Crossfire War – Iranian Christians Arrested Before Holocaust Denial Conference

Crossfire War – TEHRAN WATCH – Eurasia Theatre: Tehran/Jerusalem; Iranian Christians Arrested before Two Day Conference on Holocaust – Tehran Uses Conference to Continue to Deceive the West

Night Watch: TEHRAN – In order to continue its Campaign of Deception of deceiving the West, Tehran began to have President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad make outlandish statements concerning Israel and Zionism, knowing that Western governments like to hear such statements since they have long liked to join in the chorus of blaming Israel for everything wrong in West Asia (Middle East). Tehran finds such myths useful for misleading its main enemy the U. S. -Western Europe, countries that have a history of attempting to manipulate the region, even before the area became Islamic. For quite a while imperial societies in the West were able to do so since a lot of the region’s governments were definitely enormously corrupt. Israel’s history, past and present, is primarily one of trying to survive it. [AKI]

The administration of most Islamic countries is much more serious now and even the moderate ones want the Jihad to be moderately successful, while the extremist, like Tehran, want it to be extremely successful. Islamabad will probably be in the intermediate part of the spectrum. But to whatever extent Islamic government’s support and finance Islamic radicalism and fundamentalism they all know the Jihad, their foreign policy toward the non-Islamic world, is extremely economic. As has been saying constantly there is no market for salt in the Dead Sea so of course Israel is by no means the main target but how can the Council of Guardians convince the West that it is? By endorsing and promoting some of the favorite beliefs in established Western society, anti-Semitism, which the Arab and Persian world knows is not only anti-Jewish but also anti-Arab who are also Semitic, the other branch of Abraham.

But in order to fool the West into thinking that it will not be attacked massively and that relations can perhaps improve, to avoid (f)allout war, Tehran not only gives false impressions that negotiations may solve disputes and issues over Iran’s nuclear program, but Tehran was also willing to provide a public forum for some of the most diseased scholars in the Western world. Not only do these stupidly evil historians reflect the racist beliefs of Nazism, which was massively invested in by every Western financial center, assuming that Adolf Hitler was just going to go invade East, but these authors and lecturers have earned a small fortune promoting prestigious lies established society in the West privately believes and likes to entertain.

The reason why the Council of Guardians in Tehran are willing to entertain such myths is because those in the West who plot along those lines had the Ayatollah Khomeini leave Najaf, Iraq, in October 1978 and sent him to the Paris suburb to provide him with the communication assistance he required to become the leader of the revolt against the Shah of Iran. Western establishments did not realize his influence would reach beyond Central Asia where the West wanted disturbances to justify more Russian invasions south toward the Persian Gulf, enabling Russia to control more of the region’s resources. This is why Western governments and their foreign policy directors pretend to have no memory, they have wiped that completely from whatever mind they have left, which is nothing more than a survival instinct and to blame Israel. Tehran puts on this show to let the West believe that.

A lot of Iranians, however, have stated they did not like the idea of Iran being host to such racist beliefs and neo-Nazis and were extremely vocal in criticizing the conference. Some of those who did so were Christians who had converted from Islam. A minister of the Evangelical Church in Iran, speaking on condition of anonymity to AKI, “In the night between Sunday and Monday, right before the beginning of the conference on the Holocaust, many members of the Evangelical Church were arrested in Tehran and in the north of the country.” Hamid Reza Toulouinia, Firouz and Shirin Sadegh were arrested in Tehran. Behnam Irani and Shain Taghizadeh arrested in Karaj 80 km (48 miles) north of the capital. Peyman Salarvand, Sohrab Sayyadi, Yousef Nedarkhani, Parwiz Khalaj, Mohammad Beliad were arrested in Rasht on the Caspian Sea. Iranian Catholics also condemned the Holocaust denial conference.

Those of you have monitored news on Iran closely since the Khomeini revolution in 1979 are aware that there have been occasionally small articles in the paper that mentioned Iranians breaking away from Islam and becoming Christian. Some were arrested and others have been executed. More are still obviously still very much alive and their activity is proof and constant reassurance that police state governments, however oppressive will never have absolute control because the spirit of freedom will never be completely destroyed or eliminated.

Regular readers of know that the reason I am personally a Christian is basically of course a result of my own encounter with Christ when I was a very young child 50 years ago. Since then I have made a thorough study of Biblical prophecy, which is why some of my articles have mentioned this World War III, against Iran is discussed in detail in two of Daniel’s chapters 8 and 11 in their discussion on events that will happen in and around Persia in chronological order. The Bible also has the best discussion on the post-World War III in two of Ezekiel’s chapters 38 and 39 where the alliance around Moscow after the war is mentioned. The Book of Revelation also adds many details on world civilization’s last seven years that begin with an agreement, led by Rome, which permits Israel to rebuild the Temple in Jerusalem. The agreement is mentioned in the last verse of Daniel’s ninth chapter. The last seven years are known by students and researchers of Biblical prophecy as the Tribulation. There are chapters in Daniel and in other books in the Bible that also mention that time. Jesus Christ gave a detailed summary in Matthew 24.

But Holocaust deniers, in their satanic thinking, have no chance whatsoever in experiencing the light of humane reasoning and truth. They are obviously too much in the dark mentally and deservedly so. Most of them will die in that darkness and spend an eternity with the fallen being that inspires such deluded thinking. That darkness reflects what they and the institutions which have programmed them really are. They have misled themselves and can’t begin to realize it. The West will regroup around Rome.

Willard Payne is an international affairs analyst who specializes in International Relations. A graduate of Western Illinois University with a concentration in East-West Trade and East-West Industrial Cooperation, he has been providing incisive analysis to NewsBlaze. He is the author of Imagery: The Day Before.