Rescue The Nation’s Financial Institutions Before They Bailout and Jump Ship

Sunday was a big day for American leaders, Not the American political leaders, American leaders in Golf, the Ryder’s Cup and Sunday the cup has been gladly placed back in the Americans hands. Now, if you folks know anything about golf you know it is really not a game it is an obsession. It is the only thing I know of that can get folks to take the abuses it has to offer each day and get folks to gladly come back day after day after day, oh, other than Wall Street.

Sunday I had the luxury of playing 18 holes of golf, OR should I say, it played me. If you had a relationship that denied you as much pleasure as golf does most of the time, you would probably leave it. But for some reason folks come back to it all the time. It is a good thing that I am a humorist . . . That way when folks watch me golf I can tell them it is part of my shtick. I did have ONE great shot, in ummm . . . 100 shots in the round, Ummmhuh… I just gave away my score. Of course everyone knows that golfers lie by 5-10 shots anyway, but boy was it a doosey!

Ben Hogan said that “Golf is about getting that one shot in a round, the shot you line up and aim for and you actually get the result you were looking for that is what keeps golfers coming back every time.” <<< that is paraphrased.The Ryder Cup gentleman did quite a good job this weekend. Those golfers did what no other group of leaders did this week. They showed true teamwork and selflessness in getting a job done. All this knowing they were doing more than playing a game; they were also representing the USA and its people.This week we saw other American leaders faced with the same sort of challenges, yes on a much larger scale, but just the same they are the only financial pros we know of in this money game and they did not quite rise to the occasion.As a matter of fact it might just go down in history as the biggest fall. Maybe this next week will get these these financial teams on the ball or at least on the same spread sheet. Maybe they will get in there and hit one out of the park for the American people. We will have plenty of time to point fingers and maybe even get some of these heavy hitters to share a little of the wealth, even if it is just there wealth of knowledge as to how they got us into to this mess and how to get us out.Right now our country's needs a helping hand, not a high five, not a thumbs up, a hand, to hold and take us down this road to recovery. I have a feeling it is going to be a long and hard road.If the Ryder cup team spent all their time blaming each other when a shot did not go right, or blaming the other team when they did not do what they were supposed to do, they would not even have gotten the ball off the ground this weekend. Plus, here is the rub, team USA golfers did not get paid ANYTHING 0$ to compete in this game. It is the most stressful tournament in golf or in sports for that matter. They did it with no complaints and with there heart and soul.Oh, for those of you screaming right now that golfers are the elitist. I urge you to look over the team roster and look for the names, Holmes and two of the golf team members which are good old boys. If these two golfers were not smashing a ball down the course they would be driving race cars around an oval track. A team is a team and is made up of all walks of life.Federal Government, Wall Streakers, Real Estate Moguls, Mortgage Swindlers, Credit Hounds, regroup your teams and get back to looking out for our best interest, get back on team USA. It is the first new day of fall, let's let the old fall off the trees and burn all the rubbish and lets ALL get ready for a cold hard winter . . . TOGETHER!My plan: Two things that might get us back on track, or even back on the money train. ONE: Get out of Iraq, which might save a little money. And TWO: Postpone the elections until we are out of this mess. The last thing we need is these two birds telling us what we should be doing. Knowing that no matter what there plans are we can use one of them and the other won't be effective till at least January and that is way to long to wait. Here is a better idea: Take Bush out of the Oval office and put his desk on the White House lawn. Make him do all his work there, that will make him accountable."The Good Will Tour"1-866-381-Will (9455)Direct# 310-228-7105Fax# 800-844-4259"All I Know Is What Little I Read On The Internet!"

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