What is the Hottest Product in Weaponry? Announcing Mech-Tech’s CCU!

In the beginning, some ten years ago, Ray Herriott of Mech-Tech invented the Carbine Conversion Unit (CCU). Not only was it the invention of its’ time, but using his skills and intelligence, Ray has honed the design over the years and created an irreplaceable accessory that has been seen cropping up in the world of competitive shooting sports, as well as the much-beloved realm that is made up of the men and women who risk their lives for the rest of us on a daily basis – the Police Force.

The CCU has become the world’s most versatile pistol accessory on the market, with specifications and applications that most all weaponry experts are extremely happy to see and to put to good use.

To give readers some invaluable information, the CCU system created by Mech-Tech Systems is a unit that has been designed to enhance the performance of the Glock or 1911 pistol. All CNC machined, this unique product is unmatched in design, and has literally never been produced – even thought about – before Mech-Tech brought this creation to the world.

Not only does it add unbelievable versatility to owners of the 1911 style pistol, it also functions in semi-auto mode and shoots the same pistol ammunition with an increase in muzzle energy of up to 40%, which is unfathomable in all areas of shooting.

Stepping away from technical logistics and applications, one of the most interesting bits of information about this amazing product is the coverage it has been receiving from policemen and women across the country. In fact, in Police Magazine, the CCU was highly researched and reviewed as “short, handy, reliable, and one of the most innovative products available.” Let’s face it; you cannot get a better group of people to herald your product.

Per Police Magazine, the move that has been happening towards rifles and pistol-caliber carbines for use by patrol continues in earnest. It has been said that in the case of PCC’s (pistol-caliber carbines) that they give their officers an ability to engage threats with accuracy at a greater range than a pistol. And current experience, observation, and research have shown that officers deploy them with much more frequency than shotguns, and have been hitting the targets with far more accuracy. (These are called “million-dollar hits” by the way, having officers nod in approval when very rarely do their shots go astray at the shooting range.

When it comes to the world of convertibles, there are tens of thousands of Glocks and 1911’s out there today, so having an easy, handy method of converting them into pistol-caliber carbines makes complete and utter sense. Not only do they save time, but they offer much more “peace” the mind of the officer who is in need of having a good, quick piece that they can use at a moment’s notice. Not to mention, with the many thousands of these types of weapons being impounded yearly, many agencies have the ability to simply buy a conversion unit and use them to complete guns that they have already stored in-house. Not only is this quick and helps the officers, but the amount of money that it will save the agencies – not to mention the taxpayers – becomes astronomical.

The CCU is offered in various versions that fit the larger, heavier Glocks (like the 17, 20, 21, 22, 34, and 35); absolutely all 1911 platforms; and, the Para Ordnance guns. The latter being completed by using Mech-Tech’s “Parablock” conversion unit. The cost for the item is around two hundred and fifty dollars or so, depending on the model. Not to mention that a bare-bones, iron-sighted version could be had for much less in department-issue quantities.

Buyers and agencies must also keep in mind that one of the best things about the CCU is that it is not labeled as a firearm; this is a weapons accessory only. Consequently, there is no hardship over long, unending paperwork, shipping, etcetera in order to attain the CCU and any one of Mech-Tech’s fantastically popular products. All are simple accessories, with the actual “gun” part being your very own weapon – your own 1911 or Glock depending on what you already possess.

The CCU is also what an owner would call a minimalist unit and, for all intent of purpose are extremely simple to use. And, let’s be honest, in this day and age with the tremendous crime that happens all around the world, having a product that is actually beneficial in the field AND is simple to use is an outstanding quality. Mech-Tech’s accessories and parts are extremely are well-made, and show the highest excellence in craftsmanship. And, even better? All of these amazing products are born and bred and made in the United States.

Conversion is easy and the final outlook for the CCU is that it offers virtual “straight-line” feeding of the ammunition. In the hundreds of rounds a few police officers shot in order to test the unit, they experienced no malfunctions of any kind. And on top of that the officers were extremely pleased and a bit surprised with the fact that they never cleaned or oiled anything and came away from the field highly impressed.

What downright “gun-lovers” should keep in mind is that the accessory is only a part of the final package, so if a “junk” frame is being used with the CCU, you only get what you put into it. If you have a quality gun, the CCU will enhance the “package” that you carry with you. There are many versions of the CCU available to buyers – from a ruggedly simple unit with iron sights and very minimalist features, to a full-fledged fancy rig that mirrors a full-size rifle in features, if not in stopping power.

Mech-Tech is an outstanding company that you should check out…Immediately!