Crossfire War – Pentagon Rushes Advanced Weapons to Israel-Egypt

crossfire War – Washington – Jerusalem – Cairo Watch – West Asia Theatre: Washington – Jerusalem – Cairo/gaza – Ramallah – Riyadh – Damascus – Khartoum – Tripoli – Tehran; US Rushes Advanced Weapon Sales to Israel – Egypt – Israel Air Force Will Be Equipped to Intercept Iran Rapid Deployment Force – Hamas Preparing Major Suicide Attack in West Bank – Al Aqsa Mosque

Night Watch: Jerusalem – There are several articles on debka’s home page today that are worth noting and indicate the larger regional war which though began in May, outline preparations both sides are making to increase the fighting immediately. The linked article is on Washington’s decision to rush advanced Amraam air-to-air missiles, 200 of them, to the Israel Air Force (IAF) that will enable them to intercept Iran’s brigade size rapid deployment force. Tehran intends to send them to the west bank in support of palestinian people and to create spectacular publicity as they advanced toward the al Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem, which is currently the most strategic mosque in the islamic world. what Tehran may not realize is the RDF advance will be slowed down as they pose for photos and give interviews making them easier targets. They all definitely want to be seen by worldwide media as they march toward martyrdom. [debka]

Though Tehran-Riyadh have designated israel to be the holiest front they also know it is the least important economically but of enormous emotional importance which will cause more islamic radicalism that will be used to remove the last islamic head of state not cooperating with Tehran and the jihad in any way, Egypt president Hosni Mubarak. Islamic radicals assassinated Mubarak’s predecessor Anwar al-Sadat in 1981 just two years after the islamic revolution in Iran led by the ayatollah Khomeini. Tehran named a street after the assassin. To assist Mubarak, Washington is sending equipment for Egypt’s M1-Abrams tanks. I assume most of Egypt’s military is still loyal to Mubarak (Sadat’s assassin was a military officer) if that is the case then Mubarak will attack Iranian units in the immediate area and when that happens Tehran and the jihad will concentrate on him more than on Jerusalem. Mubarak is surrounded by governments that support the jihad and with the UK/US still trapped in Iraq and while europe attempts to assist the european units in UNIFIL in South Lebanon, the west will be in no position to help Mubarak. Israel will be kept quite busy with the heavy action in Gaza-West Bank-Golan Heights-South Lebanon.

Debka and Xinhua are also reporting hamas is preparing for a large suicide attack in the West Bank. I suspect the attack will be near the mosque to inflame the situation. In addition to the 200 amraam missiles the pentagon is also sending to Israel 30 harpoon anti-ship missiles, 500 aim sidewinder air-to-air missiles and $308 million worth of jp-8 aviation fuel and diesel fuel for israel’s ground forces. [xinhua]

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