Tradition Lives on At The Iconic Pete’s Cafe

In the midst of Public School meltdowns like the shredding of nearby Theodore Roosevelt H.S. into half a dozen makeshift bogus mini schools, some Bronx traditions still endure; Fordham University with quality education, Arthur Ave. with its great Italian cuisine and the iconic PETE’S CAFE.

Pete’s Cafe

570 E Fordham Road
Photos: David Pambianchi

With the passing of Greek restaurant owner, Pete Nikolopoulos, in 2010, one wonders if another local icon can survive in a fast paced and rapidly changing community. But like the symbolic strength of the Fordham Ram, a neighborhood’s endurance relies on its foundation, the people who maintain the values and community traditions. And the tradition lives on.

Eighteen years in the area, the new Mexican owner, Maximino Romero, gladly keeps longstanding connections alive with friendly and quality service. Max respects and appreciates customers, “I love the neighborhood and people. Some customers have been coming here for over 40 years.”

Pete’s Cafe: Serving the Community

While Pete has been missed at the Annual 5th Avenue Greek Parade, his attitude lives on whether Greek, Hispanic, Italian and whatever your ethnicity. It is always about the bonds of friendship and “people helping people” that makes an American community.


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