US and Jamaica Strengthen Bilateral Relationship

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton today met Jamaican Prime Minister Bruce Golding to strengthen their countries’ bilateral relationship.

Ms. Clinton said Jamaica has played a very important role in the region in helping CARICOM and helping to organize efforts on behalf of Haiti.

“It’s a great pleasure for me to welcome the Prime Minister here to the State Department. Prime Minister Golding and I have a lot to discuss, both on our bilateral relationship but also regionally.”-Ms. Clinton

Ms. Clinton said she greatly appreciated the opportunity to discuss in depth the range of issues that concern both countries.

According Mr. Golding, Jamaica and the United States have for a long time had very close relations they have built over the years. He said Jamaica continue to strengthen those relations.

“There are many issues that we have in common, and during the discussion that we will have today we intend to pursue that cooperation to make it even stronger, not just for the sake of Jamaica but for the sake of the wider Caribbean, which is, in fact, the United States’ third border.”-Mr. Golding

Mr. Golding said he is proud to continue to work in close association with the United States to strengthen and improve the conditions of their border.

Mina Fabulous
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