Ambassador Suzan Johnson Cook a Leader in Bridging Faith and Public Service

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton today said Ambassador-at-Large Suzan Johnson Cook is a leader in bridging faith and public service.

At the swearing-in ceeremony for Suzan Johnson Cook, Ms. Clinton said the Obama Administration is dedicated to the rights of all people everywhere. She stressed that everyone, no matter his or her religion, should be allowed to practice their beliefs freely and safely.

“Now some of you might wonder, if you don’t know her very well, how can we be so sure that Sujay is the right person for this difficult and critical position at this particular moment in history. Well, I could tell you about her many firsts.”-Ms. Clinton

Ms. Clinton stated that Ms. Cook was the first woman appointed chaplain of the New York City Police Department. Ms. Cook was the first woman, first black woman, to become senior pastor in the 200-year history of the American Baptist Churches of America. She was the first female president of the Hampton University Ministers Conference.

“She has been called the Harriet Tubman for women in ministry and one of my personal favorites, Billy Graham and Oprah rolled into one. And she’s also been deeply involved in international activities her entire life.”-Ms. Clinton

According to Ms. Clinton, Ms. Cook is a passionate advocate for the God-given rights of people everywhere, no matter which god they believe gave them those rights in the first place.

Ms. Clinton stated that she has attended her sermons, and I have been swept away by her infectious ability to touch everyone in her church, or in the Apollo Theater for that matter.

“I have watched her career from her days as a White House fellow, to assistant secretary of Housing and Urban Development, to an accomplished author, speaker, and activist.”-Ms. Clinton

Ms. Clinton stated that for somebody who is such a good talker, Ms. Cook is an even better listener. Ms. Clinton added that Ms. Cook can foster dialogue between people. Ms. Cook knows how to promote respect and tolerance.

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