Resorts to Enjoy in Rosarito Beach, Baja, Mexico

There’s a lovely drive one can take when crossing the border into Tijuana. It’s called the Rosarito-Ensenada Scenic Road, which is 20 miles south of the US-Mexico border at San Diego.

Along the Scenic route there are beautiful beaches and one of our favorite resorts, The Rio Del Mar, where one can play 8 rounds of golf, with the ocean as the backdrop. The resort has a spa, a restaurant, convenience store, and serves a continental breakfast in the morning.

Another beautiful resort is The Rosarito Hotel and Spa, owned by Hugo Chavez Torres. The resort has a history of hosting some of the legendary stars of films such as Robert Redford, Damian Chapa, Anthony Quinn, and films such as Fear of the Walking Dead.”

Mr. Torres, a pillar of the community was the former mayor of Rosarito, and promoted the city as a safe place to vacation. Now many families have moved to Rosarito, including celebrities who have second vacation homes there, one of whom is Charlie Sheen.

The Rosarito Beach Hotel is also responsible for hosting the Mariachi Festival, one of the city’s most popular cultural events. Gil Sperry, the event co-coordinator for the festival and director of The Baja Times, mentioned that the festival gets bigger each year with a mixture of Mariachi Bands and dancers.

We went sightseeing around Rosarito, enjoying its charm and found a real gem! Just a few blocks north of The Rosarito Beach Hotel, is the M Casino and the Ochuna Mediterranea Restaurante, where Ramiz Hysa, the proprietor, greets his guests. This is one of Rosarito’s finest restaurants which has exceptional architecture and design, with creative dishes that are sure to please the palate.

For those who want to travel south, just outside of Rosarito is The Las Rocas Resort and Spa. It’s quite unique in that it has pools and Jacuzzis facing the ocean. While relaxing in the jacuzzi, the brisk ocean waves can be heard curling upon the beach.

Rich Rossi in the jacuzzi oceanside.
Rich Rossi in the jacuzzi oceanside at Las Rocas Resort and Spa.

When traveling south, look for statue of Jesus Christ, where the resort is directly across the street. There are 79 suites, each with separate balconies. This is truly rustic Mexico with the Mediterranean influence.

statue of jesus at rosarita.
Statue of Jesus at Rosarita.

Now that there’s so much to choose from, including the Cultural Center in Rosarito, make sure you are able to get a Fast Pass, which speeds up the process of going through the border through a separate lane. Not all motels or hotels have them.

Lastly, there are some fabulous wineries inland from Rosarito. The wines there are superb and touring them all takes up an entire day. What’s not to like about Rosarito Beach and its surrounding areas?

Rosarito is the perfect place for a memorable vacation that you’ll cherish for a lifetime.

inside rosarito beach hotel.
Inside Rosarito Beach Hotel.
Pete Allman with Maribel Andrade general manager.
Pete Allman with Maribel Andrade, Rio Del Mar general manager.
M Casino and Ochuna Restaurant.
M Casino and Ochuna Restaurant.
Las Rocas Resort Spa.
Las Rocas Resort Spa.
Ocean Front Las Rocas Spa and Resort.
Ocean Front Las Rocas Spa and Resort.
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