Yellowstone Inn & Conference Center: A Stunning Location for Your Event!

Two weeks ago, this writer brought to the attention of all your readers out there, this amazing Best Western resort located in Livingston, Montana. This is not just a regular “stay” on your vacation, or “stopover” on your road trip to somewhere else, people. Yellowstone Inn is actually a location that, once you’re there, you will never want to go home.

We spoke of the room accommodations in the last article that literally made this writer’s head swoon. In fact, it took all I had not to pack a bag, get in my car, and head up to Livingston as fast as humanly possible. Just seeing the pictures of the warm, friendly, amazing atmosphere of the Yellowstone Inn had me daydreaming of coming into money so I could dump the job and, at the very least, beg *Yellowstone Inn for employment J.

One of my favorite organizations in the world is called UNESCO. UNESCO actually “protects” sites that should not be changed or destroyed in any way, shape, or form. Naturally, Yellowstone National Park is among their locations and under the UNESCO umbrella of protection. As far as I’m concerned, Yellowstone Inn should be included. Just as Yellowstone Park is to the “natural” world, Yellowstone Inn is to the world’s travelers. Just as the National Park showcases significant geological phenomena; Yellowstone Inn showcases some of the most beautiful rooms I have ever seen. And, the service? Unbelievable!

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We are speaking about a unique site of its very own that offers everything from perfection of rooms, to gourmet dining at the Cafe Yellowstone – which offers the mind-boggling fantastic meals that come from a true classically-trained chef from Cordon Bleu University. And one of the most happening night spots called the Double Shot Saloon, which has a nightly ‘Double Down’ happy hour, plus many ongoing bar activities.

Not enough? Let’s talk about organizing an event or conference – which is one of the most difficult things to do, seeing as that you must impress or placate a group of people, not just yourself. Yellowstone Inn & Conference Center have ALL of that under perfect control.

The Best Western Yellowstone Inn & Conference Center is the ONLY full-service, three Diamond AAA rated property that exists in Park County. With over three thousand square feet of meeting space, and ninety-eight guest rooms to accommodate any size group – set in the most heavenly location you could possibly think of other than Heaven, itself – there is absolutely nothing that the *Yellowstone Inn & Conference Center* doesn’t provide.

There is…The Yellowstone Room, which is the ideal place for dinner functions of up to one-hundred and fifty guests, or meetings of up to two-hundred guests, theater-style. (Which is beyond cool, let’s face it). This amazing Yellowstone Room can be divided into three separate rooms for meetings, meal functions, or to even use as breakfast rooms.

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Then, there is the Paradise Room. The name alone would make you and your fellow guests feel as if you were sitting in the clouds being waited on hand and foot by employees that are beyond friendly. In Paradise, sixty guests can sit comfortably for a great meal, or eighty guests for a presentation. AND, there is an indoor pool deck area which is so magnificent, that it becomes the prime spot for receptions, reunions, and any large gatherings. With a built-in stage that can provide entertainment for guests, the Yellowstone Inn & Conference Center has thought of it all for guests and groups.

Ah…what would it be like to tour the country that the Lord made? The Best Western Yellowstone Inn & Conference Center is the ideal ‘base camp’ for touring Yellowstone Country. And this is a site that also offers Conference Planners – experienced meeting planners who will help plan every event, meal, and meet absolutely all your needs. In fact, special event planning is one of the specialties that *Yellowstone Inn & Conference Center offers – and they certainly have the culinary requirements that anyone needs to handle any and all requests of special interest groups.

Float trips, fly-fishing lessons, touring Yellowstone on horseback, and finishing all of these activities with a gourmet steak dinner that is so good it should be framed and put in the Museum of Art. That’s what you will receive. They also have actual professional naturalist guides that can bring you to the most inspiring locations in the world – in every season.

This writer can’t think of one thing that Yellowstone Inn & Conference Center is missing. Because, everyone can get all of this at extremely reasonable prices. It’s as if you’re getting a true diamond without having to pay for it – which in this day and age is TRULY impossible.

To be able to just venture into the world of Yellowstone would be a gift. This National Park, which was established in 1872, is a vast natural forest, and has an impressive array of geysers, lava formations, fumaroles, hot springs, waterfalls, lakes and canyons. And the wildlife is as breathtaking as the scenery: grizzly bears, bison, wolves and wapiti, North American elk…there is no sight that you can’t see among this beauty. And to be able to come ‘home’ after a long, stunning day of watching sunsets, taking pictures of the elk, and staring at some of the most mysterious formations that were created over forty million years ago – going back to the Yellowstone Inn in the evening to be pampered, makes this a truly fantastic life.

In Yellowstone, you and your group or family can actually stand and stare at over two-hundred and fifty active geysers, and enjoy the winding Snake River that joins with others to pour into Yellowstone Lake. You can also stand at Lower Yellowstone Falls to gaze out at the highest of more than forty named waterfalls in the park.

Just a fun fact? Grizzly bears have been the subject of intensive study and management for thirty years at Yellowstone; currently, some one hundred and fifty cubs have been born there in the last three years. And archaeological investigations of numerous sites have proven that human groups visited the park area for over 10,000 years, but none made it a permanent home.

I can assure you that if the Yellowstone Inn had been there, they would’ve set up ‘camp’ immediately in the beautiful Big Sky Country.

The pristine wilderness, the ideal surroundings, event services, A-one accommodations, gourmet dining, a saloon that offers fun with friends, and every extra you can possibly think of. These are the draws of the Yellowstone Inn, as well as the Yellowstone River, the spring creek blue ribbon trout fishing, hiking, rafting, horseback riding…and the list goes on. Let’s face it, unless you are looking to see the Empire State Building up close and personal, than Yellowstone Inn is the destination that you, your family, and any group wants to have!

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Tom Ski is a master of the great outdoors. You can find Tom fly fishing in Montana, photographing elk and bison, watching birds from a hide or in the long grass, talking about life on his radio show and writing about his adventures at NewsBlaze.