Excursionville.com Presents a Brave New World in Travel

MONTREAL, Vancouver, Canada (RPRN) 01/28/10 –

In the world of travel, a great recommendation is something that is highly cherished and can often be the difference between a great and mediocre experience. This is where Excursionville.com comes in, with intentions to be the new kid on the block of Internet travel resources.

Excursionville.com is a user-generated content website dedicated to urban travel and city festivals, in a Wikipedia meets Youtube city guide that will showcase the best a city has to offer through 30 to 45-second videos submitted by the public.

While the potential of a user-generated content website is infinite, the first step is contribution and acceptance from the users themselves. This is why Excursionville.com is holding a film and video competition in Montreal and Vancouver looking for the best and most creative 30 and 45-second videos composed of residents favorite elements of each city, be it a cafe, a museum, favorite park, city event or other within a public place of the city.


Prizes up for grapes value $2,000 and range from a Spring Break vacation to iPods and more, and the deadline for submissions is February 12th. The competition is open to residents of Quebec and British Columbia and is simply entitled “City Highlights” or “Les Lumieres de la cite.” The contest is free to enter, multiple entries and winnings are possible and the video must be in English or French only at this time.

Excursionville.com hopes that the competition will encourage a friendly rivalry for the best entries in an East vs. West showdown with hopes to tap into resident’s sense of pride and love for their city. Re-discover your city and show the world!

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