of Iran? Will Israel strike despite the American Administration doing everything in its power to prevent such a move?

The war will not happen because of any action by Israel or preventive measures by the USA. The world is slowly capitulating to Iran’s thirst for more power and increasing spheres of influence, the Iranians’ unrelenting terrorism. The American President holds a nuclear summit, the largest in scope ever, but it is interesting to see who rushes to Iran’s summit a week later. Much like in an election time, we can all feel Iran’s power, a victor’s energy and magnetic pull. The world is attracted to tomorrow’s ruler, for everyone needs to take care of one’s own interests first.

The world prepares. A seemingly local struggle between the Palestinians and Israelis on a tiny piece of land will not be the cause of the next World War. Simply put, it is the last standing wall preventing the Iranian sphere of influence from engulfing the world. For this reason it bothers the Iranian regime. Weaken Israel, make it disappear off the face of this earth, and the future of the Shiite’s 12th Imam is guaranteed. Shariah Law will be established over a global caliphate, and there will be no one to stop the march.

Who really cares if the Palestinians were promised 97 or 98 percent of the land? And what if their true intentions are the destruction of the Jewish State? A flourishing, tiny piece of land along the Eastern shores of the Mediterranean Sea should have so much influence? There are no oil reserves there, there is very little water, the neighborhood is awash with centuries-old tribal mentality and there is little that Iran, or for that matter anyone else, can want-gold, diamonds, uranium, salt-what can be so dear in Israel that the world stops at nothing short of demonizing her, ordering her very existence illegitimate?

This is not a territorial dispute, as many have pointed out before. It has become clear to many this is the new crusade-the Islamists’ attempt at conquering the world. Yet, what is becoming so evident is lost on both Europe and the United States. In the latter, the President has forbidden the usage of “terror” in combination with “Muslims,” since Islam, he declared, is a most peaceful religion. While in the former, waves of Muslim domination slowly gather momentum and strength, washing over the body Europe even as it is being slaughtered, its beauty pale from loss of blood.

The Jews serve a purpose-to galvanize the world’s hatred toward a uniform target. Like concentrating the sun’s rays at a single point until fire erupts, the Palestinian “struggle” serves a singular purpose. If anyone thinks that either the Iranians or the Suni Muslims throughout Arab lands care even an iota about their “Palestinian” brethren, awake!

For decades, Palestinian “refugees” live and multiply throughout the Arab countries as second-class citizens, forbidden to intermingle or earn equal rights. The “Palestinians” came into being when Zionism settled in the Land of Israel and work was plentiful. They came to find work and earn a living, as the Zionists dried out the deadly swamps and made the desert bloom. They were attracted by the humane treatment and better conditions, the likes of which they never had in Arab lands. To-date they will secretly admit, they still receive better treatment in Israel than in any Arab country.

Their refugee status remains intact because none of their “brethren” wants them. Anyone looking at the Jewish analog will see that refugees from 1948 from Morocco, Iraq, Yemen, Libya, Egypt, Algeria and Tunisia, totaling hundreds of thousands, were assimilated into the Jewish State and today are indistinguishable from any other Israeli citizen. At the very same time, no one wants the Palestinians. In their eternal servitude, they probably fare best in the Jordanian Kingdom, once part of Greater Israel (Two States for Two People?).

Hitler also used the Jews as a galvanizing force. Setting a goal to eradicate the “Jewish problem” once and for all from the face of this earth and ensure no more human vermin infestations of Europe served his dream of returning Germany to former glory. It is not a coincidence that today similarities are drawn to the 1930’s. The same cartoons, the same hatred, identical incitement and similar rhetoric are all centered around Jews’ current manifestation as the Jewish State of Israel.

Thus, if the Israeli-Palestinian so-called “conflict” is not the issue, why can others not see the same agenda? Are the signs so obscure? Am I so mistaken? The campaign has been in the works for the past three decades. Feelings that were well disguised for seven decades are now resurfacing with new vigor and remain hidden no more. It is now perfectly acceptable to blame the Jews for all the ills of the world. It is now commonplace to ignore reality, facts or history and instead create one’s own fictional narrative of some anticipated world order on a fast track toward Armageddon.

The plan was incredibly sophisticated, the execution so successful, that even Israelis have fallen victim to the “vision of a Palestinian State” (living in peace side by side with Israel). What complete and utter nonsense-the Arabs themselves do not ascribe an ounce of credibility to such aspirations: Israel appears nowhere on their maps. Their Charters call for the imminent and utter destruction of the Jewish State. Can one call this peaceful coexistence?

Only one thing has changed. In the past Arabs spoke about “throwing the Jews into the Sea,” now they allow the Palestinians do their dirty work. The Arabs collectively probably do not hate Israel as much today. The Iranians, although, a superior race over the nomad Arab peasants, are a different story entirely. They effectively play the world against Israel, and their intentions are as clear as the sun at its mid-day zenith.

To aid and abate, many Post-Zionist Israelis have fallen victim to the very same sophisticated trap. Thus, while Israel needs to protect herself from a tsunami of anti-Semitism unseen for seventy years, and the magnitude of which will dwarf that of World War II, she has fallen victim to those from within herself. Members of the Academia, the Legal System, the Elite who instead of working together to ensure her survival are now catalysts for her downfall.

Why is the world sitting idle as the geopolitical map realigns itself into a new world order?

I see the impending war looming over the horizon, as I am asked repeatedly “Why do I focus on war?” This period in history will be studied in great detail, and a similar question will be asked some decades from now: “Why did humanity not realize a war was fast approaching?” I focus on the inevitable for we must recognize the dangers and try to prevent. We must rise now and prepare. We must act.

In the series “Postcards from Israel,” Ari Bussel and Norma Zager invite readers throughout the world to join them as they present reports from Israel as seen by two sets of eyes: Bussel’s on the ground, Zager’s counter-point from home. Israel and the United States are inter-related – the two countries we hold dearest to our hearts – and so is this “point – counter-point” presentation that has, since 2008, become part of our lives.