Three Cheapest Ways to Travel

It is not every time you can afford to travel to another place outside your country because of the cost associated with travelling. However, by doing a number of things, you can travel on a low income, even visiting several countries in a short period. So how can you travel to exotic places on a low income? Read on.

Choose Cheap Airfare

Sometimes when traveling to a chosen destination, high airfare may seem to be one of the biggest concerns. Yet, with proper planning, you can beat the odds and pay much less than expected.

You can start your quest for a lesser airfare by researching online for the cheapest fares going. Avoid booking your flight through big online search engines because those sites charge more and thus chances are you might end up spending more than you anticipated. Instead, choose to book your flight using a smaller site. If the site you choose to use is still a bit expensive for your taste, you can spend some time doing quality searches online for the cheapest fares going. Chances are you will find what you are looking for in a short space of time.

Select cheap airfares
Select cheap airfares

Travel in a group

To pay less airfare, you can choose to travel with a team. Most travel companies will give you a discount if you are traveling as a group. However, if traveling as a group, make sure to ask for a discount if you are not offered one.

There are other benefits to get while traveling in a group to top travel destination places as well. Take for example the hotel accommodation. Most hotels around the world will give good discounts for group stays. Therefore, before blindly booking a hotel to stay in, go online and search for a reasonable priced hotel in the country where you choose to visit then let the admin know you are staying as a group. The admin will ask you how many people are in your group and after learning of the amount may go ahead and offer you a discount. If the price to stay still seems high to you, you should go ahead and ask for a bigger discount. Usually hotels try their best to bring down the price to please their group-guests.

Work While You Visit

You can cut your expenses big time by working while you are visiting a country. Take for example, to receive free accommodation you can work for it. Instead of paying rent for the place you are staying, because of the work you put in the owner will allow you to stay free. You can do just about almost anything workwise. Some job descriptions you can take on are working on a farm doing a number of chores such as caring for animals and helping with the books, working as a translator and so on. You can also get by without paying for accommodation by cleaning cottages, staffing a reception desk, being a caregiver to the elderly and children as well as other things. You can use these six resources to help you to find jobs while you are traveling away from home:

  1. House carers
  2. Caretakers Gazette
  3. WWOOFing
  4. Work Away
  5. Help Exchange

Avoid Overspending

One of the biggest drawbacks to going overseas is that you get easily tempted to overspend. To travel well on your low income, you can do a number of things in the department of money spending. Apart from choosing a reasonable priced hotel to stay in, you should avoid overspending on food as well. You do not have to eat at the best and most expensive restaurants in town. Instead choose nutritious yet cost-effective meals and still enjoy your holiday.

Make sure to stay away from the souvenir shops when you are out sightseeing. Filling your bag with souvenirs will only make your wallet lighter.

You must resist renting expensive vehicles to take you around. Instead, try to take the public bus to go where you are going. Paying expensive rent-a-car fees can make your money dwindle away fast.

Traveling on a low income will still get you where you are going. Instead of ramping up your bills by paying out lots of money to see the world, travel frugal and still visit exotic destination places.