Top Looks for a Dinner Cruise

Enjoying a dinner cruise is a great way to enjoy the evening while on vacation. In Dubai, many couples choose to take a dhow cruise Dubai Marina to cap off a beautiful day in this cosmopolitan city. Many people aren’t sure what dress code applies while on a dinner cruise, but the answer to that depends on the situation.

Dinner Cruise Dress Codes for Women

Women typically have more choices in clothes and just need to find out in advance whether the dress code is formal or casual. For formal dinners, or for an upscale look, full-length evening gowns with heels always create an impact. Gold or platinum jewelry adds sparkle and brings shorter dresses and skirts to life. in addition, many women go with full makeup and styled hair.

A dinner cruise is similar to dining out for the evening. If the night may wind down with dancing, it’s important to choose a comfortable look that’s still sharp. In this case, a semi-formal look may be the best call. Cocktail dresses with heels are the go-to uniform for women who want to make an effortlessly polished entrance, but casual slacks and new jeans combined with a strapless top and a cute clutch can also make a favorable impression.

Dinner Cruise Dress Codes for Men

Men want to look their best on a cruise too. Dinner and show events call for the same formal or semi-formal look as a night out on land would. This might mean a well-cut black or navy dress jacket over slacks or dark jeans if comfort’s a priority. Wearing a tie while on vacation may prove too much for relaxing tourists, but a crisp, button-down shirt lends class to even the most casual pants or jeans.

If it’s a special occasion, men should look the part. So, if the dinner cruise provides the backdrop for a romantic proposal, a tux or dark suit amps up the look for male passengers who want to make a lasting impression.

Nice shoes are a must. Sneakers and sandals are fine for a day in Dubai’s shopping malls but don’t make a good impression at a fancy dinner or show. Rubber-soled shoes are recommended for those still finding their sea legs and cushion the feet and legs without sacrificing fashion.

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