Valuable Tips to Be Frugal When Traveling

Most people today are trying to save on holiday travel; yet, many are not aware of the different ways they can save money when enjoying their holidays. You can visit your best holiday destinations and save cash in the process if you use convenient saving methods. Looking for ways to save on money and enjoy your vacation can be a challenge. However, if you have the right information you can beat the odds. Here are some valuable tips that can help you save dollars when vacationing.

Look out for the best bargains

Before booking your flight to your chosen vacation spot, you should consider checking out some catchy bargains out there first. Since your first step towards your destination is to book a flight, then you should call ahead and ask the airline if they have any unfilled seats. Airlines do not have the skill to sell an unfilled seat by the next day so this can be your chance to get a price cut on your ticket.


Your next move is to call ahead at the hotels in the country where you intend to stay and find out if they have an empty room that someone left vacant because they have to cut their stay short. Vacant rooms can attract good price cuts that you can take advantage of.

Choose a good time

Airline often cut their fares at certain times of the year. For example, for most airlines, holiday fares usually carry a more expensive cost. The final week of August and the beginning week in September usually attract cheaper fares. The last two weeks in October is usually a good time to buy flight tickets as well. To find cheaper fares you can go online, do a search among the different flights heading to your holiday destination, and see what you come up with. Who knows? You might be able to save a bundle by choosing to travel at a good time.

Get inclusive tour fare

A great way to cut down on travel expenses is for you to travel in a group. Most airlines will lower their fares when it comes to booking a flight as a group. If you like, you can book as a family or with friends and slash prices in the process. In addition, you can do the same at the hotel you are planning to stay. If you really want to be frugal on your vacation, you can choose to share a hotel room with two or three persons in the group.

Stay at budget hotels

Countries like France offer very cheap hotel rates for overnight visitors. Although those hotels are extra cheap, they are very clean and great family vacations. They are usually situated outside town areas and close by where certain industrial sites are located. However, you will have to book in advance if you want to take advantage of such a price cut.

Apply tax-free shopping

In some countries, you are allowed to shop tax-free. Countries like Turkey, Morocco and Singapore are part of the national tax-free schemes where they allow you to participate in tax-free shopping in stores. However, if you travel to any of the EU countries, you are not able to shop tax-free in any of them. Therefore, choose a country to visit where you can shop without paying any tax and get big price reductions.

Skip one meal a day

You can skip a meal each day while you are on your vacation and save on your pocket. You can choose having breakfast and dinner or you can skip breakfast and only have lunch and dinner each day, the choice is yours if you want to be frugal on food.

Travel light

Nowadays, baggage costs on airlines are romping up the money for individual and group fliers. Therefore, instead of paying lots of money for baggage on your flight, you can travel light. Just pack the things you know you will need on your vacation and not overdo it by packing an over excess of clothes or artifacts that you may not need.

There are so many ways to save money when you travel to your vacation destination. Using the above tips can help you to save big on your wallet or purse.