Israel Says No Soldiers Missing


IDF Investigating Reports of Kidnapped Soldier

The Israel Defense Forces today investigated reports that a soldier was kidnapped by an unknown Palestinian group. A female soldier in Lod, near Tel Aviv, reported that she saw two civilians push a soldier into a car outside an Air Force Base near Ben Gurion International Airport.

Police set up dozens of roadblocks to search vehicles in an attempt to locate the soldier, causing massive traffic tie-ups in the area. Hours later, IDF officials said all its troops were accounted for after a roll call.

The “Al Quds Army,” claimed credit for the kidnapping, in an email sent to the Palestinian Ma’an news agency.

Palestinian terrorist groups favor kidnapping IDF soldiers.

Some Israeli victims of terror and families who lost loved ones due to Iran- and Hamas-backed terrorist attacks and suicide bombings opposed the Shalit deal. “History has shown us that releasing terrorists only adds to their motivation, and we will face another wave of terror,” said Ron Kehrmann, whose 17-year-old daughter Tal was killed in March 2003 when a Hamas suicide bomber detonated his explosives belt on a public bus in Haifa.

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