Does Israel Treat Terrorists in Its Prisons as Special Guests?

“There are some 5,000 more prisoners in Israeli prisons. We thus need to kidnap five more Israeli soldiers and every single one will be set free. This is our promise.”-Hamas

“You do not understand,” say parents to children who are below the age of mandatory draft, “if it were your son, you would stop at nothing to bring him back, even release all those terrorists.” They refer to Gilad Shalit who returned to Israel from Hamas captivity.

They are right: I do not understand, why Israel ignored the warning calls by Hezbollah and Hamas and allowed attacks on its soil to take place that resulted in soldiers being kidnapped and taken overseas to captivity.

I am at a loss to understand why Israel treats terrorists in its prisons as special guests, with more entitlements than the least dangerous, petty criminals, despite their despicable actions with no remorse. On the contrary, they vow to do more, to continue until the last Jew is exterminated.

I am astonished of the lack of action by Israel, not an all out war but targeted assassinations of every person who heads or is associated with Hamas. We give them carte blanche and they abuse it to the limit.

Israel bestows life insurance policies on these sub-humans, allowing them to continue their hatred-driven actions to bring about the demise of Israel and target Israelis and Jews. Nothing bad will happen to them, for Israel displays such cowardice toward these evildoers.

And even if they are captured after arranging the death of sixteen, or the wounding of 150 or the brutal lynching of two, there will be another insurance policy in effect: Welcome to Club Med, Israeli style, where all your wishes come true and indoctrination continues under the auspices and protection of the Israeli authorities.

While vacationing in Israel, one is encouraged to plan ahead, for the day will come, with absolute certainty and likely sooner than later, that you will be out of prison and ready, to do even more gloriously evil things, more atrocious acts against these so called Occupiers.

What a plan; how stupid can the Israelis be!

I am appalled by the statistic that shows 60% of those released as part of a prisoner exchange return to perform the very same deeds for which they were found guilty and sentenced to multiple, consecutive life sentences. There is no death penalty in Israel, and a “Life Sentence” means practically nothing when it applies to a non-Jew of the “Palestinian” persuasion.

I am saddened by the realization pronunciations more soldiers will be kidnapped by Fatah, Hamas and Hezbollah are not empty promises but forecasts of what is to definitely occur. What a great business model. Where are all the Israelis who spent several years at Harvard Business School or the Graduate School of Business at Stanford? Where are all the bright Israelis who did their Post-Docs in American universities or at the London School of Economics? Are they too busy making money or dispensing advice to which no one listens?

And I know with absolute certainty that Israel must be hospitalized in a loony institution, for only a country that has lost its wits and is no longer in charge of its basic functions and deeds could afford to behave the way Israel does.

Does anyone remember previous prisoner exchanges? I vividly see one in particular, at this very moment, an image that allows me no rest. Then too, it was an unnatural ratio of terrorists to kidnapped soldiers. It was then that Ehud Goldwasser, the son of Malka, and Eldad Regev, the son of Tova, were exchanged; Israel received only their body parts.

Israel has lost the courage to act and take necessary action. Listen to the enemy, their words and deeds. They vow to continue. They promise to return. They will not stop. They will kidnap others. They will send more on missions to cause death and mayhem. They will not rest until all of Israel is freed of Jewish presence. They vowed to bring about the Final Solution, and they usher in this promise with drums and horns, as our “Never Again” becomes meaningless, fading into oblivion like a whisper in the wind.

Many try to spin the release as necessary, the return of a soldier as the pinnacle of achievement. I think of the other Israel soldiers (Jews and non-Jews) who are MIAs to this day, for similar and much longer periods of time than Shalit. I ache and shiver of the thought of Jonathan Pollard whom Israel deserted for a quarter of a century.

But most of all, I am frightened by the fact I will soon pass next to one of the memorials to the innocents who perished at the hands of those terrorists, who are now more refreshed and ready than ever to perpetrate their deeds again after their stay in an Israeli prison. I stop each time, as it demands a toll, a drop of blood, my promise.

What will I tell those who look at us from above and know their murderers are being set free for nothing? How can I explain that we are willingly going into the Hollows of Death once again, knowing that it is all our doing?

Israel, how did you lose your senses? For five long years you allowed the status quo to continue, and now you are committing the worst sin possible: You are bringing Isaac to the Altar, but God has not requested Isaac and will reject your offering. We ache as you ignore and allow others mutilate you, tear your limbs and internal organs apart and then spill acid on the remains. They rejoice and God watches with utter astonishment.

These are my children, these are the best and the brightest. And look what they do, what they have become, look at how they commit suicide and busily debate and celebrate, completely blindsided by the immense light of their enemies.

Satan stands and laughs while God weeps, and we with Him.

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