Best Hostels for Solo Travelers to Stay In when Visiting Brussels, Belgium

Your accommodation when you go travelling can often make or break the trip. No matter how mind boggling the sights, or how crazy the bars are, it’s always good to know you’re going to be able to go back to a comfortable resting place at the end of the night. Not many people want to be living in discomfort, especially if it’s their first time travelling. And it can be even worse if you’re staying on your own.

So what do you look for in a hostel if you are travelling alone? What really sets hostel apart from a good one? Don’t worry, we’re here with everything you need to know about the best hostels for solo travelers to stay in when visiting Brussels, Belgium.

Brussels is a city within the region of Brussels itself, and is the capital city of Belgium. Aside from this, it’s actually the capital city of Europe as well. This makes it a prime holiday destination for travelers, and that’s why you need to give yourself plenty of time to find a good hostel. Ensuring that you get in ahead of other travelers is vital if you want to find a good hostel in Prague. Give yourself plenty of time to look for hostels online, as leaving it too late could mean you end up in low-quality accommodation. Making sure you beat the cues will make sure you get as good a hostel as you are looking for.

Another way of making sure you find yourself a good hostel for solo travelers is by reading online reviews. There isn’t really a suitable substitute for doing this, just as you can’t really have any excuses for not doing it. There are plenty of review sites all over the internet, such as Tripadvisor and TheBrokeBagPacker, and it doesn’t take long to search them up online. Read a lot of different reviews, and make sure you read more than one review for each hostel you look at. Remember, just because one person gives a bad review doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a bad place to stay – it just might not have tickled their fancy. Specifically search for hostels suitable for solo travelers, or even hostels with single rooms so you don’t have to worry about sharing a room with anyone annoying.

Now, remember that Brussels is the capital of Europe. It’s a busy place, and this might mean you won’t be able to find as cheap accommodation as you’d like. However, this shouldn’t put you off; if you’re travelling to Belgium, especially by yourself, chances are you’ve got a decent amount of money set aside for it. All that matters is that you spend it wisely- don’t spend too much on a shabby hostel. It’s all about doing the right research and getting your money’s worth; if you do this, you’ll have the time of your life.

Simply doing the required research, reading plenty of reviews and being smart with your choices should ensure you find a good hostel for solo travellers in Brussels.

Melissa Thompson
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