The Bully in the Playground of Nations

Even now, engaged in the heat of battle, we stand with our pants down and our checkbooks open to fund our enemies.

Ever witness a bully on the playground? Once caught, the teacher says, “Now apologize.” The bully balks at the request. “No, I don’t wanna.”

The teacher shoots a threatening stare at the bully and leaves no room for further refusals.

The bully grudgingly spits out a whispered “sorry.”

Was he, is he and will he ever be sorry?

No, no and another big no.

I witnessed this same behavior when President Obama recently met with Prime Minister Netanyahu at the White House.

President Obama looked as comfortable as that playground bully forced to offer an insincere apology for something he fully wanted and still wants to do. Beat up on Israel.

So why did the American President cave into pressure and pretend to be sorry for his actions?

On the bigger playground of life, it all comes down to one word: money.

To my surprise there are actually Jewish people, although not enough of them yet, who recognize they made a grave mistake believing Barak Obama would support Israel.

His actions toward the Jewish State have escalated into pure and distinct disgust and bullying. Even the most adoring of his Jewish fans are feeling guilty about the part they may be playing in the destruction of Israel.

Madoff aside, there are actually a few Jewish people who still have money. Actually, lots of money. Some of them are still Democrats, and after the behavior of President Obama toward Prime Minister Netanyahu at their previous little tete a tete, when the President rudely and arrogantly dissed the Prime Minister, some said a silent “Uh, oh. Oops, I think I may have been a bit stupid here.”

Yes, you were.

So now what? How can they undo the damage they did to Israel?

What weapons are at their disposal? It all comes down to the mighty dollar.

Here is how it all plays out.

Rich Jews get calls from Democrats running for their lives in an atmosphere when tar and feathers isn’t even enough punishment, and say to Jewish contributors: “Money please?”

Smart Jewish contributors say, “I didn’t give you money so you could insult and sell out the State of Israel! What’s up with that?”

Democrat answers, “It wasn’t me. I spoke up. Do you believe me, or your own lying eyes? I will fix this. Just write me a check and I promise when I am re-elected, I will fight for Israel.” Blah blah blah.

But Democrats have a real problem now. They like money, they need money, especially now when they are in such grave danger and have been exposed.

Big Jewish money laughs and hangs up on terrified Democrat. What to do now? Big problem here.

So scared little Dems run to White House and cry “wah, wah, wah. We need Jewish money. Make it all better.”

President Obama says, “Don’t worry, the Jews are stupid. We’ll get them back. We always have.”

Dems say, “No, not this time they are really angry. No money for ads and campaign. Wah Wah Wah. Oh Great Leader, fix it. Give us hope!”

President Obama says: “Not to worry. The Jews are especially gullible and pathetic. Watch and learn.”

So he sends out his token Jew, David Axelrod, to show his Hebraic face to the nation and send the message to his people: “I’m a Jew and I agree with the President. Would I sell out Israel?” Right, can you spell Judas?

So we watched the recent staged meeting between the President and Netanyahu and what did we see?

We saw a man angry and sour, furious because he had to pretend to make amends.

The President never smiled, was obviously acting under protest and the act didn’t go unnoticed by many Jews. Not all of course, since blindness still runs rampant among my people.

But still enough to hopefully prevent them from writing the checks and supporting politicians who sold Israel down the river.

Talk is cheap, campaigns are not.

Every dime will be needed this fall to save their collective, moronic butts.

Even the despised, albeit welcome, Jewish buck.

Will they get it?

I am certain the President thinks by avoiding all discussion of the Middle East, he can placate Zionists until after the election. Then, once again set out on his merry way, unencumbered toward his ultimate agenda. To bully Israel into giving up everything to terrorists who will ultimately destroy her.

Will some Jewish people still fork over the cash? Of course. Do Jews ever learn? Hardly ever. They are like that poor, miserable needy kid on the playground who thinks if he appeases the bully, there will be no more beatings.

How’s that working for us so far?

There is more hatred against Jews in the world today than ever before.

It has almost become part and parcel of every nation’s national policy to hate and destroy Israel and the Jews. It is a mandate at the United Nations, yet the United States still supports the UN despite its complicity in the murder of children and total corruption.

Did we ever think we would live to see this hatred manifested so overtly in the United States? No way. But I guess, like my mother says, everything comes out in the wash.

I understand the needs of those who must continue to defend the President’s policies. Failure to do so would be admitting they were hoodwinked and foolish. Most people do not readily admit their own folly. And although they constantly repeat the mantra “George Bush did it,” and I admit he was no angel either, they cannot say he was not a friend to Israel. Especially in light of what we are seeing now.

Israel is more than one’s foolish mistake. Within its borders is half the world’s surviving Jewry. If attacked and destroyed, or weakened beyond repair, so goes the United States.

This is not a Jewish thing. Israel is the last bastion between democracy and sanity in the Middle East and the complete takeover by the extremists who wish to end the world and create a new one under Islamic rule.

Even moderate Arab countries in the Middle East live in fear of Iran.

If my enemy’s enemy is indeed my friend, we shall see in our lifetime the alliance of Muslims and Jews against a common enemy.

I just never believed the United States would be on the wrong side of that conflict.

Did you? Remember what has gone before when you start writing those checks. You will be supporting what has become another bully against Israel on the playground of nations.

Politicians are a breed that has become mutated by its own evil. Keep feeding it and it will grow large enough to eat us all alive.

The collective soul of the Jewish people has been split, shattered and set adrift into the force of earth’s energy. Once a powerful wind for good, now only a mere breeze, unable to ward off the raging storm that will cast it into the abyss of destruction.

Our only hope is to bond together in unity to protect a good and powerful “light unto nations.”

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Norma Zager is a Jewish woman who lives in the USA.

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