Visiting The Giant’s Causeway

Named both a National Nature Reserve and a UNESCO World Heritage site, the Giant’s Causeway offers international and local visitors a big cause for exploration. Spanning over 65 hectares, there is much to see and explore at this geological site. Scientists believe the pattern-like formation came about as a result of a volcano erupting and letting out a steady flow of liquid magma, which cooled and left behind what has now become one of the most talked about and visited naturally-formed marvels in the world. Allen’s Tours offers travellers the opportunity to experience an entire day at the Giant’s Causeway in Ireland, providing transportation to and from the historical site.

Site Overview

Situated right beside the Atlantic Ocean, visitors have an expansive piece of land to marvel at. With beautiful views of the ocean taking shape in the foreground from nearly every angle, walking along the hexagonal path is exciting and captivating. Folklore based on the origins of the Giant’s Causeway tells tales of giants doing battle on the causeway, with the loser destroying part of it so that the victor would leave him in peace. While modern people may understand how the Giant’s Causeway really came about, it is fun to pretend that you’re walking along the scene of ancient battle done by giants.

giants causeway.
Part of the Giants Causeway.

Key Features

One of the most remarkable features of the Giant’s Causeway is its gentle upward and downward slopes. Its interlocking columns make a puzzling platform that will give you plenty to look at and imaginative ideas to play with in your head. Some parts of the site resemble curious things like the well-known ‘giant’s boot.’ Since it is located directly next to the ocean, you will also probably see sizable flocks of domestic birds, such as redshanks. Sometimes ocean water makes its way onto the column shaped structure, brought in by the mesmerising, crashing waves. Besides the sound of crashing waves and vocal birds, the Giant’s Causeway is a quiet environment that invites visitors to reflect inwardly.

The Giant’s Causeway Visitors Centre

Designed to have as little negative effect on the Giant’s Causeway possible, the Visitor Centre was created by Heneghan & Peng Architects. The Centre debuted in 2012, enabling people to take casual strolls indoors and read up about the history and notable facts pertaining to the Causeway. When you’re done reading the free informational pamphlet that you can pick up at the Visitors Centre, feel free to shop in the gift shop and attached cafe. Filling up on food will help you to sustain the energy you will need to really explore the entire site.

The Giant’s Causeway has been perfectly preserved, appearing today in virtually the same manner as it looked eons ago. People have long wondered how and when it was formed. While science may have a very good idea of how Giant’s Causeway came about, interest in this historic site has only increased. Whether you are fascinated with natural formations or simply want to see it for yourself before you end your trip in Northern Ireland, visiting the Giant’s Causeway will satisfy some of your longest held curiosities.