Ways to Make Travel Easier This Summer

Summer is upon us and, for many, that means time for a well-deserved vacation. No matter where one travels to, there is a number of inconveniences that people will have to deal with that they wouldn’t even think about at home. How much money to budget in a foreign country, where smoking is allowed in public, how to dress appropriately for a different culture, etc.

Make Travel Easier

The list is endless but fortunately, with some advance planning, there are a few ways to make travel easier this summer.

  1. Cut out smoking. With the exception of a few limited countries, smoking in public is becoming more and more difficult. Perhaps the biggest benefit, though, is that one’s clothes and hair will not smell. This is a plus for the smoker as well as those around them.
  2. Book everything well in advance. This is not always possible but booking in advance can often save money and most definitely save stress. Nobody likes scrambling for a hotel in a good location at the last minute; even if one can be found, the price will likely be astronomical, especially during busy seasons. Airfare is especially expensive when booked at the last minute. While there are sometimes last minute deals to be found, mostly in the cruise industry, the early bird usually gets the proverbial worm when it comes to deals and selection. Another benefit of planning ahead is the serenity that comes with knowing everything is already set up and ready to go.
  3. Pack wisely. Even on international trips where at least one checked bag is often included, it makes sense to pack your travel bags as efficiently as possible. Choosing a neutral color scheme for one’s wardrobe is almost always a good idea; grey, black, or beige pants can be worn with most colors so it’s easy to rotate tops with the same few bottoms for fresh looks on different days of the trip. If pops of color are required or desired, pack some fun accessories to switch around various looks. Five or six different scarves or statement necklaces take up a lot less luggage space than completely different outfits for each day of the week. Wrinkle-resistant fabrics that can be bunched up and retain their shape are another favorite travel hack. A polyester dress is going to look a lot better straight out of the suitcase than a linen one will.
  4. Time management is key. Allowing enough time to arrive for flights, ships, or trains on schedule is a given but even how one plans out one’s day can have a large impact on the enjoyment of a trip. There is no need to see every single museum in a city on the first visit. Picking one or two that are the most interesting and spending quality time there will make lasting, fond memories; visiting seven or eight for a half hour each will only create memories of stress. Leaving something for the future is also the best way to talk oneself into returning to a favourite city.
make travel easier. Image by stokpic from Pixabay
Ways to Make Travel Easier This Summer. Image by stokpic from Pixabay

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