Sterling McPherson Bringing Boxing Back to Hilton

The Las Vegas Hilton Hotel is back in action with Tuesday Night Boxing. It is a perfect marriage for the Hilton and Sterling Promotions. Sterling McPherson, a former boxer-turned-promoter and owner of the promotions company, has a tremendous zest for life and serves as an excellent PR man for boxing.

He has managed former heavyweight boxing champion Francois Botha and worked with Mike Tyson, among other fighters. McPherson was elated to kick off boxing at the Hilton.

Although it’s been a while since he’s promoted boxing in Las Vegas, he’s had the pleasure of working as a consultant with top promoters Don King/Don King Promotions Inc., Frank Warren/Sports Network Inc., Bob Arum/Top Rank and Lou Falcigno/Momentum Productions.

The Tuesday Night Boxing card may not have been championship fights, but it is the start of bringing back boxing to the Hilton. And it’s fitting, as the Hilton is a place with a rich history as the host venue of fights for the likes of Liston, Holmes, Ali and other icons of the ring.

Sterling McPherson

The main card on Tuesday, July 8, had former two-time featherweight weight champion Kevin Kelley (60-8-2-39 KOs) take on Jaime Palma (13-12-7-6 KOs) in a 10-round bout. Kelley won by unanimous decision. Which, when you think about it, is pretty good for a 41-year-old boxer who hadn’t fought for 18 months. But as Kelley says, it’s sometimes harder to fight boxers who are less experienced because they throw wild punches. “It’s easier to fight champions because you know where the punches are coming from,” said Kelley.

His recent performance proves he still has good legs and reflexes. However, Kelley won’t be fighting those championship fights, as he formerly did; instead, he’ll continue commentating.

Mike “The Body Snatcher” McCallum, now retired, spoke with Celebrity Scene News after the fight.

“The fighters of today don’t have the heart or the desire to train; instead, they go for the big payday.” Whereas in his time, they fought for the sport more than the money, he said.

McCallum said that Kelley gave a good performance in the 10-round bout.

Any fighter in the game today should have a master motivator – other than himself.

Who was Drew Bundini Brown to Muhammad Ali?

Ali was, without question, the master motivator behind the now-retired heavyweight championship-winning fighter, as stated by Don King.

Fighters, rumble, young fighters, rumble.

The next Tuesday Night Fight will be held sometime in September. Fight promoter McPherson, says he looks forward to bringing great fight cards to the Hilton.

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