America’s New Battle Cry: ‘Fagit About It’

“This nation will remain the land of the free only so long as it is the home of the brave…” Elmer Davis

The other day I watched as New Yorkers were interviewed about the proposed Mosque.

One typical, and yes I say typical because there is such a thing as a typical New Yorker-and that is not a bad thing. In fact it’s rather a colorful and fun thing, actually.

So the New Yorker steps up to the microphone and says, “I have one thing to say to the Imam: Fagit about it.” I got chills, and I knew it was all over and this new battle cry would be just as effective as, “Give ’em hell, Harry.”

Yep, Toto, I guess the radical Muslims know they are not in Great Britain, the Netherlands or everywhere else in Europe anymore.

Politics is the dirtiest word in the English language, or any language for that matter. Those who run about claiming this or that is politically incorrect, like it’s a new concept, should stop and pause.

Americans have always embraced political incorrectness. It’s our stock in trade. We have marched in Selma followed by vicious police dogs and sheriffs, we have refused to change our seat in a bus, flocked to Washington to protest a misguided war and burned our Maidenforms.

We are not shrinking violets who stand by and watch as an unpopular concept or ideology tries to invade our space.

We don’t invite the enemy to tea and spout “Cheerio, old chap, here is my country, and try the scones with lemon curd.”

We don’t cower as they quietly infiltrate our political systems.

We are Americans.

We have big mouths, we have big guns and we will use them. Look to the passengers and crew on United Flight 93 who beat the crap out of the Islamic extremists before they could take out the White House. I am sure some of the last words the terrorists heard on that flight were “Fagit about it.”

The New Yorker got it right. The radical Islamists intent on taking over the world and making it Sharia compliant (and make no mistake this is the plan, so wake up and smell the hummus) have never come face to face with the likes of a true New Yorker.

When they say, “Fagit about it,” you may as well pack it up.

No matter what the stupid politicians do to appease the Islamic extremists, I’m betting that building could never happen.

Have they never met a pissed off New Yorker?

Let’s see. How long do you think it will take to get a load of cement?


How long do you think it will take to get an inspector out to the site?


Better hope there isn’t a fire.

This building is a symbol of the finest hour in American political incorrectness.

Americans do not lie down and roll over because it is polite. Ride a subway some time. We do not cow tow and turn over the Senate of the United States to our enemies.

Although on second thought, if the political extremists are looking for some political prisoners to torture, we can have Congress packed up and ready to go in an hour. And we’ll throw in Pelosi’s beads to clinch the deal.

Here’s another little secret. We don’t give a damn what the United Nations says about us. And we wear their condemnation proudly as a medal of honor that such a corrupt, evil institution disapproves of how we take care of business.

Unfortunately, it is our money that keeps them going – a thought to follow.

If Americans had any say in the matter, and not the idiot politicians, the UN would be looking for space in Red Square in a broken down tenement where they belong.

Oops, sorry UN, we forgot to mail you that two billion dollar check. Oh well, go ask Iran or Syria for the money. They can help you out. So can Libya and Sudan. Why not ask Scotland and England, so politically correct they even free mass murderers who play sick and ask for their mommy?

And don’t forget to pay that fifty million in parking tickets to the City of New York before you leave.

The concept of dirty politics, of dirty politicians and of citizens feeling alienated and disengaged is hardly new or inventive.

If nothing else, America is and always has been a politically incorrect nation.

That’s why it is a nation and not an Indian reservation, or a slave owning society or a segregated series of states, or any of the other actions Americans have taken to upset Johnny Appleseed’s politically correct applecart.

When Caesar was stabbed, was this politically correct, or was this politics as usual in the Roman senate?

When Nancy Pelosi bribes and threatens to get her way is this new?

When Richard Nixon played dirty tricks and used the American political system for his chew toy was this anything out of the ordinary?

Americans have never given a damn about what is politically correct. We are a nation of political expediency. And we have the wet teabags in Boston Harbor to prove it.

Was Paul Revere’s ride through Boston to awaken the Minutemen politically correct?

I guess it depends whom you ask.

I don’t believe King George would have thought it was.

America’s youthful indiscretions have been its greatest strength. Young people feel invincible. They take risks, they battle the establishment, and they rebel. They jump in before thinking and act on emotion.

America is a nation of rebels. That is what has made us great.

We fight the good fight, and sometimes even a misguided one.

We say what others might not want to hear, and we do what is good for America. It comes of having a strong, selfish ego at a young age.

We have no desire to be a Sharia compliant nation. The women of this country have fought too hard to escape the pedestal (yes, at times I think maybe a bit too hard). As any New York woman would say to someone trying to get her into a burka and out of her Manolos and Donna Karan, “Fagit about it.”

We like America. It’s a cool place to be, a hip young country with a great vibe. We love our iPods and our Macs and our Rock and Roll, and we have no intention of moving backward in time.

If radical Muslims want to live here, well get with our program. Millions of moderate Muslims are thriving here. There are certainly enough Muslim nations in the world now that you can choose to live in. Why do you insist on altering our way of life? If you don’t want to live like an American, why live here?

That’s the question we all need to ask. Is it about building bridges, or burying our nation beneath the ruble of fanatic Islam?

Every American needs to stand tall, scarf down a giant piece of Mom’s apple pie – the heck with the diet – and lock and load. We would never stand by and watch as our country is taken over from within or without.

As any self-respecting New Yorker would say loudly and proudly to anyone challenging our way of life, “Fagit about it!” So close to the anniversary of 9/11, that is a battle cry we need to shout loudly and proudly around the world.

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