Why Is Australia so Popular With Tourists?

Tourism in Australia is a large contributor to its economy with 3% of the country’s revenue coming from it, that’s a whopping $47.5 billion Australian dollars. Both major political parties announced more funding for tourism this week.

Why is Australia so popular with tourists, though? It can’t be the flight time, because if we look at a couple of flight durations such as London to Sydney which takes over 22 hours and from Los Angeles to Sydney taking over 15 hours, it isn’t very appealing. So let’s look what is attracting people to the land down under.

The Weather

One of the most appealing things to people when visiting Australia is how good the weather is. If we look at Sydney for example, it enjoys 340 sunny days per year with average temperatures during the summer months of 26 Degrees Celsius and during the winter still a reasonable 16 Degrees Celsius. There aren’t many other places around the world that you guarantee this kind of weather which means you can enjoy an outdoor trip.

Places of Interest

beaches and scenery help make Australia popular.
Beaches and scenery help make Australia popular.

Australia has lots of places to visit, from the Great Barrier Reef which is the largest living structure on the planet to the wonders of Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park, a world heritage center which provides outstanding views on nearby walking tracks. There is something for everyone to do whether you’re into the great outdoors or prefer to take in impressive architecture such as the Syndey Opera House. Check out what people’s favourite things to do are on TripAdvisor.


It can be expensive to fly to Australia depending on where you’re traveling from, but once you’re there, there are lots of options for how you want to get about and where you want to stay. If you’re looking for an adventurous and cheaper time then there are lots of options available to backpackers. There are hostels all over Australia so you’ll always be able to find somewhere to stay. For some options check out YHA Australia.

If you have a bigger budget for somewhere to stay then there are also many options available to you. From private apartments to luxury 5 star hotels, you’ll surely be in for a treat. If you’re looking for accommodation in Sydney then be sure to pick somewhere with air conditioning, especially during the summer months.


Australians speak English, one the most spoken languages in the world. Often people can be put off visiting another country because they find it hard to communicate with locals, if you can speak English then you won’t have this problem.

This could be a large reason why out of the top 4 countries that visit Australia their home language is English.


Due to Australia’s climate, it is home to many unique and fascinating animals. Some of the most well-known animals which originate from Australia are the Kangaroo, the Koala, and the Wombat.

People often think it’s dangerous to visit Australia because of its vast amount of animals that can harm us such as its 140 species of snakes and spiders. Well you’ll be pleased to know that there are only around 5 deaths a year from animals in Australia, compared with 300 people each year that drown, so you have little to fear.

From the above I hope you can now see just why Australia is so popular with tourists.