Sacramento Christians United for Israel Hold ‘Night to Honor Israel’


2008 marks the 60th year of Israel’s independence and it is important to note that support for Israel is crucial and begins in the local community. Christians United for Israel (CUFI –, is a champion in the movement to bring awareness and garner support for Israel.

In an effort to localize a cause that was unfamiliar to so many Americans, CUFI holds Nights to Honor Israel events in various communities across the nation to discuss in an open-forum the importance of supporting Israel.

The next Night to Honor Israel will be held in Sacramento, California on March 13, 2008 at the Trinity Life Center: 5225 Hillsdale Blvd at 7PM.

As the premier Christian advocate for Israel, CUFI has been instrumental in bringing Jews and Christians together in order to foster social change. This significant event gives religious leaders the opportunity to talk with community members about their biblical and moral obligations to support Israel. Community members can ask questions, share thoughts and learn about the value of supporting Israel.

A leader in Christian Zionism and founder of CUFI, Pastor John Hagee will be the guest speaker at the event. These events have proven to be very successful and Sacramento’s Night to Honor Israel will be no exception.

To speak with Pastor Hagee or to attend this event, please contact Alison Crisci at (212) 584-4305 or . For more information please visit the

Christians United for Israel Web.

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