Rory Brown, Lifestyle Blogger, Weighs in on Eco-Friendly Travel

Carbon emissions should be a concern for every person on Earth. Our collective carbon footprint has a direct impact on climate change, and in turn, the well-being of the planet. Travel is a part of our lives known to create a lot of emissions. Lifestyle blogger and avid traveler Rory Brown shares five ways people can reduce their carbon footprint while on vacation.

1) Airline Carbon Offset Programs

Commercial airliners are one of the largest contributors to the carbon emissions problem. Because of this, many airlines now offer carbon offset programs to passengers who want to fly in an environmentally-conscious way. These programs calculate the emissions created by the flight, then provide a donation amount passenger can make to an environmental charity which will work to offset the effects of those emissions over time. While offset programs add costs to a vacation, they’re an amazingly effective way of flying more purposefully and mindfully.

2) Use Trains and Buses

Travel by train or bus whenever possible. Compared to air travel or rental vehicles, buses and trains offer one of the most carbon-efficient ways to get around. Traveling this way also makes it possible to see less-traveled areas and meet interesting people that is easy to miss in the skies or isolated in a vehicle.

3) Embrace Eco-Tourism

Two out of three travelers now make eco-tourism a part of their travel itineraries. It doesn’t get much more environmentally friendly than making a vacation destination useful to the conservation of our most valuable resources. Eco-tourism can include a wide range of activities and locations, from volunteering at a wildlife sanctuary to staying in an off-grid cabin.

4) Explore on a Bicycle

Most vacation destinations now have bicycle rentals available for visitors. Riding a bike instead of taking motorized transportation is one of the most enjoyable things one can do to reduce carbon emissions. Bicycling to the places that someone wants to see provides some valuable exercise, which many people have a difficult time getting on vacation. It will also leave vacationers more open to authentic and meaningful travel experiences.

5) Carry a Refillable Water Bottle

About 90 percent of all plastic water bottles are not properly recycled. Plastic bottle waste is a major contributor to various environmental problems all over the world, and it’s especially detrimental to oceans. A lot of resources are also required to bottle and transport bottled water, resulting in an enormous carbon footprint. To help fight this problem, carry a refillable water bottle everywhere while traveling.

Reducing carbon emissions and the negative effects they create is up to all of us. Incorporate any of these ideas into a vacation and feel good about saving the environment.

About Rory Brown

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