What to Do While in Delhi

A hotel booking app can make booking a vacation to Delhi simple. With all the deals on airfare, it’s even possible to save money on the expense of the plane ticket. The most difficult aspect of planning the trip is determining all of the sites to visit.

Tour of the City

Search the various tours available in Delhi. The next step is for a person to compare the options and determine the ideal option for his or her needs. For instance, a three-day tour may not be ideal for someone who’s only staying for a week. Foodies may want to opt for a food tour to taste all the delicacies of the area.

Lotus Temple

This is a very recognizable landmark in the country. The lotus flower is a sacred symbol, and the entire temple is designed with this shape in mind. The landmark features 27 flower petals comprised of marble. The location is intended for the Bahai faith, but it’s become a location for people of all faiths to worship. In addition to the remarkable architecture, visitors may walk through the gardens.

Akshardham Temple

Although it’s rather newer since it was built in 2005, the architecture of this temple is quite impressive. The decorations and minute details are mind-blowing to witness.

Lodi Gardens

This location is impressive to view. It’s a public park that features tombs and other structures. It’s an ideal location for families because children can run around and enjoy the outdoors. On the other hand, anyone can enjoy a picnic.

National Museum of New Delhi

The National Museum of New Delhi opened in 1949. Everyone can find something they enjoy. It has pre-historic pieces as well as modern art. Total, the museum stores around 200,000 exhibits for tourists to enjoy.

Dilli Haat – Handicraft Village

This particular site is ideal for people who enjoy shopping. Everything at this bazaar is handmade. During the evenings, guests can enjoy live performances.

Hotels in the City

Several hotels in the city can enhance the experience of traveling to India. One of the high-end hotels in the country is Oberoi New Delhi, which offers lavish amenities. Other less expensive hotels are available that can make for just as wonderful of an experience. Anybody can find the ideal hotels in Delhi by using an app. Tourists may even sample Indian food at this particular location.

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