Anti-Semitism Among Palestinian Authority Academics

In a report at Palestinian Media Watch, Itamar Marcus and Barbara Crook noted that since the Palestinian Authority (PA) was established in 1994, one of its primary objectives was to delegitimize Israel.

To achieve this goal, they utilized various channels including television, schoolbooks, and culture. Their tactics to achieve the delegitimization of Israel included disseminating messages of hate, especially those that included the denial of Israel’s right to exist.

Their efforts were evident throughout Palestinian society, but were generally hidden from countries that provided them with aid money.

The plan to achieve that goal incorporated Palestinian academia. Marcus and Crook showed that professors, religious academics, teachers, and schoolbook authors all participate in the promotion of lies and hate. Some PA-chosen academics indoctrinate their people, often using public venues such as PA TV and, educational broadcasting. Dr. Yussuf Alzamili, who was at that time head of the History Department at the Khan Yunis Government Educational College, presented this idea for the PA educational system.

In 1998, a conference sponsored by PA historians devised a policy of historical revisionism. Rather than teaching historical truth, the developing Palestinian Authority educational system would convey a politically altered history that aimed to deny Israel’s right to exist in the Land of Israel.

The Palestinian academics were aware that they would not be able to erase documented Jewish history, so they decided to literally steal the identity of the Jews by identifying ancient Hebrews as Arabs and Muslims. That would lead to the denial of the connection between Jews today and the state of Israel. They would also deny modern Jewish experience, that includes the horrors of the Holocaust.

In 2005, the UN Security Council finally passed a resolution that rejects any denial of the Holocaust.

Many of the Palestinian Authority academics go beyond their theoretical “struggle” with Israel. They teach that the killing of Jews by Muslims is a precondition of world redemption. They indoctrinate the people and especially the youth to believe that Jews are inherently evil and an existential danger. That means the annihilation of Jews is “justified self-defense, a service to humanity, and an enactment of God’s will.”

Palestinian Authority Policy

The Palestinian Authority used many libels, including the assertion that Israel intentionally kills Palestinians through shootings and burning in ovens.

Here is what the researchers had to say about Palestinian Authority Policy.

The PA also chose to ideologically confront Israel by using its media to promote hatred of Jews in general. The Authority initiated a virulent anti-Semitism designed to delegitimize Jews, Judaism, and Jewish traditions. As a result, anti-Semitism is now endemic to PA society. The academic community was likewise recruited to this undertaking. Professors, religious academics, teachers, and schoolbook authors are all participating in this hate promotion.

Academic anti-Semitism in the PA has numerous components, including the total revision of ancient Middle Eastern history to erase all records of Jewish presence in the Land of Israel. This reinforces the PA’s policy of trying to legitimize its denial of Israel’s right to exist by presenting it in academic trappings.

Thus, Palestinian academics portray Jews as inherently different from others, possessing innately evil traits. Educators and academics follow the lead of the PA politicians and distort and malign Jewish tradition as inherently evil.

They link it directly to the “treacherous behavior” of which they accuse Jews today. Forgeries and fiction masquerading as history are likewise used to “prove” the libel that Judaism is inherently racist and evil. These purported Jewish attributes and traditions are presented not as behavior that can be improved but as the unchangeable nature of Jews.

This chapter does not consider all of PA academia. It focuses, however, on those academics chosen by the PA to indoctrinate the people using such public venues as PA TV and, particularly, educational broadcasting.

Revising Ancient History

At the conference of PA historians, Dr. Yussuf Alzamili called on “all universities and colleges to be active in the writing of the history of Palestine and not to enable the defiled and the enemies to distort it…or to enable legitimacy for the existence of Jews on this land.”

Historians who followed Dr. Yussuf Alzamili’s lead were regularly featured on PA TV educational programs. There, they fabricated an entire Palestinian Arab history, packaged it with academic credibility, and erased Jewish history.

One leading historian, Jirar al-Qidwa, chosen by Arafat as an adviser and today chairman of the PA Public Library, has been featured regularly and prominently on educational TV and was a major promoter of this “replacement” ideology. Although historical records confirm that the first presence of Arabs in the Land of Israel was after the Muslim conquest in the seventh century C.E., Al-Qidwa unabashedly and emphatically turned the Hebrews of the Bible into Arabs: “Regarding the Israelites [of the Bible], they were Arab tribes and among the purest … And believe me, in Allah’s name, that my blood has more of the Israelites’ blood and the blood of the ancient Hebrews than does the blood of Netanyahu and Sharon.”

Prof. Issam Sissalem, chairman of the History Department at the Islamic University of Gaza and PA TV educational program host for many years, was a driving force for much of this historical revision. Here are references to some of his shameful work.

[Biblical Hebrews] were primitive shepherd tribes. They had no history. Titus slaughtered them, and this land was cleansed of those fools … the ancient Hebrews were destroyed, utterly decimated. Actually, they were foreigners in this land. They were primitive Bedouin from the Arabian desert. This land is ours. Jerusalem and every one of her stones are ours. They [the Jews] are liars. Their allegations are lies and are worthy of scorn and ridicule.

Turning the ancient Hebrews into Arabs was not enough for the PA, and the religion of Islam was attached to all biblical characters with similar fervor. Therefore, even though Islam was first introduced by Mohammed in the seventh century, long after ancient Judaism, the academics denied the existence and legitimacy of ancient Judaism by turning it into Islam. As Al-Qidwa stated:

Judaism is not a religion in the full sense of the word, and is not a nation at all … Where does this religion come from? The source of Judaism is the Mosaic Law … which is the continuation of Islam of our master Abraham … Several researchers … have found in the Bible [Torah], when translated correctly, texts that prove that it is the continuation of Islam.

Denying the central place of Jewish worship was likewise critical to this replacement ideology, as was the denial of the Jewish presence in Jerusalem. Sissalem, in his weekly program with children in the TV studio, explained that the tradition of the Temple in Jerusalem was based on “Jewish lies.”

Girl asks Sissalem: “Tell us about the Night Journey and Ascent to Heaven and the Al-Buraq Wall that the Jews falsely claim as the Wailing Wall and hold ceremonies there.”

Sissalem: “That’s the place where Mohammed went to Heaven, and it is part of the Al-Aqsa Mosque. The Zionist enemy falsely claims that this wall is part of the so-called ‘Temple.’ This is a deceitful lie.”

Girl 2: “We hear many claims by the Jews that Solomon’s Temple is located in Jerusalem under the Al-Aqsa Mosque. Is this true?”
Sissalem: “This is the biggest lie in history by those liars.”

This revisionism, initiated in 1998, continues unabated today. During Ramadan broadcasting in October 2006, Dr. Hassan Khader, founder of the Al-Quds Encyclopedia and regular TV host, repeated the claim that the Jews have no ancient historical connection to the Western Wall of the Temple:

The first connection of the Jews to this site began in the sixteenth century … The Jewish connection to this site is a recent connection, not ancient … like the roots of the Islamic connection … Who would have believed that the Israelis would arrive 1,400 years [after the beginning of Islam], conquer Jerusalem, and make this wall into their special place of worship, where they worship and pray?

The purpose of this revisionism, as expressed by Alzamili in 1998, was not academic accuracy but was inherently political-namely, to deny the “legitimacy for the existence of Jews on this land.”

Following this lead, many academics did not leave the political conclusions to the TV viewers but stated them explicitly. For example, after repeating his denials of any Jewish connection to the land, Sissalem announced the political implications: “They [Jews-Israelis] are like a parasitic worm that eats a snail and lives in its shell. We will not let anyone live in our shell!”


Over many years, the Palestinian Authority’s academic anti-Semitism built an extensive case against Jewish existence. They did this through libels, lies, and stereotyping, and all of that paints Jews as a genuine threat to humanity. Because generations of Palestinians now believe that Jews are inherently evil and an existential danger, their also believe that their annihilation is justified self-defense, a service to humanity, and an enactment of God’s will.

Thanks to the work of these corrupt academics, generations of Palestinians are unable to tell the difference between truth and lies and most of what they believe as being true is actually lies.

The world is mostly apathetic about all of this and many, especially young people believe these lies. People throughout the world choose to deny the existence of PA anti-Semitism because it seems to be so awful they cannot believe Palestinians would actually believe it. Instead, many think Palestinians are actually anti-Zionist, an ideology they are more inclines to believe and identify with.

Marcus and Crook say “This indifference is directly reminiscent of the world’s response to Hitler’s open calls for genocide against the Jews.” Their complete report is available at PMW.

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