Is Israeli-Palestinian Peace Process over?

The process is never over

As everybdy thought that the Israeli-Palestinian peace negotiations are over, the United States of America today addressed the issue by saying the process is just suspended, but it is never over.

In his remarks in Washington DC, Special Envoy Martin Indyk said Secretary of State John Kerry launched a vigorous effort to reach a final status agreement between Israelis and Palestinians. However, the talks have been suspended for the time being.

“Some have said this process is over. But that is not correct.” – Ambassador Indyk

This Process Always Difficult, But Never Impossible

Ambassador Martin Indyk said in some ways things are easier in the Israeli-Palestinian context today than in the past. For one reason the international context for peacemaking is better today.

“The Cold War and fear that a conflict in the Middle East would trigger a nuclear superpower confrontation is no longer there.” – Mr. Indyk

The wall between Israel and Palestine and an example of one of the Israelicontrolled checkpoints.

Ambassador Indyk highlighted that as Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu has noted, “many Arab leaders today already realize that Israel is not their enemy, that peace with the Palestinians would turn our relations with them and with many Arab countries into open and thriving relationships.”

Optimism On Realization Of Peace Pact

According to Ambassador Indyk, the US feels very fortunate to have two leaders, in President Abbas and Prime Minister Netanyahu, who are committed to achieving a resolution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict through peaceful means.

Previously, Yasser Arafat was committed to Israel’s destruction. Today, his successor, Abu Mazen, is committed to living alongside Israel in peace.

The ambassador said the United States is committed to a successful end to this process, and there is a sense of urgency to pursue this endeavour.

Ambassador Believes Direct Negotiations Can Still Deliver Peace

According to Ambassador Indyk, over the last nine months, behind the closed doors of the negotiating rooms, the Israelis and Palestinians engaged in serious and intensive negotiations.

The US has seen Prime Minister Netanyahu straining against his deeply-held beliefs to find ways to meet Palestinian requirements.

Ambassador Indyk said he has seen Abu Mazen ready to put his state’s security in American hands to overcome Israeli distrust of Palestinian intentions.

In addition, the talks resulted to genuine camaraderie and engagement in the negotiating room to find a settlement to the vexing challenges.

Peace Is Worth Pursuing

Amid the cynics and critics who claim that the United States is disengaging from the world, it will make no apologies for pursuing the goal of peace.

“Secretary Kerry certainly won’t. And President Obama won’t.” – Mr. Indyk

Ambassador Indyk reiterated Secretary Kerry’s statements, “the United States has a responsibility to lead, not to find the pessimism and negativity that’s so easily prevalent in the world today.”

Mr. Indyk also highlighted that that peace is always worth pursuing, no matter how difficult the path.

And the benefits are just too important to let go, Mr. Indyk pointed out.

For Palestinians, they will have a sovereign state of their own and a dignified future.

For Israelis, they will have a more secure Jewish and democratic homeland. In addition, they will have an opportunity to tap into the potential for a strategic alliance and deep economic relations with its Arab neighbors.

US Ready To Help

The ambassador said the US is a willing partner for both Israel and Palestine to agree on a peace pact.

Theey are hoping that President Abbas and Prime Minister Netanyahu are able to overcome the hurdles that now lie on that path back to the negotiating table.

He said when they are ready, they will certainly find in Secretary Kerry and President Obama willing partners in the effort to try again.

“The United States stands ready to assist in this task, to help the leaders take their peoples to where they have never been, but where they still dream of going.” – Mr. Indyk

Israel Genuinely Seeking Peace With Palestine

Last year, in a meeting with US Secretary of State John Kerry in Jerusalem, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu underlined his country’s desire to seek peace with the Palestinians.

Prime Minister Netanyahu stated that several months ago, with the help of Secretary Kerry, they launched an initiative to seek a peaceful agreement between Israel and the Palestinians.

Israel Stands By The Terms Of The Agreement

Prime Minister Netanyahu said Israel and Palestine agreed three months ago on certain terms and stands by those terms as well.

In addition, Prime Minister Netanyahu stressed his concern about their progress because he sees the Palestinians continuing with incitement, continuing to create artificial crises, continuing to avoid, run away from the historic decisions that are needed to make a genuine peace.

He hopes Secretary Kerry’s visit in Israel will help steer the two parties back to a place where they could achieve the historical peace that the two countries seek and that their people deserve.

Through a US-mediated initiative to end the conflict between the two parties, Israel and Palestine held their first peace negotiations in nearly three years in Washington DC on July 30.

Israel captured East Jerusalem along with the West Bank and Gaza in the Six-Day War in 1967, but annexed the city as its united capital in a move not recognized by the international community. The Palestinians want East Jerusalem as the capital of their future State.

Israeli-Palestinian peace talks have been stalled since late September last year following Israel’s refusal to extend a 10-month freeze on settlement activity. That decision prompted Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas to withdraw from direct talks with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Although the US and many others lay the blame for all peace failures on Israel, the Palestinians continue their own agenda unabated.

Fatah, the party of Mahmoud Abbas, now uses social media to glorify terrorists, posting “They are our role models,” on facebook. They praise murderers as symbols of their nation. No mention of this is ever made by Secretary Kerry, or Secretary Clinton before him. Yet Secretary Kerry asks for good faith and a serious effort on both sides.

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