Off The Strip Offers Casual Delightful Cuisine for Sports Enthusiasts

Just north of The South Point Hotel, Casino and Spa is the community of Southern Highlands. There you can drive to 10570 Southern Highlands and take a culinary journey at Off The Strip. Just the other day I noticed a crowd of people there, and it happened to be Floyd “Money” Mayweather and his entourage. Floyd likes healthy food and that was good enough for me to bring my associate, Rossana Huang to get a bite to eat. Off The Strip is casual and definitely a sports bar and restaurant.

Donna our waitress gave us some pretty interesting choices to try. But as always, I like to meet the chef, who happens to be a boxing enthusiast. Roberto Leppe is not only a great chef, but he is also a shoemaker. So he used his talents to create creative dishes, which is exactly what food critics love.


Starting with Salmon asparagus and a veggie platter, this was so tasty. Since I love seafood, salmon is one of my favorites. The Salmon is with horseradish in a crusted salmon with roasted asparagus, peppers and mixed greens. The veggie platter has an array of roasted vegetables in a sauce created by the chef.

Other popular dishes consist of the Fresh and Fit menu. The Petite Filet over Pasta is prepared with Whole Wheat Spaghetti with thinly sliced Filet Mignon with red and green peppers, green onions and grated cheese. The Chicken over Brown rice is also an excellent choice. You can also order it with Salmon, Orange Roughy or Grilled Chicken Breasts over brown rice with asparagus and mixed greens.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the braised Lemon Pork Chops, over Kale with a light lemon sauce.

By the time you try all these wonderful dishes you’ll be floating away, but not before you try Roberto’s Cheesecake, in a strawberry reduction with caramelized drizzle. The chef makes it fresh every two days. He also makes a wonderful rice pudding, which is very creamy. You’ll love it. I recommend a casual night out with your family be spent at Off The Strip. Meanwhile I thank Shaun Ifferman, Donna Olsen, our waitress, Tom Goldsbury and Billy Pabdopoulos for creating a great dining spot in Southern Highlands. For reservations call [702] 202-2448.

Garbage Salad
Garbage Salad

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