Anticipating a Baby

A woman in labor is on a hospital bed, surrounded by teams of doctors and nurses. Outside, the hospital is overtaken by family members and pre-screened well-wishers. It seems the who’s who of the global scene have assembled in anticipation. Throngs of reporters line the entrances to the hospital and beyond them police barricades and security forces.

Excitement is in the air. The world, it seems, is holding its breath, awaiting the arrival of the soon-to-be-born. Champagne bottles are chilled and banners raised everywhere. The scripts have been written. Crews are assembled in strategic locations to broadcast live the long awaited arrival. There is a celebratory anticipation, people are anxious for news.

An entire suite of rooms was prepared months in advance with a well rehearsed support staff. Money is no object, and the newly born will know nothing but gold-plated handles, the finest marble, Persian rugs, artificial warmth, delicacies and comforts. When he grows up of course. Until then, he will not recognize, let alone appreciate, the opulence surrounding him.

The future holds great things for him. He is the embodiment of so many misguided hopes, that the weight on him will be almost unbearable.

For many months the woman in labor has suffered. Freedom finally awaits, a liberating end of a road of misery and suffering and an insurmountable fear of what will take place. Her agony must be handled alone, those surrounding her are concerned only insofar as the health and safety of the baby in her womb is affected.

She is otherwise ignored like a disposable piece of furniture with a specific utility, used and then thrown in the garbage bin.

She is well aware she is dispensable, even despised. There were times when she tried to console herself, other times the magnitude of her role and eventual fate overwhelmed her to tears and submission. They would not let anything happen to her until the cry of the newborn is heard, so for now she is guarded from any ills. She must be strong for the baby and is under close scrutiny.

This will not be a normal birth, and the pregnancy is anything but usual. The expectant mother knows a monster grows within her: For him to survive, her heart, liver, kidneys and eyes must be harvested, extracted. This is why so many teams of doctors are standing by for the most complicated, most expensive, most evil experiment ever carried out.

The process will have to be done while she is still alive, eyelids torn out, the heart chambers removed, brain matter extracted. To succeed, she cannot be sedated or comforted as the world shows concern only for the baby. There is no mercy or compassion for her, only for the baby, such an integral part of her present and future.

It is the beginning of the end.

How successful it is turning out to be. Who would have thought, when the journey began, that this would be its outcome? We certainly did not; we refused to see. Almost everyone fell into the trap, and those few who still refuse to concede were treated as outcasts and literally ex-communicated from within normal society.

What can be purer than a mother about to give birth? What an amazing disguise, which has deceived the world and succeeded beyond the originator’s wildest imaginations.

Nothing can stop this experiment. The arrival is imminent and it must not be stopped – for the good of the world community, for the absence of a mirror in which to see the horrors we are about to unleash, the price we are about to pay.

The woman about to give birth and die is none other than modern-day Israel, the Jewish homeland in the Land of Israel.

The baby within her womb is the soon-to-be-declared Independent Palestinian State. Its parts, one in Gaza, the other in Judea and Samaria, will have to be merged and united, created into one being in the image of Satan.

No expense was spared and the very best doctors employed (many are even Jewish). The baby presented to the world will seem perfect, with a heart called Jerusalem, with limbs called Tel Aviv and Jaffa, Nazareth and Tiberias, but with a soul so evil it is beyond further corruption, or redemption.

A baby that has cannibalized his mother’s organs, cutting them mercilessly from her, letting her die in agony.

Those well-wishers gathered inside the hospital and throughout the streets, the billions holding their breath for the public announcement, are a strange mix. The do-not-want-to-knows and others so brainwashed they will believe what they are told. Some know the truth, but for them cruelty is a way of life, both expected and mandatory.

Then there are those who have been so blindsided by their own vision of a newborn King – “Peace on Earth” – they only care about the baby, the mother a token of empty words and promises never meant to be kept.

For many months we have warned of the pre-eminent arrival of the Palestinian State. The Palestinian Authority has not hidden its plans. The world community started acting – from Latin American countries recognizing Palestine and Europe upgrading the status of the PA delegation – anticipating and welcoming, acting on the arrival of a free, Independent Palestine.

Jewish organizations are calling for the establishment of two states, side by side, Palestinian and Jewish Israel. They too have joined the chorus of welcoming parties. How can they miss the fun, having advocated this as part of their “goals” for the safety and security of the Jewish State, bridge building and dialogue with the “other side?”

For the Palestinians, there is only one state: Palestine. It shows on their maps, in their literature and in their speeches. The idea of Jewish presence on Arab lands is unthinkable. There can exist a Muslim nation, made of dozens of countries, but a single Jewish state is equated to the height of racism.

They do not want borders. They want free movement. They want their homes in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and Haifa. They want the Jews driven to the sea and effectively eliminated.

There will not be borders and there cannot be separation. There cannot be separate water infrastructure and food sources, sewage basins, commerce or banking. Palestine is to come out of the womb of Israel, devouring her in the process. It will replace the Israeli-Jewish entity, abolishing it, possibly never creating anything in her stead.

There will not be any promise of a future, of continuation, once Israel is destroyed. Alas, that was never the intention; the goal was clear: the destruction of the Jewish people.

It is the woman in labor I care for and worry about, not the baby in her womb. I realize the baby is her end, and she must do everything to ensure she survives. To do that she will have to make up her mind: She or the baby, only one can live. There can be no attachment, for it is make-believe and falsehoods; a hostage who starts excusing her kidnappers.

Is it a cruel decision, an inhumane practice? Choosing to live ahead of an unnatural, unhealthy, evil other?

For me the choice is clear. Labor has been extracting a very heavy toll for the past 18 years. Some believe the end is in sight: a free, Independent Palestine. But is a new beginning an end in itself or the start of something healthy and beautiful? Will there be a reality of two states, side by side (like Jordan and Israel) or the remains of a Jewish homeland, smoldering and inhabitable for centuries to come?

To destroy Israel for the sake of Palestine is not to crave and bring about peace. To unleash the horrors of the Devil on this earth and call them “sexy” and “beautiful” does not change the true nature of the process or the beast. It is neither pure nor innocent. It is meant to deceive and mislead us, and what a great job has been done thus far!

Israel must make up her mind and no one can do it for her. She will not admit it yet, but she has started to realize what is at stake. What will she have to endure before she fully comprehends her state? Will it be too late when she finally makes up her mind and becomes determined and driven to act and save herself?

The clock is ticking. The sand in the hourglass is running fast. Only seconds remain.

Like those teams of experts on standby, making sure the mother survives to the very last minute, each iota of utilization extracted from her, there are those of us standing by ready, for the sake of the mother.

We know Israel will eventually make up her mind. When she does, we will be there. We are here, just an eye blink away, a strong, viable arm on her side, ready and willing to fight, ready to do all it takes to ensure her survival. We just await the sign.

If and when she decides, Israel will survive. We will make sure of that.

In the series “Postcards from Israel,” Ari Bussel and Norma Zager invite readers throughout the world to join them as they present reports from Israel as seen by two sets of eyes: Bussel’s on the ground, Zager’s counter-point from home. Israel and the United States are inter-related – the two countries we hold dearest to our hearts – and so is this “point – counter-point” presentation that has, since 2008, become part of our lives.