Racist Woman Berating a Mailman Went Viral

The video of a racist woman berating a mailman went viral just hours after a video was done under-cover per reports.

The video hit blogs and message boards last night. The Internet community found out her location.

She’s Erika Winchester, 60, of Hingham, Mass., and her telephone number with address were painted on various sites.

Winchester’s real estate records prove that she lives at the address in the video.

Winchester has a history of hostile behavior. Documents posted by The Smoking Gun show police were called to the Hingham armory in 2007 due to a problem with Winchester, who threatened that anyone who did her wrong would ‘get it with a machine gun.’

When a cop tried to escort her to a cruiser, she uttered that she’d chop off his balls.

In 2005, she was arrested for drunk driving when she crashed her Volvo through a street sign.

The mailman claims that he was fired for the incident.

The video: USPS “was aware of its circulation,” US Postal Service spokes-woman Maureen Marion.