Israel’s Audacity of Being

My heart is aching. I am hurting. It feels like an elephant is standing on my chest, a belt tightening, or two hands gripping my neck forcefully. My lungs constrict, air is unable to pass through to the millions of nodes and from there to the brain. I am suffocating.

“Relax. Control yourself,” I tell my brain, but the feeling remains, choking me.

Inside my body, circulating in the blood, are trillions of tiny bubbles, all threatening to explode. The pressure has been building for some time, and there is no escape.

In the series “24,” the good guys always seem to escape at the very last minute, almost completely unharmed, miraculously recovering from the torture of the previous scene. In superhero movies, Superman or Batman always comes to the rescue. But in real life, we must count only on ourselves.

As I look at Israel, I feel the very same feeling of suffocation. How long will she continue sliding this slippery slope with nothing to hang to as she accelerates into the abyss?

Watching the Harry Potter movies, we know that good will prevail. This, however, does not stop us from cringing every time Harry, Hermione and Ron are in deathly peril, and from pronouncing a sigh of relief whenever the skies turn blue and we seem safe again.

To watch Israel, though, is a terrifying experience. Our body aches and yet we cannot make her understand her ways are at fault. It is like watching an anorexic son or daughter struggling to stay afloat. Even worse, it is watching a spouse or a parent suffering from an illness that is either not diagnosable or its cure as yet unknown.

American President Obama is determined to bring peace to the region. All he needs is the declaratory relief “I brought about the peace that has eluded all previous American Presidents!” That will elevate him to new heights, a feeling not yet felt.

Present Obama does not really need another Nobel Prize – he already won one although few understand for what achievement. The only triumph to-date is his pronunciation of “Change” and “Hope” for which he already won the White House and entry into the pages of history as the originator of the two words that have brought down the United State of America.

Similar to the Health Care reform, the President will stop at nothing to win “Peace,” irrespective of the distance of that achievement from any semblance of a true peace. Israel has been given a very short window of opportunity before she will feel the full strength and iron will of Obama – he is currently distracted by the upcoming mid-term elections, so he is not pressing so hard – until the first Wednesday in November.

Israel has imposed a self-moratorium on construction in Judea and Samaria. The pregnancy complete, the child was born healthy on the 26th of September, 2010, welcomed into the world with the Palestinian demand he be immediately murdered. There must be no construction, else there will be no resumption of direct talks. They are indeed eager for peace – just throw out the baby with the murky water.

The Israelis even had the audacity to demand from the Palestinians recognition as a Jewish country (what a racist, bigoted idea!) and offered to continue the freeze if President Obama releases Jonathan Pollard (just imagine, betraying your own friends and asking for forgiveness).

What great Chutzpa and utter nonsense – these Israelis forgot who they are and at whose mercy they exist. Jerusalem is Palestine’s eternal capital, and Israel, from the Mediterranean to the Jordan River and beyond, is Palestine. Construction anywhere in this land must be prohibited, for it is not the Israelis’. They are The Occupier, soon to be defeated, crushed and thrown away.

It seems that not only the Palestinians and the World at large believe this nonsense – Israel, too, fell into the trap of Middle Eastern fairy tales and behaves as if she has no claim to the land. I do not know if it is strictly arrogance displayed by Israelis, but I am astonished anew every time.

Israelis themselves are able and willing participants, and so they truly must give up, stop with the nonsense and yield, raise their hands in surrender and march to the new death camps, to the crematoriums singing their anthem, “The Hope” (“Peace in our Lifetime”). Done, finished, throw away this experiment called the Jewish State – you do not believe in it anyway, so why bother?

Israel’s Environmental Protection Minister Erdan along with IDF representatives and the media will tour the site of planned Palestinian city of Rawabi, which is designated to house 40,000 residents in 6,000 units. The first residents are due to move in into their units in 2013. They may even be incentivized to move in, with no charges imposed on them for these units.

No Jewish construction, only Palestinian ones allowed and promoted by Israel. What is wrong with this picture?

While camouflaged as a tour to “inspect the measures that will be taken to prevent environmental damage – water and ground pollution, illegal dumping sites, etc.,” it is the pinnacle of capitulation to the Palestinians.

Defense Minister Barak, the true ruler of Judea and Samaria and his boss, Prime Minister Netanyahu, must join the tour. For that the US President might fly in to bring the full weight of America to the songs of the defeated – no, Israelis are not going to lament that which is apparently not theirs – and the joyous shouts of the Palestinians. What an achievement that would be – gone with the Jews, throw away the American Jewry along the way, they control too much of the media, the banking and other elements of beloved America.

Israel should earmark now one billion shekels, a number that will at least generate some interest, for immediate construction throughout Jerusalem – from East to West – and Judea and Samaria. Teams of bureaucrats from all relevant ministries must be made available to expedite building applications and ensure all red tape is erased, at least temporarily. Readily available are all those highly paid “negotiators” from Likud and Kadima and the various ministries that are engaged in much of the same for already 18 years.

Instead of supporting new Palestinian cities for tens of thousands of enemies, Israelis must embark on new cities for Jews in the Jewish State of Israel, particularly in Judea and Samaria, those areas from which the defiled and hated word “JEW” came into being.

How about taking care of 40,000 Israelis, those who believe in the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, Moses and Aaron, David and Solomon, who serve in the Israel Defense Forces and are constructive members of Israeli society? [Yes, they wear yarmulkas and are otherwise known as “religious right,” “modern orthodox” or the most vilified word in today’s lexicon, the dreaded word “SETTLERS.”]

Why advance the goals of the enemy rather than your own – UNLESS you believe the enemy is correct and has the greater right over this land (possibly the only right)? Maybe the reason Israel is not fighting any more should be interpreted as Israel’s admission and recognition in the rights of the Palestinians to destroy the Jewish State?

Our cries to Israel to Wake Up are unheeded – possibly she does not want to wake up? Is it even possible that Israel has already capitulated and it is only a question of time before her total elimination?

It is not for me to answer. Israelis must think very carefully before they do anything else. At the very least they need to have the courage to admit: If Judea and Samaria are not rightfully theirs Israel must disengage and leave. She better do it right away. But be warned: first Judea and Samaria, then the rest of Israel. Give away Jerusalem and you allow the enemy to stab the body Israel right in the heart.

It will hurt no more. The body will be dead, even if it would appear to be quivering for a few moments longer.

I am still gasping for breath. Israel has no will to survive.

In the series “Postcards from Israel,” Ari Bussel and Norma Zager invite readers throughout the world to join them as they present reports from Israel as seen by two sets of eyes: Bussel’s on the ground, Zager’s counter-point from home. Israel and the United States are inter-related – the two countries we hold dearest to our hearts – and so is this “point – counter-point” presentation that has, since 2008, become part of our lives.