President Duterte Reveals Notorious Drug Lords in Philippines

Duterte Begins His Campaign Against Drugs With A Blow!

President Rodrigo Duterte began his campaign against illegal drugs by bravely naming the top three drug lords in the Philippines.

Days after his inauguration, he revealed the names of the drug lords who are notorious for their involvement in highly syndicated drug operations in the country. He highlighted that most of them are detained and even operating behind bars.

In a video, Duterte named the top three high-level drug lords with complete details of their background and affiliates. The outspoken Duterte named Chinese nationals Wu Tuan also known as Peter Co and Peter Lim a.k.a. Jaguar. Authorities categorized them as “Level 5” drug lords and they are believed to belong to a Chinese Triad.

The third drug lord is Herbert Colangco who is also categorized as a “Level 5” drug lord.

In addition, Duterte revealed that some mayors are linked to drug-related operations. But he did not disclose their names because it needs further investigation.

The Notorious Drug Lords

According to Duterte, Co is operating in Metro Manila and Luzon while Jaguar is directing the illegal flow of drugs in the Visayas. Co is now detained in New Bilibid prison in Manila. He operates behind bars using cellphones.

Similarly, Colangco is also detained in New Bilibid prison and operates behind bars with highly complex transactions. He is linked to be a relative of a prominent politician in Mindanao. Colangco is also identified as a member of a top-level drug syndicate called the Kuratong Baleleng gang.

Meanwhile, Jaguar is out of the country. However, Duterte warned him he would be killed instantly if he set foot in the Philippines.

Authorities say the identified drug lords are known to have at least 100 kilograms of illegal drugs in every transaction.

Philippine President Duterte discloses names of top-level drug lords.
Philippine President Duterte discloses names of top-level drug lords.

Duterte Won’t Allow Drug Lords to Run The Nation

Following his disclosure of the names of the drug lords, Duterte vowed he would not allow drug lords to run the country.

They are destroying the country. They are destroying the youth of the land.” – Duterte

Bravely, Duterte even warned the detained drug lords not to escape from prison, or they will die.

Duterte Fulfills His Promise to End Illegal Drug Operations

After his inauguration, Rodrigo Duterte immediately started to pursue his campaign against illegal drugs. Just days after he was officially sworn-in as the new leader of the country, he identified police generals who are secretly backing drug lords in the country. His revelation stunned the nation.

Philippine President Duterte discloses names of top-level drug lords.
Philippine President Duterte discloses names of top-level drug lords.

Surprisingly, drug pushers who are known to sell drugs and even drug addicts voluntarily surrendered themselves to authorities and promised to end their vices. As more of them revealed themselves in the public, the more it gives light to the reality of how illegal drugs have become prevalent in Filipino society.

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