Quarterback Brawl Caught on Tape

Nearly 50 years ago Joe Kapp and Angel Mosca played football in the Canadian and NFL football leagues. Angel Mosca became a professional wrestler after his football career.

During an alumni luncheon a fight breaks out between the two of them with one of them falling to the floor after a right/left combo.

Allegedly some mixed emotions and bitterness among the two football legends. It seems as Kapp never forgave the 74-year-old Mosca for knocking his teammate Willie Fleming out of the 1963 Grey Cup game with a questionable hit. Mosca’s Hamilton Tiger-Cats went on to beat Kapp’s British Columbia Lions, 21-10.

As you’ll see in the video below one throws a hook the other swings a cane.

Whatever the reasoning behind the cage match it sure does make for a great AARP benefits commercial.